Thursday, March 27, 2014

How safe is Semi - Permanent Make up

Humans are blessed with amazing features that over time has a tendency to sink in. Our face is the most distinguishable part of our body, without which we wouldn’t have an identity. As women, we are required by social expectations to look our best always, although, it is probably one of the most difficult things to do.

Stress caused by family responsibilities, work life, and a diet that doesn’t necessarily provide us with the nutrition we need, depletes our beauty prompting the use of cosmetic makeup to maintain our appearance. This obviously means that there will be times, when wearing makeup is not practical. Semi-permanent make-up, has for this reason, been gaining popularity with women all over the world, for the convenience and simplicity that it brings.

Semi-permanent make-up is a type of tattooing that lasts between six and twelve months. Although this might seem like a short time for a tattoo, the ink used are naturally occurring biocompatible medical grade pigmentation that is safe for the skin and gradually fades away with time. The benefit of the make-up wearing off means you can change your look periodically. Furthermore, if you are unhappy with the results, you will not have to live with it for life.

The eyes and lips are the most prominent characteristics of your face that people recognize you by. By adding high-definition lining to these features, you are improving your facial profile greatly. The greater thing about semi-permanent make-up is that you will not have to apply regular make-up all day long. More so, you will look fresh and straight out of a magazine cover from the moment you wake up, till you fall asleep at night.

Semi-permanent make-up alleviates the problem of leaking eyeliners and mascaras, that drip down fine lines and wrinkles under the eye on a hot day or high humidity levels. There is another hidden advantage to wearing semi-permanent make up. While we apply regular pencil liners and mascaras, we pull and stretch the skin around the eyes greatly, weakening the skin, causing dark circles and droopy eyes over time. A single application of permanent eyeliner every eight months, helps maintain the beauty of your eyes for much longer.

The same happens to lips. Lips sticks and gloss products eventually dry off, with remnants sticking to dry skin, chipping away at our delicate lips. Semi-permanentlip liners and lip fillers, gives the illusion of fuller lush lips without drying them. Many clients prefer to choose nude colours, but some choose darker shades of pink and beige, never having to wear lipstick for a whole year. The pigments allow your lips to breathe, and does not chip away at it, prematurely. 

Michele Soudi is your permanent make-up specialist in Dubai who has given women the freedom to be themselves without heavy dependence on makeup to look great. If you are interested to know more about the benefits of semi-permanent make-up feel free to call for an appointment. The application process is a painless process, with the choice of topical anaesthetics for sensitive skin. The process requires no down time, and the freedom you receive from semi-permanent makeup is unmatched.