Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Permanent Makeup and its History

Eyebrows can speak a lot regarding a person. It can depict the attitude and character especially of a woman based on how they decide to shape their eyebrows.  Eyebrows in Dubai are a strong fashion statement for working women. HD brows in Dubai are catching on, as it helps women to speak even more loudly about who they are and what they believe in. But it is not always easy to maintain the best shaped eyebrows day after day.
This is where permanent makeup in Dubai comes to the rescue. Not only to maintain the perfect eyebrow but even to look fresh and professional around the clock this semi-permanent makeup in Dubai does the trick.
The art of permanent makeup has been in use even many thousands of years ago. In Egypt mummies were found with various body and face tattoos and it is believed that even Cleopatra has made use of various permanent makeup techniques to look as perfect as she did. Even Tebori, the ancient Japanese art is known for carrying out full body tattoo by hand.
Technology and products have greatly changed from the techniques used many years to go to date. The colors and methods have greatly changed through the years. While the main principle of placing the color under the skins surface has remained the same, the techniques have changed with the use of machines. Even manual application is greatly advanced as the client can now choose from a array of pigmentations made available.
The first electric machine used for tattooing was introduced in 1880 by Samuel O’Seilly – New York. The first eyeliner tattoo procedure was also done in the USA by Dr. Crowell Beard who was an occuloplastic surgeon. The term micropigmentation was introduced to name this procedure of tattooing as it uses microscopic lenses for the procedure. This is a general term still in use along with many others as microdermapigmentation, dermal pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, dermal graphics and dermapigmentation. The general public are more likely to use and understand the terms of permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup then these medical terminologies.
Permanent makeup is greatly increasing in popularity all over the world. Why don’t you try it out today and experience the difference and convenience enjoyed by many women around the world?