Tuesday, May 21, 2013

About Semi Permanent Makeup

Are you looking for a good place to do your semi permanent makeup in Dubai? If so then allow us at Eyebrows Dubai to give you a completely unbiased opinion on what you should look in to before you choose a reputable and most importantly capable semi permanent makeup or micro pigmentation specialist with utmost caution and care because our face is what gives us expression by allowing us to communicate our utmost pleasures and sorrows without having to speak but a word, so preserving it and making sure that it only receives the best possible treatment is our personal responsibility. Opting for semi permanent makeup treatment is not merely a choice, it’s a choice of beauty, convenience and improvement.

Step 1:

You know what you do if you see a dodgy text message on your loved ones mobile phone? Leave every stone unturned, speak to everyone you can, ask as many questions and make sure that you do plenty of research before you choose a semi permanent makeup specialist for your procedure.

Is the semi permanent makeup specialist that you are about to opt for fully qualified, insured, registered with the local authorities and most importantly experienced enough to perform your procedure without a glitch? If you’re not satisfied with the information available to you through online sources or leaflets, get yourself a pre-treatment consultation with a practitioner so that you can get all the answers to your questions before embarking on a journey towards beauty unlike ever before.

If you have secured yourself a reputable specialist for Semi permanent Makeup in Dubai then they are bound to have a portfolio that showcases their previous work on others. Ask to see it and see for yourself is they are as capable as they claim to be so that you know for sure that you’re making the right choice for your face.

Pay due attention to the required aftercare procedures so that you can ensure that your treatment will last as long as possible and at the best possible quality for a prolonged period of time. This can be obtained through verbal detailed instructions from your practitioner and should be followed thoroughly for the betterment of your procedure and your overall wellbeing. It’s good to also make sure that your practitioner is available to speak with even after the procedure so that you can ask for advice when needed along with obtaining the required touchups for your procedure.

There is a general trend and perception in the world where people tend to believe that what is high in price is high in quality, this is not true. What matters in the experience and credentials of the specialist concerned and price is a mere tool that does not measure the extent of talent that resides with the individual to be conscientious with your procedure.

We at Eyebrows Dubai know and understand all the concerns of our patients and are open to providing you with as much information as you require in order to make sure that you get the best possible treatment because your success is a reflection of our success and we take pride in our undisputed reputation in Dubai.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Perfect Eyebrows in Dubai

The true beauty in a face lies within its unique contours that underline the true merits of who you really are. Having perfect eyebrows in Dubai is not as tedious a task as you might think, provided you know and understand the shape of your face and what exactly compliments it so that you can reap the benefits of perfect semi permanent eyebrows today. It’s the general perception based on many popular celebrity ?looks’ that arched eyebrows are the way to go but sometimes it’s important that you take a step back and ponder as to what will actually suit you and uniquely you in order to achieve best possible results. If you are unsure about the shape of your face and are seeking answers to it before seeking the advice of a professional for some background knowledge then there are many online quizzes available for you to do so at your convenience.

Heart-shaped faces:

Heart-shaped faces tend to be accentuated to its maximum potential when eyebrows are framed to be fuller and with a medium arch.

Long and square faces:

If you have a long or square face having high arches on your brows could result in emphasizing your jaw. Therefore it is recommended that you then opt for moderately thick brows with a very slight arch in order to make your forehead space look wider which will help to balance out the proportions of your face.

Long and round faces:

The benefit of having a rounding face is that you may exhibit more flexibility when it comes to choosing the ideal shape for your eyebrows as per your preference. The most proven beneficial shape though will be a slim medium arch in order to give your face more length and the density may be altered as per your preference because slightly thick to even very thin eyebrows may suit your facial structure.

Long and heart shaped faces:

If you don’t want to look permanently surprised then keeping away from the intricate arches and opting instead for a straight medium thick brow with a very subtle lift will help bring out the best in your beautiful face.

Oval faces:

This is the perfect facial structure required to flaunt high arches to its maximum potential so don’t be afraid to let your eyebrows soar in order to accentuate the beauty of your face.

Semi permanent eyebrows are a specialized technique at Eyebrows Dubai and it lasts up to two years so it is important that you along with our experts make the perfect choice to suit your perfect face in order to have perfect eyebrows in Dubai. So don’t hesitate to step in to Eyebrows Dubai and put your face in the hands of our experts in order to ensure that your days of tedious plucking and threading are a thing of the past.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup In Dubai

Sometimes in life, it’s not all about looking better? it’s more about feeling better as well. Semi permanent makeup at Eyebrows Dubai is utilized to not only enhance existing features but rid your skin of unnecessary ones as well. Have you heard about semi permanent makeup for scar camouflage? We are happy to acknowledge that in the right hands, semi permanent makeup in Dubai can be used to successfully camouflage irksome skin ailments such as; scars, blemishes, cleft lips, vitiligo and even be a remedy for alopecia and trichotillomania; which is an ailment where the affected is psychologically compelled to chronically pull out hairs from the body.

Semi permanent makeup for scar camouflage is done through the recreation of the natural skin tone and pigmentation and incorporating it in to the affected area so that it is not as prominent or completely done away with for years at a time which gives your body plenty of time to heal and the scars to fade after an ailment or an accident.

Eyebrows Dubai is renowned for their expert procedures that are designed to not only make people look better but feel better as well. There’s no need for you to hide yourself until any ailment is completely healed anymore with semi permanent makeup in Dubai and is a sought after option by most for its many benefits.

For best results with this semi permanent makeup procedure it is recommended that the scar be at least one year old, paler than the surrounding skin and not a fresh wound, not noticeably raised or sunken which would mean that it is still infected and of course have a smooth texture so that the makeup can blend right in. the success of the treatment is also greatly dependant on the accurate skin-tone-pigments being blended in order to mirror the tone of your natural skin so it is important that you are not tanned when the procedure is about to take place which may cause irregularities in the color and lessen the high quality of the procedure.

Once the procedure is in completion it is important that clients minimize sun exposure not only to ensure the health of your skin but to also ensure the longevity of the said procedure. All procedures are also performed after a thorough examination as to whether your skin is fit enough to ensure it because for us your health and wellbeing will always be priority no matter what. SO step in to Eyebrows Dubai and enjoy convenience coupled with beauty within and without with our semi permanent makeup; performed by expert professionals who are not only artistic but will aid you on your journey of healing to the best of their ability.