Wednesday, December 25, 2013

HD Brow System Dubai

The HD Brow system is a unique seven-step eyebrow defining system that gives women the chance to enjoy celebrity brows at a nominal cost. The HD Brow system developed in the UK by renowned beauticians, Nilam Patel and Karen Betts, who struggled for years to perfect their own brows. Thanks to Nilam and Karen, women all over the world are enjoying perfectly groomed eyebrows that celebrities all over the world enjoy.

Michele Soudi brings HD brows to Dubai, and is available on appointment at the Nail Spa, Dubai Marina. This unique seven-step eyebrow defining system gives you the perfect eyebrows in Dubai every time. Additionally, your brows gain improved shape and arch over a few treatments that has left clients who have tried it, refusing to go back to traditional eyebrow sculpting.

Having the rightly shaped eyebrow with the arch in the right place, ensuring the growth is thick and uniform throughout, transforms your look and gives you a pleasing and stunning appearance. HD Brows gives just about anybody a celebrity make-over within reach at an affordable rate.

The HD Brow system shapes, waxes, tints, threads, nourishes, and thickens your eyebrows with just a single treatment. To maintain the eyebrows you will need a few regular treatments throughout the year. The regular maintenance routines would mean you may be able to skip a few of the steps. Grow Baby Grow is an ointment that you can take home with you, which with continued use will add volume to brows.

The HD Brows is available by Michele Soudi, gives you instant results that does not require pencil fill-ins later. However, for over plucked and badly abused eyebrows, you will need to have a few appointments to encourage the brows to meet your desired results.

Many clients who see Michele Soudi have over plucked brows that are less than perfect. This may mean you will need to go on an eyebrow re-growth routine using the Grow Baby Grow ointment, which encourages the hairs in the area to improve in quality and thickness. Regular usage of tweezers and waxing sheets by non-professionals can cause your eyebrows to look less dramatic.

Although we expect eyebrows to be identical, they are not. Eyebrows are more like sisters and not twins. Therefore attempting to create uniformity between them might leave you plucking one to nothing.

As easy as plucking eyebrows may seem, it is only a professional beautician with special skill and eye, that is able to shape eyebrows to what they need to be. Every client is different and so are each of the brows. Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t gotten the perfect arch as yet. It may take some time, but avoid using tweezers in the meantime. Eyebrows take a long time to regrow, and it may be six months to a year before you have the eyebrows you desire.

Make an appointment with Michele Soudi here and have your free consultation for eyebrows Dubai today.

Friday, December 6, 2013

HD Brows in Dubai

The eyebrows are probably the most intriguing features we have next to of course the eyes. Having them shaped perfectly according to the contours of your face is as important as wearing the right clothes. So many people however, do not have perfectly shaped cosmetically pleasing eyebrows, and usually need to fill it in with an eyeliner pencil or eye shadow. These don’t keep the shape for long, and generally fade off at the first sign of sweat.

Many women struggle with one eyebrow being slightly different from the other, or having too thin or too thick growths. The latter is easily managed, but when the growth is thin or one is different from the other, most of us are left frustrated. One other common problem is the hair follicles can be too light in the front and dark towards the end.

The arch adds definition to your face, and there are quite a few mistakes that beauticians make when outlining the arch, which is to use the natural contour as guidance. The arch is a modern alteration to the eyebrows that came into style in recent times. Most of us generally have a round brow or a curve but never an arch. To ensure the arch starts where it should, one would first need to have full brows, from which the arch is defined.

When one has thick and full eyebrows, shaping it to suit your look is pretty simple. The brow should ideally begin at the corresponding point parallel to the nostril’s ending. The arch should be just above the end of the iris. If you drew an imaginary diagonal line from the end of your nostril past the outer corners of the eye, the brow should thin out and end on the line. Sounds complex?

This is where Michele Soudi’s skills and talent is a welcome sigh of relief. HD Brows in Dubai is an eyebrow treatment that evens out, shapes, add volume, and darkens the eyebrows to give you perfectly arched brows.  Your eyebrows define your appearance and badly shaped eyebrows is an aesthetic nightmare that can take months to fix. HD Brows Dubai done by Michelle Soudi will allow you the freedom to not only have perfect shaped brows that do not require regular touch-ups and daily use of stencils, but allows women the freedom to go without another treatment for about three months. HD Brows is a UK system, developed by beauty expert, Nilam Patel, and has caused some serious commotion in Hollywood and Europe. The HD Brows system is a five-step process that shapes, grow, nourishes, and darkens the perfect eyebrows that frame your face, complimenting your eyes beautifully.

Make an appointment with Michele Soudi today and have your eyebrows designed to give your face the definition it needs.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Michele Soudi – Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai, is growing in popularity, as woman and men enjoy the convenience of looking great throughout the day, while working, going to the gym, partying all night, sleeping and then waking up looking as perfect as they did they did the previous morning. Imagine, going to the gym, working out, sweating, and then using a hot towel to wipe off the sweat, leaving your makeup intact and untouched. Semi-permanent makeup by Michele Soudi, a makeup specialist, trained and experienced in the UK, brings her skills to the UAE, for women to enjoy.

Women are all beautiful, and no woman can be considered ugly. Most often than not, sunken eyes, blended-in lips, and the lack of definition to your significant features, prevents your natural beauty from being seen by the world and you.

