Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

Eyebrows, no two are the same, nor are they perfect. Plucking the perfect eyebrows is a task that skilled eyebrow technicians like Michele Soudi handle effortlessly. Many of us are not always happy with the shape of our eyebrows, as one will always seem better shaped than the other. However, it is goes without dispute that your eyebrows are the most expressive features you have. Moving your eyebrows to side, up or down, can effectively communicate what you are feeling to other person. If you have not paid attention to your eyebrows before, now would be a good time to start.

Michele Soudi is an eyebrow technician skilled in Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai. Perfect eyebrow shaping can be achieved through eyebrows Dubai, which is a technique popular amongst highly fashion conscious men and women around the world. Perfect Eyebrow Shaping has been around for as long as we know, and can easily be seen when on the ancient tombs of Egypt’s queens.

Eyebrow tattooing is form of manual inking done using angel hair needle. The ink is gently inserted on the top layer of the skin to imitate hairs of natural eyebrows. Topical Anesthetic is applied prior to the application, allowing you to feel comfortable during the entire treatment. The entire treatment may take two separate treatments to obtain the desired effects. Tattooed eyebrows are made to mimic perfect eyebrows, allowing you to express yourself in the same way as you did earlier.

Eyebrows are a natural barrier between your forehead and eyes, preventing your sweat from falling into your eyes. Moreover they allow you to make facial expressions as you we humans are supposed to. Facial expressions differentiate humans from the rest of the animal species. Therefore having perfectly plucked eyebrows will do your social skills a world of wonders.

Michele Soudi is an aesthetic beautician with many years of experience in the field of beauty therapy. Her skills have been proven in the UK and Dubai with hundreds of satisfied clients leaving her salons with perfect eyebrows.

This type of semi permanent makeup is useful for those who have thin eyebrows or who have lost hairs due to cancer and other medical treatments. Many recovering cancer patients find it difficult to re-grow eyebrows naturally, after long chemotherapy treatments, in which case drawing your brows on, is the only way to obtain full luscious eyebrows.
Semi Permanent Makeup in Dubai is by far the most appealing way to improve your eyebrows and have a slightly more permanent eyebrow shape to work with for at least six months. Once you have the eyebrows tattooed on, your regular beautician.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eyebrows Dubai - Eyebrows Redesign

Eyebrows Dubai is your go-to place for all eyebrow dysfunctions. If your brows are too short, too thin, too light or just not the shape you want or need, then you need to work with Michele Soudi who uses various techniques to shape and reshape your eyebrows using two very advanced brow shaping techniques. This is truly an eyebrow spa with services like Eyebrow Tattoo Dubai, which is really is Permanent Make up, or you can choose a less permanent but revolutionary eyebrow shaping technique called HD Brows.
Your eyebrows really make all the difference in the way you look. The right shaped eyebrows improve your appearance instantly, reducing the effects of eye bags and dark circles and can elevate your social standing too. In a research study recently done, people responded better to women with shapely brows than those who didn’t have the right eyebrow shape. Scientifically, none of us have symmetrical faces, but tweaking your eyebrows can make your face seem more symmetrical than ever.
Michele Soudi is an eyebrow technician with training from London. She goes above and beyond to make sure you have the right eyebrows each time. Sceptical? If your brows are thin, light or just never in shape, you may want to consider Permanent Make Up Dubai, which is a type of tattooing done manually. This type of tattooing used to define eyebrows, can shape and contour eyebrows, giving you a permanent shape to work with in the future. Eyebrow tattooing is accomplished quite differently to general tattooing. Michele uses hand motion to place natural ink using a fine needle in a brush stroke effect. Each strand of hair is almost drawn in, which will give you naturally looking eyebrows, lasting for about six months. A topical anaesthetic is applied on to the skin to numb it temporarily, and the ink is only placed on the surface of epithelial layer. This procedure is painless, and the result, is a perfect pair of designed eyebrows that look natural.
If needles scare you HD Brows is another way to get the eyebrows you want. HD Brows is an eyebrow shaping system that includes, designing, tinting, tweezing, waxing, cutting, and nourishing your natural brows. HD Brows is complex way to allow your brows to evolve into the shape you want. The revolutionary system guides your eyebrows into shape over time, but you will notice a vast difference after following through with the HD Brow system compared to traditional threading. HD Brow focuses on growing and darkening your eyebrows naturally. HD Brows uses two specially created products, one to darken the hairs, and the other which nourishes the brows, improving the thickness and length over time.
So which type of eyebrow routine should you go for? If you have relatively thin and absolutely insignificant brows, eyebrow tattoo Dubai is a semi permanent, almost instant solution that you may want to consider. This is especially popular amongst clients who have little or no hairs at all in the area. HD Brows Dubai works to improve already existent eyebrows that just need a little guidance to improve its shape.  The other major difference is that HD Brows Dubai lasts longer than just tweezing, approximately a month depending how fast your eyebrows generally grow. You will notice your eyebrows significantly improve each time. As for Eyebrow tattooing, as this is type of semi-permanent make up, once you have had your eyebrows permanently tattooed, they will remain that way for up to six months, requiring only a tweeze here and there to keep your natural hairs at bay. If you are still not sure which eyebrow treatment is best for you, talk to Michele Soudi who will be able to help you decide which routine you should opt for.

Michele Soudi - What is Semi-Permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup was first discovered to give chemotherapy patients the chance to look normal after treatment. In recent times, permanent make up is worn by women from all walks of life who are eager to hold their appearances up at all times. Celebrities, women active in sports and the public eye, models, anybody who has sensitivity to conventional makeup, have unsteady hands, has a medical condition that prevents them from using makeup, and those of us who have such busy work and family life, can benefit from the use of permanent makeup.
Michele Soudi is a permanent makeup technician who has spent many years training in the field of cosmetics application. Permanent makeup, regardless of the title does not actually last forever. Permanent makeup will fade away after a period of time. This type of cosmetic application considered a form of tattooing, does not use permanent ink, but uses biocompatible natural pigmentation that is manually inserted into the first layer of skin. Hence, the ink used fades away after sometime, allowing you to alter your look as frequently as you like.
When applying semi-permanent make-up, Michele Soudi, ensures the application and technique used maintains your natural  appearances. In most cases, even your neighbour will not realize that you have semi-permanent makeup on. The treatment allows for a more natural look than conventional cosmetics.
Eyes that are inwards are brought out through intradermal Micropigmentation that highlights the contours of the eyes. Light or dark brushstroke effect can be used to add life to dull and lifeless eyebrows. Tinting your brows can give the impression of thicker brows, which is done in a shape that is most suited for you. Additionally, not many of us have the eyebrow arch naturally, semi-permanent makeup can effectively create an arch over both brows, which will remain in place as a shape guide for up to six months.
Tinting the lips are as popular as highlighting the eyes. This technique can create the effects of plump, well shaped pink lips. You are given the choice to either go natural and stick to light pinks and nude colours or you can choose a shade between brown/red to make them more prominent.
Aftercare for permanent make-up is as simple as allowing the pigments to be absorbed by the skin. You will be required to refrain from using conventional makeup in the area five days after the treatment and also avoid direct contact with make removers including baby oil. Attempting to wash the area with any kind of rough chemical or oil will lighten the pigmentation.
Michele Soudi is a semi-permanent makeup technician in London who travels the world to let her clients enjoy the benefits and convenience of semi-permanent makeup application.