Thursday, July 18, 2013

HD Brows Dubai

Your eyebrows define your facial features more than your hair. A bad hair day can be hidden underneath a hat or scarf, but your eyebrows are the statement makers that cannot be concealed from view. HD Brows developed by Nilam Patel in London, is sweeping across fashion magazines and catwalks faster than wild fire is available at Michele Soudi’s in Dubai.

HD Brows; High Definition Eyebrows,  a combination of techniques and specially made HD Brow products that includes tinting, waxing and shaping your eyebrows to give them the ultimate look. HD eyebrows in Dubai, need fewer trips to the salon and are self-maintained, for over a month between visits. HD Brows predominantly focuses on eyebrow design and not removal of hair.

Each person will have his or her own unique eyebrow shape that is suited for his or her face. Some eyebrows are more difficult to shape than others due to over plucking or fine hair. HD Brows resolve these problems and after a few visits, can give you the naturally beautiful eyebrows seen on celebrity faces.

HD Brows take only 20 minutes to do and is simple, easy, and safe for both women and men of all ages. Only licensed technicians can give you the proper HD Brows experience. Although the popularity of HD brows is spreading fast to all fashion centric cities around the world, there are still only a limited number of licensed technician in the UK, US and now Dubai. Katie Price loved her HD Brows look so much that she trained herself and her makeup artist on the procedure.

HD Brows is a seven-step process.

Preparation and Assessment – Your face will be assessed to ensure that perfect eyebrow shape

Tinting – A high definition tint to match your hair colour, is applied on your eyebrows.

Waxing – The specially blended wax helps remove all unwanted hair at once. The HD Brows after wax lotion is massaged on to sooth the skin.

Trimming – The long strands of hair are trimmed off the top to give your eyebrows the perfect shape.

Treading – Excess hair on the forehead and around the eyes are threaded off.

Tweezing – All the single strands of hair are pulled out to define the shape further.

Fining touches – the skin is soothed using a skin calming tonic; HD Brow Beater is used to hold the brow in place. The HD Brow Pencil fills in any gaps to give you the perfect eyebrow shape. Finally, the HD Brow Grow Baby Grow Serum is applied gently to weak or short hair.

The HD Brow system helps design your eyebrows like no other system or technique in the cosmetic world of beauty. Regular threading and tweezing only does not do much to change the contours or shape of your brows. HD Brows is an all-inclusive approach of designing, shaping, nourishing, and blending that gives you the Eyebrows you have always dreamed of having.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Semi permanent Make-up

All women are beautiful, but beauty is not always apparent without make up. Make-up does not make anybody beautiful, but it helps brings out the natural beauty; accentuates our own features and facial profile. Good make-up does cost a lot, and wearing make-up regularly, is a mission, while the process of putting it on regularly and removing it damages the skin, progressively.

It would be a luxury to have on permanent eyeliner, or go without threading eyebrows for years, always looking fresh in the morning. However, with stress, and pollution our features are sometimes, drained out or hidden beneath exhaustion. In addition, makeup needs to be removed as most ingredients in makeup, if not removed can react with your skin.

Semi permanent make-up is safe, and clients can choose from over 80 different pigmentation shades to suit their natural look. All clients are handled carefully and a skin allergy test is done a week or two prior to the full procedure. Semi-permanent make up outlines the upper and lower eyelids, shape the eyebrows, and darkens the lip line. Having permanent make-up on the eyes, means the surrounding skin, is not stretched, wiped, and scratched daily. Permanent make up only needs to be done once, with touch-ups every 4 to 5 years.

Semi permanent make-up, is similar to that of tattoos, but is different in the way it is applied. Semi-permanent make-up is administered using a pen like tool, which gently injects the pigments into the skin at a slow speed. The pigments are placed on the top layer of the skin, unlike tattoo ink that is injected to the skin’s second layer. Topical anaesthetic, a cream based anaesthetic safe for the area around the eyes, is rubbed on, before the process begins. This application will numb your skin lightly, just enough to prevent you from feeling the slight tingling from the process. The needle used in semi-permanent make-up is finer and causes less pain than that of a tattoo needle. The same procedure is used to line the lips and eyebrows to make any women look dazzling around the clock.

Semi-permanent make-up brings many cosmetic and productive benefits to a person wearing it. It saves minutes in the morning especially for women who wear make-up daily, taking away the requirement to do touch-ups every few hours. Permanent make up also alleviates the problem of smudgy and leaky make-up. There are times, when we apply make-up in the morning and run to the gym straight from work, the sweat from the workout can cause the eyeliner to leak down into fine lines under the eye, making the wearer look tired and worn-out.

In addition to these benefits, there is convenience brought on to patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, night-blindness or long sightedness. Females who have trouble holding a steady hand to apply make up regularly, will find enormous relief with semi-permanent eye-make up.