Semi-permanent makeup which when applied correctly, by a skilled and credible technician, has the ability to bring your features out. Lips are probably the most neglected of all features, Biting, chewing, kissing even, tasting and the constant application of chemicals hidden in lipsticks and lip liners, gradually chips away the natural outline of your lips. Semi-permanent lip liner is a beauty solution that entails gently placing natural mineral pigments into the first layer of skin around the border of your lips and light shading to cover the entire lip surface. Having semi-permanent makeup done on your lips, makes them look plump and full.

Defining your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner at the bottom and shaping the top eyelid will take years off your age, by adding shape and definition and taking the focus away from fine lines and wrinkles. Many women find permanent eye-makeup to be safe and convenient. Permanent eye makeup gives you the freedom to go about your day, without the worry of your eye makeup leaking to the bottom. It will allow you to look fresh and red carpet ready all day long.

The next most important feature are your eyebrows. Eyebrows give shape and frame your face, showing emotion and depth. Michele Soudi offers two types of eyebrow shaping, and selecting one or both treatment will completely transform how you look. You may choose to have your normal eyebrow shape defined with semi-permanent pigmentation, which gives the eyebrows permanent shaping within the skin.

If you prefer a non-surgical option for shaping your eyebrows, HD Brows done by Michele Soudi, is a treatment, which guides the eyebrows into shape naturally overtime. HD Brows is a technology developed in the UK, and has been making headway throughout the western world including Hollywood. Many celebrities are flocking to certified HD Brow technicians to have this treatment done. It’s a five-step process, that involves removing hair, shaping, nourishing, adding volume, and colour to each hair follicle of your eyebrows.

Cosmetic advancements come and go, never really sticking too long, and forgotten with the introduction of new beauty treatments. However, cosmetic tattoos seem to have found its place in the hearts of many women, who love and appreciate, the convenience, safety, and economical benefits it offers.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up

Eyes are the windows to your soul. We’ve all heard this statement over and over again, and take it for granted or pay no attention to this statement. However, it’s the eyes that make all the difference to the way we look and feel, and the eyes are the most sensitive area of the body. The eyes are the only organs of the body not protected by skin and bone.

Dubai Semi-permanent make-up with Michele Soudi, makes life so much easier. Imagine waking up, showering, and leaving home straight after breakfast without having to spend so much time in front of the mirror, making yourself look presentable? Well semi-permanent makeup done by the delicate and steady hands of Michele Soudi will give you just that. Its semi-permanent because it eventually fades off after a year, allowing you the freedom to experiment with darker shades of black and brown without the worry of it being a permanent look like you would a tattoo. Semi-Permanent makeup uses natural pharmaceutical grade mineral-based pigment that is safe for the skin. Having your eyes done once or twice each year, sure beats regular daily application of makeup, which causes irritation, discomfort, allergic reactions and premature aging. The eyes say a lot about your age, you can have clear, wrinkle free skin and still look tired and worn down if the skin around the eyes have wrinkles, fine lines or under eye bags. Many of us, especially women have dark circles and sometimes no amount of sleep reduces it. Conventional makeup is known to have large amounts of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the eyes and skin in general. Constant contact with these chemicals, and your skin cells gradually lose their natural ability to regenerate. Applying makeup daily physically requires you to pull and stretch the skin under the eyes, causing more irreversible damage.

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, not really a tattoo, if done the right way, will transform your lifestyle to an extent that you will wonder how you ever did without. Many women and men in Dubai, living a fast-paced world with heavy social lives and a strenuous work life, find it hard to find the time to relax or just have fun. Saving half an hour in the morning, and another half an hour at night, to apply makeup and then take it off and condition your skin lets you sleep in longer in the morning, and gives you less work at night.

Make an appointment today with Michele Soudi and see your life transform and made easier with a cosmetic makeover that lasts longer than the makeup you buy. Michele Soudi will personally advice you on the type and colour of long-lasting makeup that best suits your skin tone and appearance.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eye Makeup Dubai

Let’s face it, applying makeup on a daily basis over and over again throughout the day is time consuming and a huge hassle. Regular touch-ups between meetings and in moving vehicles is dangerous when applying eye makeup. Aside from this, unknowingly, we introduce a combination of different toxic chemicals directly onto the soft tissue of eyes. Semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo eliminates the hassle and the hidden dangers of applying cosmetic eye makeup regularly.

Most cosmetics are manufactured using animal fat, toxic chemicals like lead and chromium and some are still tested on animals. Semi-permanent eye make-up; a mineral based all natural ink pigment is safe for the eyes and lasts anywhere between six months to a year. Michele Soudi has over 20 years of experience working with clients and many celebrities who have opted for semi-permanent eye makeup in the UK and Middle East.

How is semi-permanent eye makeup applied?

The procedure involves darkening of the eye contours using pharmaceutical grade pigmentation. A skin allergy test is initially done to ensure there is no adverse reactions to the pigmentation. This skin allergy test is done a few days prior to the procedure, allowing time for your skin to react. The colour is selected based on your preferences and skin tone. Some clients prefer neutral shades like browns and bronze, while others opt for a shade of black. A light topical anaesthetic maybe used to alleviate pain. The pigment is applied using a medical grade disposable applicator.  The process lasts about 90 minutes.

The benefits of semi-permanent eye make

There are many direct and indirect benefits to having semi-permanent eye makeup. The pigment itself, is a natural mineral based complex which rejuvenates skin. Daily cosmetic eye makeup application requires pulling and stretching the skin around the eyes causing premature fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the body and is therefore more sensitive to chemicals. Although it is advised that cosmetic makeup be removed daily, the use of eye makeup remover gradually darkens the skin under the eye. Semi-permanent cosmetic eye makeup alleviates the need to share eye makeup or have touch-ups done in unhygienic conditions.

