Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Safety Tips on Permanent Makeup Dubai

Safety is very important when it comes to Permanent Makeup in Dubai or any other facial procedure. It is the responsibility of the beautician to keep its patrons informed of the safety and complications of each procedure and this will show the patrons that the beautician is a knowledgeable and credible beautician, but  also a person who cares for the well being of their patients, setting the foundation for a comfortable and trusting relationship.
Candidates who are having either permanent makeup on their lips, eyeliner or Eyebrows Dubai, the following should be considered, 
  • Firstly, schedule a consultation with the beautician prior to the actual day the treatment will be done. This initial consultation would be a good time to go over all of these safety precautions with your beautician.
  • Ask if the beautician uses disposable components used for the treatment. If they don't make sure to check the safety and hygiene standards of the Clinic and if all utensils and tools are sterilized properly.
  • Most beauticians use totally disposable machine parts. Make sure these disposable single use or sterile parts are safely disposed of immediately after the treatment.
  • All hand tools must be autoclaved prior to use for optimum sanitation. Used manual needles and other tools should be disposed of in a bio-hazard container.
  • Ask the beautician if they follow all guidelines when it comes to safety. Inquire if proper protocol is followed is concerning the disposal of used needles and other equipment.
  • Make sure the beautician washes their hands vigorously with soap and water and uses a clean pair of disposable gloves before setting up the sterile equipment.
  • Inform the beautician if you have any allergies, for instance, some have allergies to latex or any other products, so make sure to tell your beautician at your consultation.
  • Insist on observing your beautician when they are setting up the tools and equipment, so that you can observe the sterilization procedures and isolation techniques. The client can also inquire about the beautician's experience and qualifications.
  • Be wary of the beautician’s office during your consultation visit. If their office or area is disorderly, cluttered and unclean, you should reconsider using that specific  
  • The beautician should never touch their hair, glasses, or other items with a gloved hand. If you do see this happening, ask the beautician to replace their gloves to prevent any contamination.
  • Used needles and pigment should not be kept for a client’s future appointment. Pigment contains bodily fluids and bacteria, and this should be disposed of immediately after the procedure is completed.
  • Clients must make sure to sign all of the proper consent forms, as well as forms to confirm that any equipment used in the procedure has been properly disposed, soon after the procedure.
  • Beauticians working in open area beauty salons run the risk of airborne pathogens from acrylic nails, hair products. Permanent cosmetic makeup such as HD Brows Dubai creates an open wound. Therefore, potential contaminants from the air should be kept to a minimum to ensure a healthy and clean procedure.
  • All surfaces should be wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant prior to, and immediately after the procedure.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Solutions

Semi Permanent Makeup in Dubai gives hope to women and men with hair loss caused by Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Hair Pulling and other medical conditions, hope and a new life. 
When people lose all their  hair almost overnight from an early age, their life is never the same, as it has dramatic and devastating effects. This will progress through their life, forcing these sorts of people to find a reprise in wearing bright colored wigs to disguise the fact that they don't have any hair. But having hair is not as embarrassing as not having eyebrows, which makes it hard to go out in public, strike up conversation and lead a normal life. People with this sort of problems deal with lower levels of self esteem and low self confidence. 
There are reputed expert that will rise to the challenge of working with men and women with Alopecia hair loss to give them permanent makeup eyebrows and also semi permanent Eyebrows in Dubai, to give them back their self esteem and self confidence to live a normal life. 
Most often, men and women consider the eyebrows as the focal point of the face, the eyebrows frame the face and give definition and expression, while for some people the eyebrows are a luxury they must live without. Partial or full facial hair loss can be incredibly distressing and can also have a devastating effect on one’s self confidence in public. 
The Semi Permanent Dubai eyebrows mimic natural hair, leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows. These eyebrows look very natural and the difference can only be spotted only by an expert. 
The patient undergoing the treatment will have to go over for an initial consultation, and the expert will map out the ideal brow shape that suits the face and skin tone, using facial callipers and measuring devices.  The chosen shape is then marked onto the skin using cosmetic pencils. A bespoke pigment mix will then be created to work in harmony with the skin tone and hair color and replicate natural eyebrows. The application of this process is swift with little or no pain or discomfort. Semi permanent makeup ensures patients that they will have the  most flattering, subtle and natural looking eyebrows. The results of semi permanent eyebrows can last anywhere between 9 - 18 months, with proper care. 
Semi permanent makeup has been recently described as a ‘miracle procedure for hair loss. In Dubai, Michele Soudi and her team of experts continue to help those afflicted with eyebrow loss. Michele Soudi is a woman who can relate to the demands of modern day life as well as natural imperfections and facial issues. In order to take the pressure off the busiest of people and stress of having literally no eyebrows, she has focused her beauty skills on the art of Semi-Permanent Make-up and has developed her own technique designed to achieve the most natural of looks and also to help those who are suffering from Alopecia and other facial and disfiguring disease and facial hair loss.