Friday, November 11, 2016


If you are somewhat familiar with the concept of tattooing, then it is not too hard to grasp semi permanent makeup. However, there is a thin line between the two which made up of a few differences. Although both of these essentially use the same sort of procedure, i.e. the use of a needle to deposit ink under the skin, the pigments and needles utilised are for one different for tattoos. It is important to remember that neither tattoos nor semi permanent makeup is actually ‘permanent’ in the sense of the word. Whilst they will last quite a while, with time and external factors they begin to fade and deplete looking nothing like they did at the start. This does not mean that one can get away with a mediocre job. After all, at least where semi permanent makeup’s concerned the results are always on display for the world to see. So if at all you might be considering becoming an artist down this field, you should know you need the following.


This one might seem rather obvious, but there are actually some clinics around that think it is completely fine to unleash untrained personnel onto the world with such a delicate responsibility in their hands. Although those that get caught can be prevented from causing any further damage, the victims who have already fallen prey are already in trouble. Hence, you have a moral responsibility to ensure you only deliver the very best and for this you need proper training procedures. Depending on where you live or where you plan on getting your training from, the training you require will change. Make sure you opt for something that is valid in the top regions you see yourself working in in the future such as semi permanent makeup in Dubai for instance.


Not that this is some sort of surgery, but every client will be different and some can stomach things better than others. Some people for example are not very tolerant about sighting blood so they could faint. In such instances you need to be able to at the least administer CPR. Anything could happen, and frankly knowing first aid is useful for you in general. Learning it for a job only strengthens your appeal and many relevant establishments will be looking to hire you which is great especially right after training. When you one day decide to open your own salon, you will find that this skill comes in handy. Some people might have extreme needle phobia which is another situation you would have to deal with so the practice stretches beyond semi permanent makeup alone.


Anybody can attend a course and claim they have learnt all there is to know and assume they are proficient enough to go try out their newfound skills on the world. That is not how things work however. If you want to be taken seriously and build up a reputation for yourself, then you have to get your license. Obtaining your license differs based on where you are. Having said that, for the most part you would need to qualify for the initial set of requirements after which you would need to make an application for your license. Then, a practical exam will be held so you demonstrate the skills you have learnt. Only and only if you pass this examination will you be conferred a license. So you need a solid grounding in all aspects to become a professional artist for semi permanent makeup in Dubai or anywhere else.

Aside from the above, you also should have certain personality traits since they will help you in your job. Patience, willingness to learn and social skills are just some of these. Make sure your qualifications and personality are on par for success.

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