Friday, July 31, 2015

How to choose the best blush colour

Selecting and using makeup is a confusing task for many women. Not only is it troublesome to find the best quality among the many brands made available but finding the correct shade of makeup to blend in with your skin shade is quite a challenge.

Whether you apply make-up daily or go for a Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai unless all shades are chosen to blend well with each other you might not end up with a pretty side. The first step to selecting the correct bronzer or blush shade is the ensure that it matches your skin tone : this in turn will make you look a natural beauty and not end up looking like a clown.
Eyebrows Dubai by Michele Soudi lives up to its name by performing various makeover techniques on Eyebrows in Dubai.

These include semi permanent make up techniques including Eyebrows tattoo in Dubai and can even present HD Brows in Dubai. These in turn makes the whole face light up just as with the use of a correct blush colour. Blush tools helps to highlight the cheek while eyebrow makeovers helps highlight eyebrows: together they can present you with a fresh appearance every day.

To begin selecting a blush shade, first one needs to identify the accurate skin tone. To do this the best practiced technique is to put on a white top and light up the room with natural or white light. Now check your reflection in a mirror. If you are very light skinned, the undertones will reveal a blue or red shade. This type of skin is the one that gets easily sun burned and can quickly turn red.

People with medium to light skin have cool and pink tones. It can also get sunburned easily but the skins undertones are not very noticeable. For people with tan or olive skin the undertones are likely to be gold or green warm shades, this skin type rarely get sunburned. For dark skin people with deep brown skin colour sunburn almost never happens.


For very light skin tones it is advices to use only a little amount of blush or bronzer. For bronzers look for light shades and for blush colours avoid red or pink. Go with shades of apricot and peach.
For people with medium to light shade of skin do not use bronzers which are more than 3 shades darker than the natural skin colour. Also stick with light peach and pink shades. Deeper pink colours can be used for a formal look.
If your skin shade is olive or tan, you can go with a deep bronze or gold shade of bronzer. Find a bronzer two to three shades darker than the skin. Go for bolder colours in blush like deep shades of peach.

Dark skin people would not be able to have any effect on their skin with bronzer. When it comes to blush you can go with deep orange or rose shades. Shades like cinnamon can help enrich the dark skin tone.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Treating re-pigmentation with semi-permanent makeup in Dubai

Makeup can be a life saver for many women. It can not only help you look good, it can also add to your confidence. Makeup is especially useful to cover skin imperfections including scars and hyperpigmentation. But though you may not be a stranger for cosmetics, the time taken to apply the makeup perfectly can be pretty time consuming.  
This is where semi permanent makeup comes to the rescue. The permanent makeup solutions not only takes away the hassle of applying makeup daily; but with the best makeup techniques you can look your best always.
With the possibility of treating re-pigmentation with semi-permanent makeup in Dubai hyperpigmentation is no longer an issue for many women. If not to effectively cover hyperpigmentation you would need to use corrective makeup, concealer and setting powder almost every day. This makeup needs to provide twice the coverage then traditional foundation.
Also the corrective cosmetics needs to be carefully selected with selected features if not all including being  Dermatologist tested, Allergy tested, Fragrance-free, Non-comedogenic, Non-acnegenic, Water-resistant, Smudge-resistant, Sun protection factor (SPF), Moisturizing and soothing, Long-lasting, easy to blend and smooth texture.
Several cosmetic companies specialize in corrective makeup formulated for minor to moderate skin imperfections. In addition to covering hyperpigmentation, they also conceal acne scars, uneven skin tone, large pores and redness.
In addition to the foundation, a concentrated concealer is the ideal choice for sparse hyperpigmentation spots on the face.
Not to mention after all this hassle of finding the correct products careful application tips would need to be followed day after day. Skin should always be moisturized prior to application. The makeup needs to be applied with the fingertips, a cosmetic brush or a sponge. A sponge will provide lighter coverage, while the fingertips are ideal for heavier coverage.  A setting powder needs to be used to ensure long-lasting coverage. The powder also makes the makeup smudge- and water-resistant.

Considering all these steps to be taken daily it is no wonder women prefer semi-permanent makeup. Talk to the experts today to learn more. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Top semi permanent makeup expert in Dubai

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai has taken the world by storm. Women all over the world have greatly benefitted from this remarkable art which has helped save them the time and money in the long run. This makeup technique is not only sought by the general public to enhance their looks and highlight their beauty, many also seek these services from the top semi permanent makeup expert to hide unsightly scars in their body.

With these semi-permanent makeups women have been able to hide unsightly scars remarkably. The makeup has been able to camouflage the scared areas to blend in with the other parts of the body 

Any individual can benefit from the many permanent makeups made available. While eyebrows are one important feature which highlights the beauty of an individual, the lips are as important if not more. The treatment can be done to restore a youthful look to fading lips and to provide a fuller lip and this is why you need to trust the best and top semi-permanent makeup artist in Dubai.

With permanent makeup techniques anyone can transform their lips to have the perfect shape and volume. No matter if the lips are uneven, thin or even if they have lost the fullness and shape with age it can be restored with permanent makeup techniques. A range of shades are made available for the selection of the customer. The shade can be selected to match the shade of the lip colour or to match the colour of the lipstick one would usually wear.

Many clients prefer to go with a natural shade while young clients choose more bold and bright shades. The clients who select a natural shade can always apply any shade of lipstick over it as and when needed to add a bit of colour.

The trend in lip make up has changed throughout the years. Now many people do not prefer to have a lip liner. Instead they prefer to have a symmetrical and smoother lips with the colours blushed in to show no separate harsh lines along the corners.

Consult your beautician today to understand what look will suit you best and what needs to be done to achieve the look you desire.  Whether you simply need to restore the natural colour, shape and fullness of the lips or if you are looking for a dramatic look: it can all be done with permanent makeup techniques.