How long does semi-permanent cosmetic makeup last?

Cosmetic eye make requires little or no effort with maintenance aside from the basic sun protection and a good pair of sunglasses. In fact washing your face with plain water and a good branded face wash is all you need to do, for your eye make up to last up to 18 months.

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai is popular with both males and females who are looking to add depth and dimension to their eyes. Semi-permanent eye contour makeup combined with HD eyebrows will leave you looking fabulous all day and night long.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

HD Brows Dubai

Your eyebrows define your facial features more than your hair. A bad hair day can be hidden underneath a hat or scarf, but your eyebrows are the statement makers that cannot be concealed from view. HD Brows developed by Nilam Patel in London, is sweeping across fashion magazines and catwalks faster than wild fire is available at Michele Soudi’s in Dubai.

HD Brows; High Definition Eyebrows,  a combination of techniques and specially made HD Brow products that includes tinting, waxing and shaping your eyebrows to give them the ultimate look. HD eyebrows in Dubai, need fewer trips to the salon and are self-maintained, for over a month between visits. HD Brows predominantly focuses on eyebrow design and not removal of hair.

Each person will have his or her own unique eyebrow shape that is suited for his or her face. Some eyebrows are more difficult to shape than others due to over plucking or fine hair. HD Brows resolve these problems and after a few visits, can give you the naturally beautiful eyebrows seen on celebrity faces.

HD Brows take only 20 minutes to do and is simple, easy, and safe for both women and men of all ages. Only licensed technicians can give you the proper HD Brows experience. Although the popularity of HD brows is spreading fast to all fashion centric cities around the world, there are still only a limited number of licensed technician in the UK, US and now Dubai. Katie Price loved her HD Brows look so much that she trained herself and her makeup artist on the procedure.

HD Brows is a seven-step process.

Preparation and Assessment – Your face will be assessed to ensure that perfect eyebrow shape

Tinting – A high definition tint to match your hair colour, is applied on your eyebrows.

Waxing – The specially blended wax helps remove all unwanted hair at once. The HD Brows after wax lotion is massaged on to sooth the skin.

Trimming – The long strands of hair are trimmed off the top to give your eyebrows the perfect shape.

Treading – Excess hair on the forehead and around the eyes are threaded off.

Tweezing – All the single strands of hair are pulled out to define the shape further.

Fining touches – the skin is soothed using a skin calming tonic; HD Brow Beater is used to hold the brow in place. The HD Brow Pencil fills in any gaps to give you the perfect eyebrow shape. Finally, the HD Brow Grow Baby Grow Serum is applied gently to weak or short hair.

The HD Brow system helps design your eyebrows like no other system or technique in the cosmetic world of beauty. Regular threading and tweezing only does not do much to change the contours or shape of your brows. HD Brows is an all-inclusive approach of designing, shaping, nourishing, and blending that gives you the Eyebrows you have always dreamed of having.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Semi permanent Make-up

All women are beautiful, but beauty is not always apparent without make up. Make-up does not make anybody beautiful, but it helps brings out the natural beauty; accentuates our own features and facial profile. Good make-up does cost a lot, and wearing make-up regularly, is a mission, while the process of putting it on regularly and removing it damages the skin, progressively.

It would be a luxury to have on permanent eyeliner, or go without threading eyebrows for years, always looking fresh in the morning. However, with stress, and pollution our features are sometimes, drained out or hidden beneath exhaustion. In addition, makeup needs to be removed as most ingredients in makeup, if not removed can react with your skin.

Semi permanent make-up is safe, and clients can choose from over 80 different pigmentation shades to suit their natural look. All clients are handled carefully and a skin allergy test is done a week or two prior to the full procedure. Semi-permanent make up outlines the upper and lower eyelids, shape the eyebrows, and darkens the lip line. Having permanent make-up on the eyes, means the surrounding skin, is not stretched, wiped, and scratched daily. Permanent make up only needs to be done once, with touch-ups every 4 to 5 years.

Semi permanent make-up, is similar to that of tattoos, but is different in the way it is applied. Semi-permanent make-up is administered using a pen like tool, which gently injects the pigments into the skin at a slow speed. The pigments are placed on the top layer of the skin, unlike tattoo ink that is injected to the skin’s second layer. Topical anaesthetic, a cream based anaesthetic safe for the area around the eyes, is rubbed on, before the process begins. This application will numb your skin lightly, just enough to prevent you from feeling the slight tingling from the process. The needle used in semi-permanent make-up is finer and causes less pain than that of a tattoo needle. The same procedure is used to line the lips and eyebrows to make any women look dazzling around the clock.

Semi-permanent make-up brings many cosmetic and productive benefits to a person wearing it. It saves minutes in the morning especially for women who wear make-up daily, taking away the requirement to do touch-ups every few hours. Permanent make up also alleviates the problem of smudgy and leaky make-up. There are times, when we apply make-up in the morning and run to the gym straight from work, the sweat from the workout can cause the eyeliner to leak down into fine lines under the eye, making the wearer look tired and worn-out.

