Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up

Eyes are the windows to your soul. We’ve all heard this statement over and over again, and take it for granted or pay no attention to this statement. However, it’s the eyes that make all the difference to the way we look and feel, and the eyes are the most sensitive area of the body. The eyes are the only organs of the body not protected by skin and bone.

Dubai Semi-permanent make-up with Michele Soudi, makes life so much easier. Imagine waking up, showering, and leaving home straight after breakfast without having to spend so much time in front of the mirror, making yourself look presentable? Well semi-permanent makeup done by the delicate and steady hands of Michele Soudi will give you just that. Its semi-permanent because it eventually fades off after a year, allowing you the freedom to experiment with darker shades of black and brown without the worry of it being a permanent look like you would a tattoo. Semi-Permanent makeup uses natural pharmaceutical grade mineral-based pigment that is safe for the skin. Having your eyes done once or twice each year, sure beats regular daily application of makeup, which causes irritation, discomfort, allergic reactions and premature aging. The eyes say a lot about your age, you can have clear, wrinkle free skin and still look tired and worn down if the skin around the eyes have wrinkles, fine lines or under eye bags. Many of us, especially women have dark circles and sometimes no amount of sleep reduces it. Conventional makeup is known to have large amounts of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the eyes and skin in general. Constant contact with these chemicals, and your skin cells gradually lose their natural ability to regenerate. Applying makeup daily physically requires you to pull and stretch the skin under the eyes, causing more irreversible damage.

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, not really a tattoo, if done the right way, will transform your lifestyle to an extent that you will wonder how you ever did without. Many women and men in Dubai, living a fast-paced world with heavy social lives and a strenuous work life, find it hard to find the time to relax or just have fun. Saving half an hour in the morning, and another half an hour at night, to apply makeup and then take it off and condition your skin lets you sleep in longer in the morning, and gives you less work at night.

Make an appointment today with Michele Soudi and see your life transform and made easier with a cosmetic makeover that lasts longer than the makeup you buy. Michele Soudi will personally advice you on the type and colour of long-lasting makeup that best suits your skin tone and appearance.