Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Semi Permanent Makeup For Your Lips

With time, ageing is inevitable along with the wrinkles, sagging and fine lines on our face. Time poor lifestyles contribute to nothing more than commitment to the most important priorities. In these deprived circumstances, daily actions are required to keep appearances of our lips and eyes with tons of tons of eye makeup and lipsticks.

Thankfully, to the option of semi permanent makeup Dubai, we have the privilege to enjoy fuller looking, luscious lips. Michele Soudi is one of the highly skilled technicians in the field of semi permanent makeup treatment to help achieve the desired makeovers.

As we age, natural tones or the pigments in our lips starts to get paler thus drawing out the radiance and glow from faces. It also reduces the fullness, sagging the corners of the mouth and straightens the cupid bow. Seeking for a transformation to respond to ageing, semi permanent makeup is an ideal solution. Eyebrow Dubai is a distinguished firm in semi permanent makeup for professional and reliable treatments.

Utilize the benefit galore of semi permanent makeup to reshape uneven lips, adjust asymmetrical appearances and define natural lip contour. Semi permanent makeup Dubai are also ideal for those with lips that are too thin, scarred due to accidents or injuries, or born with lip disfigurements. Get rid of the hassle of wearing lip liner and lipstick with an everlasting makeup procedure with experienced technicians such as Michele Soudi.

Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup for Lips
  • Enhance the natural lips for more fuller appearances
  • Enjoy the appearances of everyday makeup morning, noon and night.
  • Elated feeling of a glowing face without timeless hours in front of the mirror
  • Wake up beautiful for a great day ahead and go to bed looking fantastic after a tiring day.
  • Eat out to your heart’s content as they don’t wash off easily or rub off when eating and drinking.
Various Semi Permanent Makeup for Lips

Explore the variety of semi permanent makeup Dubai for extraordinary results and beauty. There are various lip enhancements.
  • Full Lip Colour – Enjoy Eyebrows Dubai services with experienced and highly skilled technicians for a lip makeover. Full lip colour is an ideal option for those who have pale lips with ageing,  irregular lip shapes to enjoy symmetrical appearances, for those who loves to achieve dramatic lip looks or who wishes their lip colours remain with a natural colour at all times.
  • Lip Liner –These help to define the contour of lips to enhance natural appearances, reduce fine lines and prevent drooping corners of your mouth. Additionally, it also helps to put a stop to bleeding lipstick in to the surrounding skin.  Lip Liner semi permanent makeup treatment by Michele Soudi will ensure lustrous and fabulous lips
Semi permanent makeup for lips is a life changing beauty treatment. Enhance your lips and enjoy a happy ageing lifestyle with professional services from Michele Soudi. Look best all the time, adding style and glamour to your facial features.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

5 Advantages of Semi Permanent Make Up

Enhancing natural beauty is at all times a favorable option. In the fast moving, glamorous city of Dubai, semi permanent make up is becoming one of the most extremely popular beauty care treatments.

In a nutshell, semi permanent make up implants pigments in to the skin for everlasting beauty. The simple aim is to provide a permanent natural makeup that suits your skin tone and enhances beauty. Applied by professional qualified technicians adhering to safe and highest hygienic standards, semi permanent make up renowned among both genders.

Deprived of sparse eyebrows, dark lip liners and small lips - there are leading eyebrow treatments in Dubai to get the perfect brow shape to complement your face and eyes. Enhance natural beauty with defined eyebrows, round lips and bold eyeliners. Semi permanent make up allows enjoying long lasting beauty without the hassle of carrying make up bags.

Seek the invaluable advantages of semi permanent make up for prolonged natural beauty.

1. Maintain Fresh Youth

Ageing is inevitable and seeing as an obstacle for beauty. Reset your beauty clock with semi permanent make up for a younger looking, smooth and soft skin. Get rid of the sagging lips and thinning eyebrows.

2. Time Saving

For those with bustling lifestyles at work and home, semi permanent make up is undoubtedly the best time-saving solution. Take that extra sleep or utilize the precious time for other vital priorities while spending hours getting on your daily routines of applying makeup. It's less time consuming to get ahead of your day or attend a function to any special occasion. You already have the makeup required in your skin with semi permanent make up.

3. Camouflage to Balance

Do you have childhood scars on most prominent places in your face? Let it be a burn scar or an accident scar, enjoy the use of semi permanent make up to camouflage the scar to balance your tone with the rest of the skin. Colored pigments matching your skin can be tattooed over the scar to reduce vicinity.

4. Flawless Appearance

Do not worry about your looks after a good swim or time at the gym. With semi permanent make up by your side there is nothing that will smear or smudge. No matter how much sweat drenched or how many times you wash your face, this make up will never wash off. Enjoy the pouring rains without having to see dripping makeup smudges or eat to your heart's content without retouching your lipstick after luncheons or dinners.

5. Hair Fall Solution

There is no need to suffering from hair loss due to hereditary or results of certain medicinal treatments such as chemotherapy or medical conditions including alopecia. Use semi permanent make up to enhance thin hair eyebrows. Get the best eyebrow treatments in Dubai from state of the art clinics.

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