Monday, May 26, 2014

Michele Soudi Eyebrow Redesign in Dubai

Eyebrows Dubai is your go-to place for all eyebrow dysfunctions. If your brows are too short, too thin, too light or just not the shape you want them to be, then you need to work with Michele Soudi who uses various techniques to shape and reshape your eyebrows using two very advanced brow shaping techniques. This is truly an eyebrow spa with services like Eyebrow Tattoo Dubai, which is really is Permanent Make up, or you can choose a less permanent but revolutionary eyebrow shaping technique called HD Brows.

 Your eyebrows really make all the difference in the way you look. The right shaped eyebrows improve your appearance instantly, reducing the effects of eye bags and dark circles and can elevate your social standing too. In a research study recently done, people responded better to women with shapely brows than those who didn’t have the right eyebrow shape. Scientifically, none of us have symmetrical faces, but tweaking your eyebrows can make your face seem more symmetrical than ever.

Michele Soudi is an eyebrow technician with training from London. She goes above and beyond to make sure you have the right eyebrows each time. Sceptical? If your brows are thin, light or just never in shape, you may want to consider Permanent Make Up Dubai, which is a type of tattooing done manually. This type of tattooing used to define eyebrows, can shape and contour eyebrows, giving you a permanent shape to work with in the future. Eyebrow tattooing is accomplished quite differently to general tattooing. Michele uses hand motion to place natural ink using a fine needle in a brush stroke effect. Each strand of hair is almost drawn in, which will give you naturally looking eyebrows, lasting for about six months. A topical anaesthetic is applied on to the skin to numb it temporarily, and the ink is only placed on the surface of epithelial layer. This procedure is painless, and the result, is a perfect pair of designed eyebrows that look natural.

If needles scare you HD Brows is another way to get the eyebrows you want. HD Brows is an eyebrow shaping system that includes, designing, tinting, tweezing, waxing, cutting, and nourishing your natural brows. HD Brows is complex way to allow your brows to evolve into the shape you want. The revolutionary system guides your eyebrows into shape over time, but you will notice a vast difference after following through with the HD Brow system compared to traditional threading. HD Brow focuses on growing and darkening your eyebrows naturally. HD Brows uses two specially created products, one to darken the hairs, and the other which nourishes the brows, improving the thickness and length over time.

So which type of eyebrow treatment is good for you? If you have relatively thin and absolutely insignificant brows, eyebrow tattoo Dubai is a semi permanent, almost instant solution that you may want to consider. This is especially popular amongst clients who have little or no hairs at all in the area. HD Brows Dubai works to improve already existent eyebrows that just need a little guidance to improve its shape.  The other major difference is that HD Brows Dubai lasts longer than just tweezing, approximately a month depending how fast your eyebrows generally grow. You will notice your eyebrows significantly improve each time. As for Eyebrow tattooing, as this is type of semi-permanent make up, once you have had your eyebrows permanently tattooed, they will remain that way for up to six months, requiring only a tweeze here and there to keep your natural hairs at bay. If you are still not sure which eyebrow treatment is best for you, talk to Michele Soudi who will be able to help you decide which routine you should opt for. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

How safe is semi permanent make up?

Before we do anything or consider any alteration to our skin, we are inclined to ask questions, weigh the pro’s and cons and swing between the images we have in our minds of how we might look after a change, and what we are told will be the final outcome. These concerns are necessary to ensure you’re completely happy with the results of semi-permanent make up.

Michele Soudi, an experienced semi-permanent make up technician Dubai. The application of any type of permanent make up should always be done by a well experienced makeup technician who has years of experience with this form of aesthetic treatment. As semi-permanent make-up is applied manually, and not by an automated machine like the one used for tattooing, only professionals should be tasked with the responsibility to alter your image.

Semi-permanganate make-up is used to highlight sensitive areas like the eye contours, and for this reason, a pair of steady experienced hands are necessary to design your eyes to your requirements. You can choose from a varying amount of styles of subtle, to dramatic to moderate lining, one that you know will be suitable for any occasion.

Dull and sunken eyes weigh down on your appearance, invisible lip line, or eyebrows that are not clearly defined require time consuming effort from you in the morning to add definition, and at night to take it off. Conventional make-up no matter how long lasting they claim to be, will not last through rubbing, wiping, and sweating. Conventional make up, aside from being produced using harmful chemicals that actually absorb in to the skin, the colour base depends on your skin’s ability to keep it from smudging, and leaking down.
The ink used in this beauty treatment, is not actually ink, but more natural pigments that does not contain harmful chemicals. The pigments are set on the top layer of the skin, known as the epithelial layer. This layer of skin constantly renews itself with new cells and therefore semi-permanent make up will last about six-to-eight months, making it safe and convenient. Convenient because you can change the style and colour as often as you like.

Using this technique to colour in lips, define them , or craft the perfect brows, is relatively risk free, and allergic reactions to the pigments are always predetermined through a skin allergy test. Any adverse reactions, or skin sensitivities are learned at this time, and either you can choose a different type of pigment or opt out.

The eyes; the most sensitive part of the face, is worked on diligently, ensuring complete comfort and reduced anxiety. Many of you might be wondering about the pain that might come with such treatments, and to help patients feel comfortable, a topical anaesthetic is applied. This safe cream based anaesthetic will numb the area of skin temporarily, allowing your permanent makeup technician to perform precision colouring for improved appearance.

Semi-permanent makeup is no child’s play, but is still loved by hundreds of clients who visit Michele Soudi, for makeup consultation. When done by a professional like Michele, Soudi, all angles of risks are evaluated, your desires are understood, and medical grade equipment is used in this very popular beauty treatment. Call over for a professional consultation with Michele Soudi today to have your questions on semi-permanent make up answered.