Friday, June 27, 2014

Eyebrow Tattoo Dubai

Your eyebrows are the most striking features you have, and only an experienced eyebrow technician should be allowed to design and maintain a shape that is perfect just for you. Although, the eyebrows rarely receive too much attention, your eye brows can are the most striking features on your face. Altering your eyebrows can take years of your age, sharpen your appearance, and be considered a minor makeover. Every pair of brows are different from anybody else’s and each one is also different from each other. Working your brows into the right shape for you, is a task that a true eye brow architect can do, and Michele Soudi is an experienced eyebrow technician in Dubai, who has thousands of happy clients, and you can join the club.  

Eyebrow shaping is the cheapest and quickest face lift out there. You get the eyebrows looking right, and the rest of your look will quite comfortably fall into place. One way to have perfect long lasting eyebrows is through semi-permanent Dubai. This beauty therapy for the eyebrows is becoming very popular amongst local and international celebs, as they offer complete freedom from every having to worry about your eyebrows for months. Permanent eyebrow makeup by Michele Soudi, is accomplished by gently injecting natural colour pigments found in plants that is medically certified onto the area of skin surrounding the brows.  

The ink is injected in a pattern to mimic natural eyebrow hairs, allowing you go anywhere for about six months without ever worrying about the shape. The added benefit of eyebrow tattoo Dubai gives you a permanent perfect shape to work with, when tweezing or threading your own brows. Eyebrow tattooing would be better suited for those with very light or extremely thinned out eyebrows. If you have lost your brows to fire, cancer treatment, or just have very thin line of hair that is barely visible eyebrow tattooing is perfect treatment to rejuvenate your appearance.  

If you have thick luscious brows then what you really need is HD Brows. HD Brows is complete eyebrow system that guides unruly, overgrown eyebrows into shape. HD Brows is nothing out of the ordinary, but the technicians that do this type therapy are certified by HD Brow UK. This means, that you technician Michele Soudi has received specific training to design eyebrows, and not in the art of threading and waxing. Additionally, HD Brows combines a variety of techniques such as waxing, threading, cutting, shaping, designing, tinting, and even giving the eyebrows help to grow. This complete process instantly transforms your eyebrows into celebrity brows, making it impossible to find a flaw in the look. HD Brows Dubai are great as they last longer than general threading, and the tinting, and growing ointments help to add more definition and volume.