Friday, October 11, 2013

Michele Soudi – Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai, is growing in popularity, as woman and men enjoy the convenience of looking great throughout the day, while working, going to the gym, partying all night, sleeping and then waking up looking as perfect as they did they did the previous morning. Imagine, going to the gym, working out, sweating, and then using a hot towel to wipe off the sweat, leaving your makeup intact and untouched. Semi-permanent makeup by Michele Soudi, a makeup specialist, trained and experienced in the UK, brings her skills to the UAE, for women to enjoy.

Women are all beautiful, and no woman can be considered ugly. Most often than not, sunken eyes, blended-in lips, and the lack of definition to your significant features, prevents your natural beauty from being seen by the world and you.

Semi-permanent makeup which when applied correctly, by a skilled and credible technician, has the ability to bring your features out. Lips are probably the most neglected of all features, Biting, chewing, kissing even, tasting and the constant application of chemicals hidden in lipsticks and lip liners, gradually chips away the natural outline of your lips. Semi-permanent lip liner is a beauty solution that entails gently placing natural mineral pigments into the first layer of skin around the border of your lips and light shading to cover the entire lip surface. Having semi-permanent makeup done on your lips, makes them look plump and full.

Defining your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner at the bottom and shaping the top eyelid will take years off your age, by adding shape and definition and taking the focus away from fine lines and wrinkles. Many women find permanent eye-makeup to be safe and convenient. Permanent eye makeup gives you the freedom to go about your day, without the worry of your eye makeup leaking to the bottom. It will allow you to look fresh and red carpet ready all day long.

The next most important feature are your eyebrows. Eyebrows give shape and frame your face, showing emotion and depth. Michele Soudi offers two types of eyebrow shaping, and selecting one or both treatment will completely transform how you look. You may choose to have your normal eyebrow shape defined with semi-permanent pigmentation, which gives the eyebrows permanent shaping within the skin.

If you prefer a non-surgical option for shaping your eyebrows, HD Brows done by Michele Soudi, is a treatment, which guides the eyebrows into shape naturally overtime. HD Brows is a technology developed in the UK, and has been making headway throughout the western world including Hollywood. Many celebrities are flocking to certified HD Brow technicians to have this treatment done. It’s a five-step process, that involves removing hair, shaping, nourishing, adding volume, and colour to each hair follicle of your eyebrows.

Cosmetic advancements come and go, never really sticking too long, and forgotten with the introduction of new beauty treatments. However, cosmetic tattoos seem to have found its place in the hearts of many women, who love and appreciate, the convenience, safety, and economical benefits it offers.