Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Luscious lips now a reality in Dubai

Tired of applying lipstick every morning, and then having to retouch it every once in a while, after every meal, drink, etc? Feel that you have lost the shape and colour of your lips
through the ageing process? Or is it that your lips have always been rather thin or uneven without any defined shape?

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai has now come like a godsend for all of you suffering from these problems. Continuously having to retouch your lips would become a thing of the past with this new technique, which would leave you more time to attend to the business of the day. What’s more, you’d notice visibly bigger, plumper and more defined lips with better and healthier colour after the treatment has been applied and your lips have completely healed.

Michele Soudi is the last word when it comes to semi-permanent makeup in Dubai. Having over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Michele is a highly skilled beauty technician with her results speaking for themselves. With hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, among which are many celebrities, Michele spends most of her time travelling and holding clinics in the Middle East and UK.

Being the owner of a few luxury day spas in the north of England, Michele can relate to the demands of modern day life. She operates the highly acclaimed Eyebrows Dubai salon in the UAE with the intention of helping busy women in this part of the world make the most of their looks and their lives without wasting time unnecessarily on the application of makeup.

After she has applied her magic on your lips, you’d find that your smaller lips now look much fuller and more youthful. You can opt for a soft natural lip line, more defined lip line, lip blush or full lip colour; the choices are not limited when it comes to semi-permanent makeup in Dubai.

Semi-permanent makeup (micropigmentation) uses micro-pigments which lack size and density of colour, therefore fading quicker. They would need to be annually topped up to keep the colour looking fresh. And it would be difficult to say how the colour would fade out, so it’s better to seek the services of an experienced beauty technician when it comes to specialised treatments of this nature.

Michele Soudi and Eyebrows Dubai will leave no stone unturned in giving you the most natural looking, fuller and glowing lips that you had always wanted. So, the time has come to say goodbye to dull and tired lips and start your day with a smooth smile of confidence!

HD Brows for celebrity eyebrows

All celebrities across the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from the US to UK, Europe, China and Japan, have been sporting them. And when celebrities take up a trend, the rest of the world takes note. So, for the past few months, we have all been yearning for the perfect celebrity eyebrows … those ‘oh so beautifully arched, perfectly shaped rainbow-like crescents’ which have been gracing magazine covers, web pages and anywhere there is a celebrity in sight.

Other than cursing ourselves for not being blessed with such perfect facial features and pining for them day and night, is there anything we can do to get such perfect eyebrows ourselves? Of course, yes.

Now there is semi-permanent makeup which will do the job equally well or even better. Known as High Definition (HD) Brows, this novel and revolutionary technology is creating waves across the world including in the major fashion capitals of the US and UK and has now arrived in Dubai.

The treatment allows anybody to have sweepingly arched brows, neatly trimmed brow lines and a glamorously highlighted brow bone, as seen among the fashionistas of the world.  Whether you simply want a better brow shape, or need to transform your over-plucked, sparse and misshapen brows into something which looks beautiful, HD Brows offer the perfect solution. They are quick, affordable and have taken eyebrow shaping to an entirely new level.                                                                                                                     

Michele Soudi of Eyebrows Dubai, the authority on semi-permanent makeup in Dubai, is the last word when it comes to getting HD Brows in the country. Using a multi-step procedure including a variety of depilation techniques, she will create the ultimate in well-groomed HD Brows which add beauty, definition and glamour to all her clients’ faces.

If you have overgrown or over-plucked brows, don’t despair. Michele will save the day for you: using the HD Brows technology, she will sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel about yourself.

With the right eyebrows, a person will look years younger. This will add more depth and allure to their face, improving their overall appearance and self-confidence in the process. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tattoos, the solution for perfect eyebrows

Anybody who is interested in getting perfect eyebrows in Dubai through semi-permanent makeup or tattoos would have heard of Michele Soudi. Why? She’s the best, the final authority, the last word when it comes to the most beautiful eyebrows in Dubai.

Michele Soudi runs the highly acclaimed eyebrow clinic in the UAE, Eyebrows Dubai, which has earned a well-deserved reputation as the top salon to get eyebrow tattoos in Dubai. Michele takes all treatments related to eyes, eyebrows and lips very seriously. Her professionalism ensures that all clients leave happy and satisfied with the results and that nothing is left half done.

Eyebrow tattoos have been touted as the perfect solution for people who have not been blessed with perfect eyebrows. They are permanent eyebrow makeup, a cosmetic procedure which uses pigmentation on the skin to create (draw) eyebrows. The procedure involves the injection of the colour pigments to the top layer of the skin using a needle. The tattoos would take a few weeks to completely heal and would last almost two years before a touch-up is necessary.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that eyebrow tattoos, just like all other tattoos, are very difficult, painful and costly to remove. Once the job is done, there’s no going back and you are stuck with it for a long, long time!

This is why it’s important to consult a qualified and experienced professional before going ahead with your eyebrow tattoos because once done, it’s irreversible. With Michele in charge of your eyebrows, you will have no reason to worry. She has the perfect ‘eye’, and by looking at the clients and their features and in consultation with them, she will decide what shape, length and colour of eyebrow would suit each individual. The intended design would first be drawn on the face, and the client would get the opportunity to decide whether it’s what she wants, and if there are any changes that need to be done.

With over 30 years worth of experience in the beauty industry, Michele is a highly skilled technician and her results speak for themselves with hundreds of happy clients including many celebrity clients worldwide. She spends most of her time travelling and holding clinics in the Middle East and UK.

Michele believes that privacy and discretion are paramount and all clients can rest assured that they will receive the highest standards of service and treatments at Eyebrows Dubai.