Thursday, April 25, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

Semi permanent makeup; also referred to as permanent makeup; is an established beauty procedure where pigments of inorganic materials are artfully placed in the dermal layer of the skin in order to ensure it’s permanent. All semi permanent makeup procedures in Dubai are performed with precision, care and at the hands of experts with more than sufficient knowhow and artistic talents to make you look your best for always so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of applying your makeup everyday or worrying about embarrassing smudges when dining out.

At Eyebrows Dubai we take pride in being as informative as we possibly can about the pros and cons of every procedure for the betterment and wellbeing of our valuable clientele. All semi permanent makeup techniques are recommended by licensed professionals and are absolutely safe with the lasting effects of up to 3 years depending on the individual’s susceptibility and skin type with regard to the procedure. Some semi permanent makeup procedures in Dubai are; semi permanent eyebrows, lip color, lip liner, upper eye liner, lower eye liner, beauty spots, vitilligo camouflage, alopecia camouflage and scars and burns camouflage.

Even though semi permanent makeup is permanent, it may be very gradually washed off, leading to the effects fading away in up to two to three years. Many of our clients inquire as to whether semi permanent makeup procedures in Dubai hurt and based on customer feedback, most of them say that the procedure was not uncomfortable at all while some who underwent the procedure for more delicate areas reported mild discomfort. All makeup pigments consist of minerals and glycerin and all clients are provided with new pre-packed sterile cartridges and no chemicals are used. All individuals are provided with allergy tests prior to treatment and are also facilitated with anesthetic creams prior to any treatment.

Even though you may continue your normal day to day activities after the treatment, take note that your skin will take from 3-7 days in approximation to return back to normal. During this time it is not unusual to experience the treated area being darker than usual, redness and even mild swelling. So make sure to take heed against this and always wear sunglasses or sun protection creams for the start to ensure that your skin returns back to normal as fast as it can without anything hindering its process.

With semi permanent makeup, maintenance is absolutely minimal so you will only need to return for touch ups up to once a year for optimal results. Choose wisely and come to us at Eyebrows Dubai where we know how to give you exactly what you desire to ensure that all your make-up worries are a thing of the past and enable you to focus more on the dazzling future ahead of you instead.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Dubai

As women outfitted with demanding careers in this day and age we have less and less time to worry about our appearance even though we need to maintain our appearance in order to create a pleasing expression to the external eye. No matter what your designation; from a housewife to a pilot, we as women understand and know the importance of looking good and feeling good and minimizing the hassle of making that extra daily effort to look good can only end up in saving us more time to get on with bigger and better activities in our day to day lives.

Eyebrows Dubai offers you the best possible beauty tips to suit any occasion and one such remedy is semi permanent and HD eyebrows Dubai. Beauty tips for eyebrows Dubai begin as suggestions that are made in order to make your face look and feel better without the hassle of maintaining it all the time. These tips are not laws enforced by the fashion police that tell you that you HAVE to have a certain type of eyebrows in order to look your best. We at Eyebrows Dubai ensure a unique result at the end of all our procedures because we work with your present eyebrow pattern and optimize it to your benefit. In no means do we condone having a set type of eyebrow delivered to our clients as some might do and we facilitate this with the varying procedures as mentioned below. Our goal is to make your eyebrows look perfect but natural only.

First and foremost we need to know the shape of eyebrows Dubai that you require, the thickness and color, we then use this information and your existing eyebrow contours to decide on the shape and procedure most suited to your facial structure. You can either opt for the hairline eyebrow technique where small pigments are applied to your brows in order to create the look and feel of real hair or opt for HD eyebrows Dubai or a combination of both. We facilitate a seven step procedure that enables you to have exactly what your face requires in order to give your looks that additional finesse we all lust after as women.

Our semi permanent eyebrows Dubai procedure have not only enabled numerous women to do away with the hassle of having to constantly tend to their eyebrows but also remedied uneven brows, brows that are too dark, too light, too thick, too thin, patchy and even non existent eyebrows that have been lost to various diseases such as cancer and alopecia Ariata.

If you are on the lookout for having that celebrity look then we advice you to opt for semi permanent Eyebrows Dubai and ensure that you look good all the time and any time!