Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dubai Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most striking feature on your face, and doing them wrong, can greatly alter your appearance. HD Brows is a system that was developed in the UK to give you perfect brows every time. Michele Soudi is an expert HD Brow professional in Dubai, who has been instrumental in bringing the technology to UAE. Having had her training in semi-permanent make-up for lips, and eyes, eyelash extensions Dubai, she has now brought the popular and most sort after brow design system: HD Brow UK to her clients.

HD Brows Dubai gives you perfectly shaped eyebrows every time. Shaping, growing, lengthening, darkening, and removing excess hair around the eyebrows is key to having them look Hollywood ready. The eyebrows define your look, giving you sharp contours and a pleasing appearance. Badly managed eyebrows or over plucking can easily look shabby and dull. Conventionally, eyebrows are routinely threaded, which doesn’t do much to help the eyebrows develop in to the shape that most suits you or that of which you desire. Just like your hair, the eyebrows too need to be nourished, dyed, and guided into the perfect shape. It is very rare for anybody to have perfect eyebrows naturally.   

HD Brows is a simple yet necessary eyebrow treatment that will lengthen the time between visits greatly. In the case of HD Brows, the excess growth is waxed and not threaded, eliminating the usual pain that is associated with eyebrow threading. Your now shapely shaped brows will be tinted, to darken the follicles giving the illusion of thickness and volume. Excess hairs are tweezed off, and a special nourishing serum is applied to help in growth of thin or over plucked brows.

The great thing about HD Brows is every treatment is different and is more of a consultation for eyebrow design rather than simply grooming them to look like everybody else’s. The shape of your eyebrows is unique to you, and although there is a standard, the final shape is sculpted using your own facial profile as a guideline. Getting the eyebrow shape you most desire might require a few HD Brow Treatments.

HD Brows allows you to design the brows that you have always wanted. Professional HD Brow technicians are especially trained to design a brow that is unique to each client. Michele Soudi, has obtained her HD Brow Training from the UK and ensures she personally handles every client’s concerns.

HD Brows is the most sort after eyebrow treatment all across the world, by women known and unknown. HD Brows transforms your look instantly, giving your eyes the prominence that it deserves.

HD Brows will change your appearance forever, greatly improving your self confidence, adding flare and personality. Your eyebrows have the ability to make you look stunning in simple attire.

Talk to Michele Soudi today and have your eyebrows done professionally for a fabulous yet simple makeover.