Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revelutionize your brows

Your eyebrows are notably the most significant feature on your face, so significant that a minor alteration can change your entire look in an instant. Dubai HD Brows is a complete system that was developed in the UK to guide, manage and enrich your natural brows. Michele Soudi is a beauty expert specializing in the HD Brow professional eye brow system in Dubai, and has been instrumental in importing this revolutionary technique to UAE. Having had training in semi-permanent make-up lips, eyes, and cosmetic eyelash extensions Dubai, she has now brought this popular eyebrow design system: HD Brow to her clients locally

HD Brows Dubai gives you perfectly shaped eyebrows each time and requires less regular visits to the aesthetic clinic. The system emphasizes on designing, growing & lengthening, tinting, and waxing excess hairs from around the brow area to improve them dramatically in an instant. Eyebrows define your look, giving you sharp contours and a pleasing appearance. Badly managed eyebrows or over plucking can easily make you look shabby and dull. Conventionally, eyebrows are regularly threaded out, a process that doesn’t do much to help the eyebrows develop in to the shape you need them to be. Just like your hair, the eyebrows too need to be nourished, dyed, and modelled to match your facial structure.

How many times have you heard your eyebrow technician tell you she’s leaving some hairs behind to allow it to grow out, but it never does? You have also on many occasions been told to “fill it in” using an eyeliner pencil, which rarely makes it through a whole day. It your brows end up looking un-groomed and most likely smudged from all the filling-in you did constantly.
HD Brows is a simple yet ingenious eyebrow treatment that will lengthen the gap between visits. In the case of HD Brows, the excess growth is waxed and not threaded, eliminating the usual pain that is associated with eyebrow threading. Your now shapely brows will be tinted, meaning you don’t have to spend minutes every day, “filling it in”. The tint used doesn’t discolour your skin and leaves your brows darkened and more defined. Your brows will then get the nourishment it needs from a specially created serum that promotes hair growth. The excess unruly hairs are removed using a tweezers and you’d all set.

Because the hairs are tinted and waxed out from the root, the brow design will remain and look freshly done for much longer as your natural hair’s are of a lighter shade. Additionally, if you do in fact need some hairs to grow in, then you will get the help that you require.

Dubai HD Brows allows you to design the perfect brows that you have always wanted, and they will look natural. A professional HD Brow technician like Michele Soudi is especially trained to design brows proportionately that is unique to each client. Michele Soudi, has obtained the HD Brow Training straight from the UK and ensures she handles every client personally.

HD Brows is gaining popularity on the red carpet, as hundreds of international celebrities are seen have endorsed this eyebrow treatment system. HD Brows transforms your look instantly, giving your eyes the supportive prominence that it needs to dazzle your on-lookers.

HD Brows will change your appearance forever, greatly improving your self confidence, adding flare and depth and accentuating your flamboyant personality. Your eyebrows have the ability to transform you with 5 simple steps, so why delay this treatment, call Michele Soudi today and make your appointment to design the perfect brows for life.

Monday, April 21, 2014

3D Permanent Brows Dubai

3D Permanent Brows Dubai is a type of cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of brows. Michele Soudi is an aesthetician that has been in the business of improving beauty and self-confidence for years. 3D Permanent Brows is suitable for anybody who wants clearly defined brows.
Some of us have very few hairs in the region of the brows making it difficult to get a dramatic or even a natural look without spending hours in front of a mirror drawing the eyebrows in each time you need to go out. Thin or nonexistent eyebrows can also happen after medical treatment or for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. 3D Permanent Brows makes it possible to have natural thick eyebrows constantly without hassle.

The treatment for 3D eyebrows may take up to a month to complete, in two or three treatments if your brows are almost non-existent depending on how much depth you desire. However, if your brows require only light pigmentation, you may need just a single treatment to get the brows you desire.
Michele Soudi is a certified 3D eyebrow technician in Dubai, trained in the UK. She brings her expert knowledge of brow shapes and depth designing to Dubai to give her clients new and old a chance of having perfect eyebrows whenever they leave home.
The first steps in the 3D eyebrow treatment is the application of a topical anaesthetic, which is applied to the region to numb the skin ensuring that you are comfortable during the procedure. The anaesthetic may take up to 20 minutes to take effect, during this time, you can decide on the shape of eyebrows you want.
Michele Soudi recommends that the eyebrow shape you choose, should naturally suit your features without looking out of place. When deciding on the eyebrows, you will need to consider, the shape of your face, the contours and depth of your eyes, and the colour of your hair. It is best to follow the natural brow line when attempting to tattoo in a new set of eyebrows.

When the anaesthetic takes effect, the eyebrow region will be wiped cleaned before the decided eyebrows are drawn in to create an outline to work with. Once you are completely satisfied with the shape and colour, the treatment will begin with an electrical powered machine that has a few single use needles grouped together. The needles will not penetrate deep in to the skin, but lightly touching the skin to insert the natural pigments. The dermatological pigments will be inserted in a brush stroke to the give effect of natural hairs. A second application of anaesthetic will be needed half way through the treatment to ensure you are comfortable during the entire process.

If you already have some amount of hairs, your treatment may end with a single application. However, if you wish to have darker brows, a second treatment is needed. The second treatment; about a month after the first, will begin like the first with the application of anaesthetic. The topical cream is left on the skin for 20 minutes while the needle and electric machine is prepared. The second application needle is a single needle, which will help to create strokes similar to natural hair. The technique used throughout the treatment will vary, to ensure a messy natural look for your eyebrows.

3D Eyebrows, is similar to skin tattooing but uses different techniques and needles and does not penetrate deep into the skin like tattoo needles do. For this reason, as your skin recycles regularly, you will have to have touch up treatment done every year or if really required depending on your skin every 6 to 8 months. Contact Michele Soudi today to book your consultation for improving your eyebrows.