In addition to these benefits, there is convenience brought on to patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, night-blindness or long sightedness. Females who have trouble holding a steady hand to apply make up regularly, will find enormous relief with semi-permanent eye-make up.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup Techniques Dubai

Keep your eyebrows tidy and pristine so that you can look your best no matter the occasion at Eyebrows Dubai; home to expert eyebrow techniques in the city. Get arches, neat edges or change the shape of your eyebrows to suit your face better with very little time spent on your part in an absolutely hassle free process. Take years off of your face and choose the shape and color of your heart’s desire with the semi permanent makeup techniques available at Eyebrows Dubai so that you can be more than just unique but shine like the star that you are in no time. Some eyebrow treatments available at the clinic are; eyebrow enhancement, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow coloring that are performed with expert techniques for optimal results.

If you are looking for the perfect eyebrows in Dubai, then make sure you know whether your eyebrows need to be tended to. The creation of hair stroke effect eyebrows are a semi-permanent makeup technique that ensures natural and lasting effects, depending on the proficiency of the artist. This is a fashionable procedure that is performed through the utilization of fine needles that are the width of an individual hair to construct layers that look completely natural and are ideal for keeping your eyebrows in shape. 

Eyebrow enhancements are ideal for those who have naturally thin hair growth or are recovering from alopecia or chemotherapy. If you have ever marveled at the picturesque perfection of celebrity eyebrows, this too can be achieved with the right treatment for eyebrows in Dubai. This process requires the taking of measurements, stenciling your desired eyebrow shape, tinting it with a desired color, neatening the eyebrows by waxing, threading or tweezing and then finished off by the trimming of excess hairs. So make sure to visit a reputed salon like Eyebrows Dubai so you can get exactly what you want exactly what you want by  requesting your artist to give you suggestions and then pick the procedure and appearance of your choice. If you are in the search for perfect eyebrows in Dubai then make sure that you know exactly what your face requires and your heart desires.

Another procedure that is a popular look for ladies is; the ‘Block’ technique; which is the process of tattooing the outline of your eyebrows to suit your requirements and then shading in the entire area. When opting for this it is crucial that you are happy with the shape that suits your face before trying out this technique because it cannot be undone easily. Another is; hair strokes on top of the block technique to give your eyebrows a more stunning effect. Have flawless and celebrity-like eyebrows in Dubai with 3D effect eyebrows that are designed to get you noticed and admired even if you are in a crowd.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hair Stroke Eyebrows in Dubai

Eyebrows Dubai is a company dedicated in transforming the lives of individuals as well as their appearance. Your eyebrows are a feature that is not only situated on your face to protect your eyes but to also help give your features beauty and definition. The medical micro pigmentation procedures that we offer are in the semi permanent makeup category which ensures that the procedures achieve water proof, smear proof and long lasting results at your absolute convenience.

Hair stroke eyebrows is a procedure that gives the client the impression of having 100% real eyebrows once the procedure is in completion through the combination of intrinsic artistic technique that design fine strokes to give the impression of real hair as a substitute for non-existent or light brows.

There are many reasons for you to opt for hair stroke eyebrows in Dubai. We have not all been naturally blessed with naturally even eyebrows that suit are features perfectly. Hair stroke eyebrows in Dubai will help to fill in the gaps of your eyebrows and enable you to shape them as you please so that you can look good anytime and anywhere.

Another major benefit of getting yourself a semi permanent makeup procedure for your eyebrows is that you don’t have to bother with going to the salon to do your eyebrows anymore. Gone are the days when you had to worry about waxing, threading or shaving your eyebrows just before a party or taking the time to pencil-in sparse eyebrows because this semi permanent makeup procedure is designed to minimize the amount of time that you waste trying to obtain those perfect eyebrows by using easily smudged make up products that can even lead to skin ailments depending on how compatible your skin type is to the product.

Hair loss can occur not only on the head but all over the body when it comes to certain radioactive procedures such as Chemotherapy or blood diseases such as Alopecia Ariata. Our especially customized hair stroke eyebrow technique helps all individuals to obtain their hearts desire when it comes to having perfect eyebrows because we know and understand the importance of looking and feeling good and are more than happy to help you on your journey towards optimal health in any way we can.

All our semi permanent makeup procedures at Eyebrows Dubai are performed under the supervision of Michelle Soudi; an expert in the field. Our staff always take the time to answer any questions and resolve any queries so that you can receive only beneficial results from our procedures. We at Eyebrows Dubai make sure that you know what the end result is going to look like before you have the procedure so that you are 100% satisfied with the results as well so that you can celebrate your new and improved look without the smudges for a long long time!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

About Semi Permanent Makeup

Are you looking for a good place to do your semi permanent makeup in Dubai? If so then allow us at Eyebrows Dubai to give you a completely unbiased opinion on what you should look in to before you choose a reputable and most importantly capable semi permanent makeup or micro pigmentation specialist with utmost caution and care because our face is what gives us expression by allowing us to communicate our utmost pleasures and sorrows without having to speak but a word, so preserving it and making sure that it only receives the best possible treatment is our personal responsibility. Opting for semi permanent makeup treatment is not merely a choice, it’s a choice of beauty, convenience and improvement.

Step 1:

You know what you do if you see a dodgy text message on your loved ones mobile phone? Leave every stone unturned, speak to everyone you can, ask as many questions and make sure that you do plenty of research before you choose a semi permanent makeup specialist for your procedure.

Is the semi permanent makeup specialist that you are about to opt for fully qualified, insured, registered with the local authorities and most importantly experienced enough to perform your procedure without a glitch? If you’re not satisfied with the information available to you through online sources or leaflets, get yourself a pre-treatment consultation with a practitioner so that you can get all the answers to your questions before embarking on a journey towards beauty unlike ever before.

