Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Is Semi Permanent Make Up

If you consider yourself to be a fashionista or someone who is stylish enough to stay abreast of all the latest innovations in the beauty industry, you are sure to have heard about semi permanent make up and the reason as to why it is growing in popularity. Well, the benefits you can take advantage off it, are plenty and for those living in the UAE, Eyebrows Dubai is definitely the best place to get it done. Semi permanent make-up dubai is definitely taking the beauty industry by storm and the number of reasons as to why you should opt for it too are plenty.

This type of cosmetic procedure entails the tattooing of skin-friendly pigments that are applied onto the skin and the main aim of this treatment is to give the customer with an appearance that looks permanently made-up but while looking natural in the process as well. The skin tone will be perfectly complemented by assessing it in detail so as to use only the right combinations of pigments. That way the best of results can be guaranteed and the natural features of the client will be enhanced to the highest level.

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror. Will you not be pleased to find that you look absolutely perfect? That is exactly what semi permanent make up does. The experts at Eyebrows Dubai are skilled and proficient in assessing the individual’s facial features as much as possible. This team of highly qualified technicians has years and years of experience in the beauty enhancement industry and has the tendency of constantly updating themselves to keep par with the ever growing technology. This enables them to perform procedures on clients that will guarantee only the best of results and a high level of satisfaction of course.

Semi permanent make up can be applied to one’s eyebrows, lips and eyelids. Eyebrow makeup helps improve and define the shape of the face and brows by a high margin. 3d hair stimulation procedures can help those with patchy hair look as though they have rich and thick eyebrows. When the eyelids are made up, the natural beauty of the client comes out and makes the eyes seem bigger, brighter and healthier.
Lips are also parts that could undergo the semi-permanent make up procedure and tend to look fuller and colorful without the use of dermal fillers. Permanent lip liner can help achieve any type of lips that you look with fullness, volume and well-defined shape. When you get the semi-permanent make up done, you need not walk around with bags full of make up in them. Imagine coming out of the gym all sweaty but your face looking as though you are made up. Everyone is going to wonder how you can look that good even after a strenuous work out session. The results are same even in the case of swimming or getting wet in the rain. No matter what happens, or where you go, you will always look absolutely perfect at all times of the day.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup for Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most essential facial features, which put the frame for one’s face. The expressions and depth are of a pair of well-groomed and healthy looking eyebrows can maintain vitality. These appearances are more promising and long lasting with the option of semi permanent makeup Dubai. Enhance the natural beauty from advanced cosmetic tattooing, carried out by competent technicians. Let it be subtle or dramatic, semi permanent makeup has proven to be an immense treatment solution among women.

Growing popularity among women, semi permanent make up has become a renowned beauty procedure. Meeting the corporate pressures and the homely duties, people are time poor to seek and spare time for them. There are well-established clinics, which provide a range of permanent and semi permanent makeup treatment solutions.

Why Select Semi Permanent Makeup for Your Eyebrows

There are myriad reasons to select semi permanent makeup solutions

* Over plucked and poorly shaped eyebrows
* Too short, thin patchy or sparse eyebrows
* Loss of hair due to medical conditions and treatments such as alopecia, chemotherapy or
* Parkinson’s disease
* Problems in applying makeup such as arthritis in fingers and poor eye sight
* Asymmetrical eyebrows
* Look best at all times

Michele Soudi has years of experience with a diverse and an overwhelming clientele. Consultations and treatments for semi permanent makeup for eyebrows from Michele Soudi guarantees nothing but the best-desired look.

From flawless eyebrows, contour lip lines, scar camouflages are a glimpse of the amazing services offered by Michele Soudi. Enjoy the feeling of makeup free lifestyle from the moment you wake up to the time you hit bed with Eyebrows Dubai.

Semi Permanent Makeup Procedure for your Eyebrows

Semi permanent make up also refers as micro pigmentation. The procedure involves hypoallergenic pigments inserted to the lower layer of the skin (dermal layer) utilizing a needle. Hypoallergenic pigments mean no fragrance or addition of any other ingredients. After the treatment, the colour of the eyebrow enhancement will appear darker, intense and has a slight swelling. Gradually the colour fades with the healing to the desired colour as the pigment settles (few days).

Semi permanent makeup Dubai for your eyebrows assures to outperform every other cosmetic pencil at hand. Enjoy perfectly defined eyebrows, thick or thin, dark or light to suit your mood, taste and face. Results are realistic thus serves as a confidence booster. Michele Soudi specialises in her passion to touch up the differences in your facial features for a naturally enhancing appearance.

Reconstructs and shapes the eyebrows by replicating each hair at microscopic level. The precise semi permanent makeup treatments adhere to the strictest hygiene and sterilization standards.

Exclusivity and professional services from Michele Soudi ensures clients are comfortable while achieving their desired look. Beauty and safety are prominent pillars in Eyebrows Dubai.

