Monday, September 29, 2014

Can Lipstick be Harmful

Just as HD brows in Dubai lipstick is other vital makeup tool for women to highlight their lips. While many women now opt for semi permanent makeup in Dubai or permanent makeup in Dubai, they still require adding a little makeup to touch up the look.
Makeup is an important fashion statement in women, especially for the lips and eyebrows in DubaiLipstick is one product women tend to use throughout the day with constant touch up. It does make the lips and face in whole more appealing. But lipsticks can also contain harmful ingredients and can be toxic and poisonous.  
Many lipstick brands contain a high amount of lead. As women keep applying and reapplying lipstick throughout the day, they end up consuming some of this lead through the skin of the lips. Lead may not be a ingredient used in the lipstick, but it is a by-product of the colorant used or by the process of making the lipstick. Though the amount of lead consumed through lipstick daily many be a small amount, over the years it can add up to a significant level of exposure to lead. Lead being a neurotoxin can greatly affect the nerves and lead to brain damage. This can present in forms of learning, behavioural and language issues. IQ levels can be lowered, it can bring on an imbalance in hormones and lead to delays in puberty, infertility and miscarriage. It has even been researched that it can cause aggression.
Another harmful product in lipstick is petrochemicals. Careful check the ingredients in the lipstick before you purchase it. Avoid lipsticks which contain talc, carcinogen (bismuth oxychloride), Parabens, formaldehyde and mineral oil as much as possible.
The best lipsticks are ones that are plant-based and natural. The most common ingredients in these products are beeswax, aloe vera extracts, Carnauba wax, candellila wax, carmine, hempseed oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, iron oxide, shea butter, mica, lanolin, tocopherol, titanium oxide, ultramarines, etc. Though natural all these products may not fit in with your lifestyle, diet or beliefs. Especially if you are vegan many of these ingredients will be against your belief, example carmine (an alternative for petroleum dye) is taken from an insect, beeswax is taken from bees and lanolin is extracted from sheep, these are few products which are considered to be non-vegan. Basically remember natural lipstick brands are not necessarily vegan products.
Even these natural ingredients can cause minor health conditions. As with any product practice caution and reduce the amount and period of lipstick use to avoid health issues.

Monday, September 22, 2014

How to choose a Bronzer or Blush Color by Skin Tone

Whether it is HD eyebrows in Dubai or semi-permanent makeup in Dubai of the lips unless the colours and style are chosen carefully it will not be a pretty end result. Likewise the first step in applying a blush or bronzer is to select a colour which matches the skin tone to ensure that it gives the best look for each individual. 
Likes eyebrows in Dubai the face in whole can give a whole new appearance with the correct use of blush or bronzer. Just as eyebrows tattoo in Dubai is used to highlight the eyebrows in women; blush and bronzer are tools to highlight the cheek and face. 
To determine the skin tone, start by wearing a white colour shirt and stand in front of a mirror with natural light or white light. Now you will be able to check for the skin tone. Very light skin may reveal blue or red undertones. This type of skin tends to get sun burned easily and can also turn red quickly as the blood flow is noticeable. 
People with medium to light skin have cool and pink tones. It can also get sunburned easily but the skins undertones are not very noticeable. For people with tan or olive skin the undertones are likely to be gold or green warm shades, this skin type rarely get sunburned. For dark skin people with deep brown skin colour sunburn almost never happens. 
For very light skin tones it is advices to use only a little amount of blush or bronzer. For bronzers look for light shades and for blush colours avoid red or pink. Go with shades of apricot and peach.
For people with medium to light shade of skin do not use bronzers which are more than 3 shades darker than the natural skin colour. Also stick with light peach and pink shades. Deeper pink colours can be used for a formal look.
If your skin shade is olive or tan, you can go with a deep bronze or gold shade of bronzer. Find a bronzer two to three shades darker than the skin. Go for bolder colours in blush like deep shades of peach.
Dark skin people would not be able to have any effect on their skin with bronzer. When it comes to blush you can go with deep orange or rose shades. Shades like cinnamon can help enrich the dark skin tone.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How to decide whether to wear Blush or Bronzer