If you have secured yourself a reputable specialist for Semi permanent Makeup in Dubai then they are bound to have a portfolio that showcases their previous work on others. Ask to see it and see for yourself is they are as capable as they claim to be so that you know for sure that you’re making the right choice for your face.

Pay due attention to the required aftercare procedures so that you can ensure that your treatment will last as long as possible and at the best possible quality for a prolonged period of time. This can be obtained through verbal detailed instructions from your practitioner and should be followed thoroughly for the betterment of your procedure and your overall wellbeing. It’s good to also make sure that your practitioner is available to speak with even after the procedure so that you can ask for advice when needed along with obtaining the required touchups for your procedure.

There is a general trend and perception in the world where people tend to believe that what is high in price is high in quality, this is not true. What matters in the experience and credentials of the specialist concerned and price is a mere tool that does not measure the extent of talent that resides with the individual to be conscientious with your procedure.

We at Eyebrows Dubai know and understand all the concerns of our patients and are open to providing you with as much information as you require in order to make sure that you get the best possible treatment because your success is a reflection of our success and we take pride in our undisputed reputation in Dubai.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Perfect Eyebrows in Dubai

The true beauty in a face lies within its unique contours that underline the true merits of who you really are. Having perfect eyebrows in Dubai is not as tedious a task as you might think, provided you know and understand the shape of your face and what exactly compliments it so that you can reap the benefits of perfect semi permanent eyebrows today. It’s the general perception based on many popular celebrity ?looks’ that arched eyebrows are the way to go but sometimes it’s important that you take a step back and ponder as to what will actually suit you and uniquely you in order to achieve best possible results. If you are unsure about the shape of your face and are seeking answers to it before seeking the advice of a professional for some background knowledge then there are many online quizzes available for you to do so at your convenience.

Heart-shaped faces:

Heart-shaped faces tend to be accentuated to its maximum potential when eyebrows are framed to be fuller and with a medium arch.

Long and square faces:

If you have a long or square face having high arches on your brows could result in emphasizing your jaw. Therefore it is recommended that you then opt for moderately thick brows with a very slight arch in order to make your forehead space look wider which will help to balance out the proportions of your face.

Long and round faces:

The benefit of having a rounding face is that you may exhibit more flexibility when it comes to choosing the ideal shape for your eyebrows as per your preference. The most proven beneficial shape though will be a slim medium arch in order to give your face more length and the density may be altered as per your preference because slightly thick to even very thin eyebrows may suit your facial structure.

Long and heart shaped faces:

If you don’t want to look permanently surprised then keeping away from the intricate arches and opting instead for a straight medium thick brow with a very subtle lift will help bring out the best in your beautiful face.

Oval faces:

This is the perfect facial structure required to flaunt high arches to its maximum potential so don’t be afraid to let your eyebrows soar in order to accentuate the beauty of your face.

Semi permanent eyebrows are a specialized technique at Eyebrows Dubai and it lasts up to two years so it is important that you along with our experts make the perfect choice to suit your perfect face in order to have perfect eyebrows in Dubai. So don’t hesitate to step in to Eyebrows Dubai and put your face in the hands of our experts in order to ensure that your days of tedious plucking and threading are a thing of the past.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup In Dubai

Sometimes in life, it’s not all about looking better? it’s more about feeling better as well. Semi permanent makeup at Eyebrows Dubai is utilized to not only enhance existing features but rid your skin of unnecessary ones as well. Have you heard about semi permanent makeup for scar camouflage? We are happy to acknowledge that in the right hands, semi permanent makeup in Dubai can be used to successfully camouflage irksome skin ailments such as; scars, blemishes, cleft lips, vitiligo and even be a remedy for alopecia and trichotillomania; which is an ailment where the affected is psychologically compelled to chronically pull out hairs from the body.

Semi permanent makeup for scar camouflage is done through the recreation of the natural skin tone and pigmentation and incorporating it in to the affected area so that it is not as prominent or completely done away with for years at a time which gives your body plenty of time to heal and the scars to fade after an ailment or an accident.

Eyebrows Dubai is renowned for their expert procedures that are designed to not only make people look better but feel better as well. There’s no need for you to hide yourself until any ailment is completely healed anymore with semi permanent makeup in Dubai and is a sought after option by most for its many benefits.

For best results with this semi permanent makeup procedure it is recommended that the scar be at least one year old, paler than the surrounding skin and not a fresh wound, not noticeably raised or sunken which would mean that it is still infected and of course have a smooth texture so that the makeup can blend right in. the success of the treatment is also greatly dependant on the accurate skin-tone-pigments being blended in order to mirror the tone of your natural skin so it is important that you are not tanned when the procedure is about to take place which may cause irregularities in the color and lessen the high quality of the procedure.

Once the procedure is in completion it is important that clients minimize sun exposure not only to ensure the health of your skin but to also ensure the longevity of the said procedure. All procedures are also performed after a thorough examination as to whether your skin is fit enough to ensure it because for us your health and wellbeing will always be priority no matter what. SO step in to Eyebrows Dubai and enjoy convenience coupled with beauty within and without with our semi permanent makeup; performed by expert professionals who are not only artistic but will aid you on your journey of healing to the best of their ability.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

Semi permanent makeup; also referred to as permanent makeup; is an established beauty procedure where pigments of inorganic materials are artfully placed in the dermal layer of the skin in order to ensure it’s permanent. All semi permanent makeup procedures in Dubai are performed with precision, care and at the hands of experts with more than sufficient knowhow and artistic talents to make you look your best for always so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of applying your makeup everyday or worrying about embarrassing smudges when dining out.

