Sunday, December 2, 2012

HD Eyebrows

HD Brows is a treatment procedure to achieve the perfectly defined eyebrows. The famous seven-step brow procedure creates the right shape of eyebrows and puts anyone within celebrity beauty reach.

Easier to maintain and suitable for everyone, join the bandwagon to get perfectly defined HD eyebrows Dubai. It creates a new definition in eyebrow shaping. This high precision treatment solution offers a transformation value to those who finds looking after eyebrows difficult.

Reduce excess hair, too dark or too heavy to make your eyebrows look younger. Whether you eyebrows are over plucked, over grown, unruly or sparse, HD Eyebrows can carve them in to the perfect shape for your face. Enhance your facial features with perfect eyebrows, making your eyes the focal point of attraction.

For perfectly groomed high definition eyebrows, make an appointment with professional eyebrow stylists. Enjoying raving comments from the treatment lovers, it can be performed on both men and women. For more, visit Eyebrows Dubai website.

HD Eyebrows Treatment Procedure  

There are highly skilled and trained stylists to perform the multi step procedure. Eyebrow shaping, semi permanent and permanent make up Dubai are some of the professional services available from leading spas and salons.

The treatment differs from each client, depending on the shape, colour and appearance. Comprising of seven steps, it involves a combination of techniques such as tweezing, threading and waxing. The blend of techniques, expertise and experienced stylists will promise you truly well designed and high-defined eyebrows.

  • Assessment & Consultation – HD Eyebrow stylist will assess the facial features including the shape, brow shape and colour

  • Tinting – The stylist utilises a high definition tint to even out the eyebrow colour that best suits the skin tone. For some clients, the tinting may be used as a highlight.

  • Waxing – A special blended wax will be used to remove unwanted hair. Thereafter, applied an after wax lotion to relax the muscles

  • Threading – This technique helps to blend the hairs to the brow area

  • Tweezing – To achieve a flawless eyebrow line, the left over hairs will be tweezed   

  • Trimming – Any unruly hairs will be trimmed with scissors to create a streamlined look

  • Aftercare – The final step of the procedure soothes the skin with mineral powders or a sterile skin-calming refresher.

HD Eyebrows Dubai treatment lifts the eye and enhances the appearance by framing the face. However, HD Eyebrows treatment isn’t a permanent make up Dubai procedure. The length of the time varies with the clients. It should be repeated depending on the growth of your hairs and extension of colour retention. Usually, HD Eyebrows Dubai treatments can be repeated every 4- 6 weeks.  

Caveat of HD Eyebrows

HD Eyebrows treatment involves several risks such as swelling, redness and rashes just after the final step. It is also noteworthy to keep in mind that people will several skin conditions or under certain medication should prevent from HD Eyebrows treatments. Examples include eczema, recent chemical peels, highly sensitive skin, conjunctivitis, psoriasis, alopecia and folliculitis.
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