Deciding between blush and bronzers can be a never ending battle for women. Some women tend to look better in blush while bronzer suits others better. Some even tend to wear both. It is a big decision to make just as a decision on whether or not to get semi permanent makeup in Dubai or permanent makeup in Dubai.  
HD brows in Dubai are not the only feature in the face which can highlight the beauty in women. Just as eyebrows in Dubai a blushing cheek can make anyone stand out of the crowd.
Many women throughout the years have used and benefitted from applying blush and/or bronzer. Anyone can use this product as long as certain rules are followed when deciding which to wear when and the colours to select.
The purpose of a bronzer is to mimic a natural suntan. Just as the name, bronzers are made available in range of metallic palette from dark brass to light gold. This is considered a very natural appearance and it can be used every-day for any event and outfit. With the bronzer one can highlight the cheekbones and it also contours the face. This is one efficient method to add shimmer to the skin tone and to enhance colour.
On the other hand blush is meant to add a little colour to the cheekbones and resemble natural blushing. This can draw attention and change the depth of the face. This is more applicable to complete a make up for special events and is made available in a range of colours from tan, pink, peach to red. These shades are also made available in either matter or shimmer tones.
To address the question of which shade to wear when, it comes down to the event and the statement you wish to make. If chosen wisely both can be applied at any time of the day. Keep shades of subtle colour for everyday wear and bring out more dramatic shades when opting for an evening event.  
If it is an outdoor event bronzer will be the best choice as it will fit the occasion. Likewise for a event that is to be held indoors the blush will be the best choice.
Ideally blush should only be used for formal events with formal clothes. It will not blend in well for casual events and casual clothing’s. During winter times blush is the best to add some colour to the pale skin. During summer opt for bronzer.
If you wish to wear both together, be carefully of not having a caked-on look. Apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks and use the bronzer to highlight the cheekbones. The bronzer can be to the chin, neck and forehead as well. If used together well it can produce a stunning look.

Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Apply Eye Makeup

Eyebrows in Dubai are one of the main features that the women and sometimes even men tend to pay keen attention to look beautiful and smart. This has led to many trends including HD Brows in Dubai and Eyebrows Tattoo in Dubai.
While these are all considered as semi-permanent makeup in Dubai and can save a lot of time in applying eye makeup manually every day, sometimes you may still need to apply a little makeup to maintain that perfect look.
Before applying any eye makeup, it is best to start with a concealer. Apply three dots of concealer under the eyes, one near the inner eye corner, under the pupil and in the outer edge of the eye. Don’t rub in it, just pat in the concealer with your ring finger till the concealer blends in. Next apply your eye shadow primer to the lid. This will keep the eye shadow in place for many hours and not let it run greasy even during workouts or rains.
Next apply your eye liner. Either a liquid or a pencil would do. Line the eyes as close to the eye lashes as possible. You can line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye at the top. For the bottom, line only from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Smudge in the bottom line as you don’t want it showing up as a very prominent line. 
Now you can apply the eye shadow. Use three tones and build it in from the eye lids to the brows. Once it blends in it will look amazing. Begin with a light colour almost the shade of your eyelid across the lid and up to the brows. Next add a medium shade only across the lid. Next apply a darker shade in the crease. Ensure that you blend in these shades.
Next use a highlighter to give a brighter look to the eyes. This is only for the inner most part of the eyes. Just apply the lightest shade of eye shadow with your finger by dabbing into the corner of the eyes. This step will make your eyes pop out.
Next you can highlight your brows as well using the same shade of eye shadow, use it on the mid of the brows and blend outwards. If you like curl lashes, use your eyelash curler. It will give the appearance of longer lashes. As the last step you can apply your mascara. Apply to both the top and bottom lashes.
By following these steps you can have flawless eyes every day.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Scar Camouflaging Through Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai has taken the world by storm. Women all over the world have greatly benefitted from this remarkable art which has helped save them the time and money in the long run. But permanent makeup in Dubai is not only applicable for lips or eyebrows in DubaiWhile these may be the main features which highlight beauty in a woman, many who seek the services of a beautician usually are more concerned regarding the scars on their body.
With these semi-permanent makeups up techniques women have been able to hide unsightly scars remarkably. The makeup has been able to camouflage the scared areas to blend in with the other parts of the body perfectly.
The common scars which women are concerned are about any scars in the face. Facial scars could be a result of a surgery or an injury. Also any scars in the body can also be greatly camouflaged depending on the individual. For example any scars in the breast as a result of a mastectomy, augmentation or breast reduction can all be covered skilfully. Even areolas can be tattooed on to look very natural and give a three dimensional realistic appearance.
There are two ways to attend to scars. One would be through scar camouflaging using medical tattooing. The other is through scar relaxation. Scar relaxation is done through micro-needling (CIT - Collagen Induction Therapy). This will create small punctures in the tissue and will stimulate the production of collagen. This in turn will help the blood capillaries to reach the surface of the scarred tissue. This treatment will help reduce the appearance of the scar and also stimulate a smooth texture and improve skin colour.
Scar camouflaging on the other hand works by adding pigmentations to the skin that will match and blend with your normal skin tone. This will help the scar skin area to blend in with the skin around the area and look natural. By mixing few shades the scar area can be made to look no different than the skin around the area which will also no be one colour as a result of natural pigmentations.
While the results are impressing in both techniques it must be understood that the scar cannot be completely hidden permanently. Scars are a permanent mark in the skin and these treatments will only help towards reducing the appearance of the scar. Depending on each individual, the results from the treatment for the scars may vary depending on the scar size, depth and the location in the body.