At Eyebrows Dubai we take pride in being as informative as we possibly can about the pros and cons of every procedure for the betterment and wellbeing of our valuable clientele. All semi permanent makeup techniques are recommended by licensed professionals and are absolutely safe with the lasting effects of up to 3 years depending on the individual’s susceptibility and skin type with regard to the procedure. Some semi permanent makeup procedures in Dubai are; semi permanent eyebrows, lip color, lip liner, upper eye liner, lower eye liner, beauty spots, vitilligo camouflage, alopecia camouflage and scars and burns camouflage.

Even though semi permanent makeup is permanent, it may be very gradually washed off, leading to the effects fading away in up to two to three years. Many of our clients inquire as to whether semi permanent makeup procedures in Dubai hurt and based on customer feedback, most of them say that the procedure was not uncomfortable at all while some who underwent the procedure for more delicate areas reported mild discomfort. All makeup pigments consist of minerals and glycerin and all clients are provided with new pre-packed sterile cartridges and no chemicals are used. All individuals are provided with allergy tests prior to treatment and are also facilitated with anesthetic creams prior to any treatment.

Even though you may continue your normal day to day activities after the treatment, take note that your skin will take from 3-7 days in approximation to return back to normal. During this time it is not unusual to experience the treated area being darker than usual, redness and even mild swelling. So make sure to take heed against this and always wear sunglasses or sun protection creams for the start to ensure that your skin returns back to normal as fast as it can without anything hindering its process.

With semi permanent makeup, maintenance is absolutely minimal so you will only need to return for touch ups up to once a year for optimal results. Choose wisely and come to us at Eyebrows Dubai where we know how to give you exactly what you desire to ensure that all your make-up worries are a thing of the past and enable you to focus more on the dazzling future ahead of you instead.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Dubai

As women outfitted with demanding careers in this day and age we have less and less time to worry about our appearance even though we need to maintain our appearance in order to create a pleasing expression to the external eye. No matter what your designation; from a housewife to a pilot, we as women understand and know the importance of looking good and feeling good and minimizing the hassle of making that extra daily effort to look good can only end up in saving us more time to get on with bigger and better activities in our day to day lives.

Eyebrows Dubai offers you the best possible beauty tips to suit any occasion and one such remedy is semi permanent and HD eyebrows Dubai. Beauty tips for eyebrows Dubai begin as suggestions that are made in order to make your face look and feel better without the hassle of maintaining it all the time. These tips are not laws enforced by the fashion police that tell you that you HAVE to have a certain type of eyebrows in order to look your best. We at Eyebrows Dubai ensure a unique result at the end of all our procedures because we work with your present eyebrow pattern and optimize it to your benefit. In no means do we condone having a set type of eyebrow delivered to our clients as some might do and we facilitate this with the varying procedures as mentioned below. Our goal is to make your eyebrows look perfect but natural only.

First and foremost we need to know the shape of eyebrows Dubai that you require, the thickness and color, we then use this information and your existing eyebrow contours to decide on the shape and procedure most suited to your facial structure. You can either opt for the hairline eyebrow technique where small pigments are applied to your brows in order to create the look and feel of real hair or opt for HD eyebrows Dubai or a combination of both. We facilitate a seven step procedure that enables you to have exactly what your face requires in order to give your looks that additional finesse we all lust after as women.

Our semi permanent eyebrows Dubai procedure have not only enabled numerous women to do away with the hassle of having to constantly tend to their eyebrows but also remedied uneven brows, brows that are too dark, too light, too thick, too thin, patchy and even non existent eyebrows that have been lost to various diseases such as cancer and alopecia Ariata.

If you are on the lookout for having that celebrity look then we advice you to opt for semi permanent Eyebrows Dubai and ensure that you look good all the time and any time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eyebrows Dubai

Be unique, confident and enhance your personality by making your eyebrows on par with what your features require to bring you that radiant and sophisticated look anytime and anywhere. Eyebrows need to be kept tidy for a reason. You can look flamboyant with arches, pristine with neat edges while increasing and decreasing their width in order to suit the shape of your face. Take years off; choose the shape and color of your eyebrows with careful consideration with semi-permanent makeup techniques. If you are in search of the perfect eyebrows in Dubai, then make sure you have comprehended as to whether your eyebrows need to be tended to. Some popular techniques include; the creation of hair stroke effect eyebrows with the use of state of the art techniques, eyebrow enhancement, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow coloring to achieve the results that can be obtained via semi-permanent makeup techniques.

The creation of hair stroke effect eyebrows are a semi-permanent makeup technique that ensures natural and lasting effects though solely depending on the talent and competence of the artist. This is a popular technique that is performed through the utilization of fine needles that are the width of an individual hair to construct layers that look completely natural and are ideal for maintaining your eyebrows. Dubai is a hotspot for such techniques. Get with the trends and the times by making sure that you are not left behind.

Another technique that is a popular look for ladies residing in the Middle East is; the ‘Block’ technique. This consists of tattooing the outline of your eyebrows to suit your requirements and then shading in the entire area. Tattooing is a difficult process to alter so it is essential that you are happy with a particular shape that suits your face before trying out this technique. Another is the addition of hair strokes on top of the block technique to give your eyebrows a more stunning effect. Have perfect eyebrows in Dubai and look like a celebrity with 3D effect eyebrows that are designed to get you noticed and admired in a crowd.