Search for the best technicians complement your face and accentuate your eyes with great treatments from Eyebrows Dubai.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HD Brows

HD Brows Dubai is the term referred to a procedure that has been lately introduced in order to act as an innovative way of keeping a woman’s eyebrows absolutely flawless for at least two months. In the ever growing world of beauty, eye brow grooming is an aspect that has been lagging behind for a while. And then boom, High definition Brows Technology has hit the industry, and the Eyebrows Dubai are now equipped with the technology and the expertise to give you the best that your eyebrow deserves. The best part is that men can also get their Eye Brows shaped to high definition style and it makes them look groomed, stylish and self-pampered at all times.

Many women are obsessed over their eyebrows. Some tend to over-tweeze, shave, pluck, thread, wax, tattoo or merely scribble with an eyebrow pencil. Majority of the women are not fully satisfied with the result. In order to eliminate all traces of dissatisfaction, we are suggesting you take advantage of our 7- step process known as HD Brows which is nothing short of flawlessness. Our trained professionals will specially customize the HD eyebrows so that they fit your brows to perfection. The benefits of this latest trend are enormous. Not only can HD Brows make your face appear radiant, vibrant and gentler, the results actually can survive for a considerable amount of time. Whoever you are and irrespective of the state of your eyebrows, we have the potential to make you look like a celebrity instantly. So this seven step involves firstly performing an assessment of the client’s face. Some clients may have created a certain level of damage to their eyebrows by excessive usage of a tweezers, waxing it too often, or threading it too many times. These actions can potentially make your eyebrows and the skin around it look very chapped and scaly if you do not moisturize them as much as possible. When ladies go for threading and waxing sessions, many fail to do proper aftercare which is really a must. Some ladies have very less eyebrow hairs as well. In such cases, it will become necessary for them visit us on a frequent basis as not all clients can achieve that perfect HD brow shape on their first visit itself.

Our eyebrow experts will assess the shape of the face, the coloring and the natural brows closely, in order to achieve the best outcome for you. As per your request, you can choose your HD brows as you can have them thick, thin, dark, light, soft or shape and our main goal is to give your face a perfectly enhanced natural look that will make you look glowing and groomed to perfection. The next step in the process would be to tint all of the brow hairs using a special and high pigment tint which has no side effects whatsoever and the procedure is practically pain free. The tint could be combined in ways that would match your current color in order to achieve the most natural look. If you are bored of the colour you have, you can always opt to choose from a range of several colours so you could wear them differently. The next step requires us to wax below and above the brows as per the high definition guidelines. This is also performed to get the best result as it can prove to be much neater and nicer that way. Then, the remaining unnecessary hairs surrounding the brows will need to be getting rid of by means of threading, tweezing to perfect the shape of your brow even more closely, trimming of any elongated hairs that might stand out and then you are basically done. It is as simple as that, but keep in mind that the steps need to be done with utmost care and by somebody who has enough experience with HD brows. Some clients can opt to wear a small amount of eyebrow pencil or powder if necessary,

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eyebrows Dubai - Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

If you live in the UAE, you would have noticed how stylish and fashionable the ladies look. Well, semi permanent make up dubai is also a contributive factor towards this aspect. Women need to look good at all times, especially when you are young, and as you grow older, one needs to take extra measures to conserve her beauty as much as possible.

Semi permanent makeup is growing rapidly in terms of popularity and this is solely due to the reason that the benefits it offers to women of this ever growing and fast modern era. It is a type of procedure that involves the use of a cosmetic tattooing that is made using skin friendly pigments that are pharmaceutical graded. Eyebrows Dubai is one of those few places in Dubai where they offer semi permanent make up services apart from a huge array of other treatments that could benefit you and your personality very well.

Most people are yet not aware of the perks they can take advantage of from this new and latest procedure. It is perfectly ideal for those who have very little or no time to apply their own makeup on a daily basis. Some suffer from poor eyesight or lack the knowledge in proper make up application. There are ladies who need to look good at ALL times while some suffer from sparse of over plucked eyebrows. Semi permanent makeup benefits all kinds of women, from different walks of life, and even those suffering from severe health disorders such as alopecia, chemotherapy and Parkinson's disease. With the right combination of pigments that best complements your skin tone, this treatment of semi-permanent make up can enhance your natural features to the fullest extent. This procedure ensures that you will not look artificial or synthetic in any way.

The procedure is performed by some of Eyebrows Dubai's very own highly qualified technicians who are skilled in performing perfect assessments to determine their skin tone, texture and other important factors so as to use the right combination of pigments which will help enhance her features to the fullest extent possible. Semi permanent makeup could benefit a woman's eyebrows by improving the shape and definition of it, thus improving the frame of the face in the process. The eyelids could be shown much emphasis as well, by
application of semi-permanent make up that will enhance her eye line to make her eyes look bigger and brighter. The lips are another important part of the face which will look outstanding once having completed with the semi-permanent makeup. For this purpose a permanent lip liner will be utilized in order to achieve lips that are full and well defined. The lip body can be further improved by use of permanent colour and thus letting you look made up without even making the effort to do so. One need not book appointments at salons for makeup sessions or carry around heavy handbags full of makeup wherever they go. Those involved in sports and work out are also benefited by this procedure as it does not involve any smudging. Those suffering from scars on their lips or eyebrows can consider this treatment as all traces could be cleverly hidden using this treatment. Another category of women are those who are suffering from medical conditions such as alopecia and this treatment can help thicken their eyebrows considerably.

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