Eyebrow enhancements are an ideal remedy for those who have naturally thin hair growth or are recovering from alopecia or chemotherapy. If you have ever marveled at the picturesque perfection of celebrity eyebrows, this too can be achieved with the right treatment for eyebrows in Dubai. This process requires the taking of measurements, stenciling your desired eyebrow shape, tinting it with a desired color, neatening the eyebrows by waxing, threading or tweezing and then finished off by the trimming of excess hairs. All you have to do is to ensure that you visit a reputed salon that have the image of exactly what you want your eyebrows to look like or request your artist to give you suggestions and then pick the procedure of your choice. If you are in the search for perfect eyebrows in Dubai then make sure that you know exactly what your face requires and your heart desires.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Is Semi Permanent Make Up

If you consider yourself to be a fashionista or someone who is stylish enough to stay abreast of all the latest innovations in the beauty industry, you are sure to have heard about semi permanent make up and the reason as to why it is growing in popularity. Well, the benefits you can take advantage off it, are plenty and for those living in the UAE, Eyebrows Dubai is definitely the best place to get it done. Semi permanent make-up dubai is definitely taking the beauty industry by storm and the number of reasons as to why you should opt for it too are plenty.

This type of cosmetic procedure entails the tattooing of skin-friendly pigments that are applied onto the skin and the main aim of this treatment is to give the customer with an appearance that looks permanently made-up but while looking natural in the process as well. The skin tone will be perfectly complemented by assessing it in detail so as to use only the right combinations of pigments. That way the best of results can be guaranteed and the natural features of the client will be enhanced to the highest level.

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror. Will you not be pleased to find that you look absolutely perfect? That is exactly what semi permanent make up does. The experts at Eyebrows Dubai are skilled and proficient in assessing the individual’s facial features as much as possible. This team of highly qualified technicians has years and years of experience in the beauty enhancement industry and has the tendency of constantly updating themselves to keep par with the ever growing technology. This enables them to perform procedures on clients that will guarantee only the best of results and a high level of satisfaction of course.

Semi permanent make up can be applied to one’s eyebrows, lips and eyelids. Eyebrow makeup helps improve and define the shape of the face and brows by a high margin. 3d hair stimulation procedures can help those with patchy hair look as though they have rich and thick eyebrows. When the eyelids are made up, the natural beauty of the client comes out and makes the eyes seem bigger, brighter and healthier.
Lips are also parts that could undergo the semi-permanent make up procedure and tend to look fuller and colorful without the use of dermal fillers. Permanent lip liner can help achieve any type of lips that you look with fullness, volume and well-defined shape. When you get the semi-permanent make up done, you need not walk around with bags full of make up in them. Imagine coming out of the gym all sweaty but your face looking as though you are made up. Everyone is going to wonder how you can look that good even after a strenuous work out session. The results are same even in the case of swimming or getting wet in the rain. No matter what happens, or where you go, you will always look absolutely perfect at all times of the day.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup for Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most essential facial features, which put the frame for one’s face. The expressions and depth are of a pair of well-groomed and healthy looking eyebrows can maintain vitality. These appearances are more promising and long lasting with the option of semi permanent makeup Dubai. Enhance the natural beauty from advanced cosmetic tattooing, carried out by competent technicians. Let it be subtle or dramatic, semi permanent makeup has proven to be an immense treatment solution among women.

Growing popularity among women, semi permanent make up has become a renowned beauty procedure. Meeting the corporate pressures and the homely duties, people are time poor to seek and spare time for them. There are well-established clinics, which provide a range of permanent and semi permanent makeup treatment solutions.

Why Select Semi Permanent Makeup for Your Eyebrows

There are myriad reasons to select semi permanent makeup solutions

* Over plucked and poorly shaped eyebrows
* Too short, thin patchy or sparse eyebrows
* Loss of hair due to medical conditions and treatments such as alopecia, chemotherapy or
* Parkinson’s disease
* Problems in applying makeup such as arthritis in fingers and poor eye sight
* Asymmetrical eyebrows
* Look best at all times

Michele Soudi has years of experience with a diverse and an overwhelming clientele. Consultations and treatments for semi permanent makeup for eyebrows from Michele Soudi guarantees nothing but the best-desired look.

From flawless eyebrows, contour lip lines, scar camouflages are a glimpse of the amazing services offered by Michele Soudi. Enjoy the feeling of makeup free lifestyle from the moment you wake up to the time you hit bed with Eyebrows Dubai.

Semi Permanent Makeup Procedure for your Eyebrows

Semi permanent make up also refers as micro pigmentation. The procedure involves hypoallergenic pigments inserted to the lower layer of the skin (dermal layer) utilizing a needle. Hypoallergenic pigments mean no fragrance or addition of any other ingredients. After the treatment, the colour of the eyebrow enhancement will appear darker, intense and has a slight swelling. Gradually the colour fades with the healing to the desired colour as the pigment settles (few days).

Semi permanent makeup Dubai for your eyebrows assures to outperform every other cosmetic pencil at hand. Enjoy perfectly defined eyebrows, thick or thin, dark or light to suit your mood, taste and face. Results are realistic thus serves as a confidence booster. Michele Soudi specialises in her passion to touch up the differences in your facial features for a naturally enhancing appearance.

Reconstructs and shapes the eyebrows by replicating each hair at microscopic level. The precise semi permanent makeup treatments adhere to the strictest hygiene and sterilization standards.

Exclusivity and professional services from Michele Soudi ensures clients are comfortable while achieving their desired look. Beauty and safety are prominent pillars in Eyebrows Dubai.

Search for the best technicians complement your face and accentuate your eyes with great treatments from Eyebrows Dubai.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HD Brows

HD Brows Dubai is the term referred to a procedure that has been lately introduced in order to act as an innovative way of keeping a woman’s eyebrows absolutely flawless for at least two months. In the ever growing world of beauty, eye brow grooming is an aspect that has been lagging behind for a while. And then boom, High definition Brows Technology has hit the industry, and the Eyebrows Dubai are now equipped with the technology and the expertise to give you the best that your eyebrow deserves. The best part is that men can also get their Eye Brows shaped to high definition style and it makes them look groomed, stylish and self-pampered at all times.

Many women are obsessed over their eyebrows. Some tend to over-tweeze, shave, pluck, thread, wax, tattoo or merely scribble with an eyebrow pencil. Majority of the women are not fully satisfied with the result. In order to eliminate all traces of dissatisfaction, we are suggesting you take advantage of our 7- step process known as HD Brows which is nothing short of flawlessness. Our trained professionals will specially customize the HD eyebrows so that they fit your brows to perfection. The benefits of this latest trend are enormous. Not only can HD Brows make your face appear radiant, vibrant and gentler, the results actually can survive for a considerable amount of time. Whoever you are and irrespective of the state of your eyebrows, we have the potential to make you look like a celebrity instantly. So this seven step involves firstly performing an assessment of the client’s face. Some clients may have created a certain level of damage to their eyebrows by excessive usage of a tweezers, waxing it too often, or threading it too many times. These actions can potentially make your eyebrows and the skin around it look very chapped and scaly if you do not moisturize them as much as possible. When ladies go for threading and waxing sessions, many fail to do proper aftercare which is really a must. Some ladies have very less eyebrow hairs as well. In such cases, it will become necessary for them visit us on a frequent basis as not all clients can achieve that perfect HD brow shape on their first visit itself.

Our eyebrow experts will assess the shape of the face, the coloring and the natural brows closely, in order to achieve the best outcome for you. As per your request, you can choose your HD brows as you can have them thick, thin, dark, light, soft or shape and our main goal is to give your face a perfectly enhanced natural look that will make you look glowing and groomed to perfection. The next step in the process would be to tint all of the brow hairs using a special and high pigment tint which has no side effects whatsoever and the procedure is practically pain free. The tint could be combined in ways that would match your current color in order to achieve the most natural look. If you are bored of the colour you have, you can always opt to choose from a range of several colours so you could wear them differently. The next step requires us to wax below and above the brows as per the high definition guidelines. This is also performed to get the best result as it can prove to be much neater and nicer that way. Then, the remaining unnecessary hairs surrounding the brows will need to be getting rid of by means of threading, tweezing to perfect the shape of your brow even more closely, trimming of any elongated hairs that might stand out and then you are basically done. It is as simple as that, but keep in mind that the steps need to be done with utmost care and by somebody who has enough experience with HD brows. Some clients can opt to wear a small amount of eyebrow pencil or powder if necessary,

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eyebrows Dubai - Semi Permanent Makeup Dubai

If you live in the UAE, you would have noticed how stylish and fashionable the ladies look. Well, semi permanent make up dubai is also a contributive factor towards this aspect. Women need to look good at all times, especially when you are young, and as you grow older, one needs to take extra measures to conserve her beauty as much as possible.

Semi permanent makeup is growing rapidly in terms of popularity and this is solely due to the reason that the benefits it offers to women of this ever growing and fast modern era. It is a type of procedure that involves the use of a cosmetic tattooing that is made using skin friendly pigments that are pharmaceutical graded. Eyebrows Dubai is one of those few places in Dubai where they offer semi permanent make up services apart from a huge array of other treatments that could benefit you and your personality very well.

Most people are yet not aware of the perks they can take advantage of from this new and latest procedure. It is perfectly ideal for those who have very little or no time to apply their own makeup on a daily basis. Some suffer from poor eyesight or lack the knowledge in proper make up application. There are ladies who need to look good at ALL times while some suffer from sparse of over plucked eyebrows. Semi permanent makeup benefits all kinds of women, from different walks of life, and even those suffering from severe health disorders such as alopecia, chemotherapy and Parkinson's disease. With the right combination of pigments that best complements your skin tone, this treatment of semi-permanent make up can enhance your natural features to the fullest extent. This procedure ensures that you will not look artificial or synthetic in any way.

The procedure is performed by some of Eyebrows Dubai's very own highly qualified technicians who are skilled in performing perfect assessments to determine their skin tone, texture and other important factors so as to use the right combination of pigments which will help enhance her features to the fullest extent possible. Semi permanent makeup could benefit a woman's eyebrows by improving the shape and definition of it, thus improving the frame of the face in the process. The eyelids could be shown much emphasis as well, by
application of semi-permanent make up that will enhance her eye line to make her eyes look bigger and brighter. The lips are another important part of the face which will look outstanding once having completed with the semi-permanent makeup. For this purpose a permanent lip liner will be utilized in order to achieve lips that are full and well defined. The lip body can be further improved by use of permanent colour and thus letting you look made up without even making the effort to do so. One need not book appointments at salons for makeup sessions or carry around heavy handbags full of makeup wherever they go. Those involved in sports and work out are also benefited by this procedure as it does not involve any smudging. Those suffering from scars on their lips or eyebrows can consider this treatment as all traces could be cleverly hidden using this treatment. Another category of women are those who are suffering from medical conditions such as alopecia and this treatment can help thicken their eyebrows considerably.

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