Thursday, March 12, 2015

Get HD Brows To Enhance Your Overall Look

HD Brows is a seven-step treatment to get perfectly defined eyebrows. This is a popular treatment amongst celebrities to get the perfect looking brows. There are various techniques used in the treatment including threading, tweezing, waxing and tinting. It is a combination of various techniques that gives the perfect end result. 
Getting HD Brows treatment can give your face the well-defined eyebrows that can frame you face to make sure that all your features are brought out. Proper eyebrows will make your face look slimmer and younger. This is not only for ladies but the gentlemen too can enjoy having the perfect brows without giving it a feminine made up look. HD Brows is the perfect solution whether you want a better brow shape, or completely transform overplucked, sparse or misshapen brows to look flawless. 
Once you first have the treatment done, its best to wait 24 hours before washing your eyebrows so that you do not wash the majority of the tint out.  When the first treatment is done the eyebrows tend to be really dark and it takes a while to get used to but after a wash they lighten up. 
Before and after treatment
Avoid tweezing of any kind in between appointments. This will help to contribute to thicker and fuller brows. Enduring the horrible stubble phase is worthwhile once the treatment ends. 
Avoid make up on the brows until 24 hours after procedure. If you are having your brows done for a night out then it is recommend to have them done two or three days earlier. Some people have an outbreak of spots around the brow area following treatment and straightaway since applying make up clogs the open pores. 
It is important to avoid sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools until 24 hours of the treatment. It is advised that you don’t use any harsh exfoliators or anti aging products for at least three days either side of the HD Brows treatment. The risk is that they will thin the skin before the treatment and be too harsh on the skin afterwards. Fake tan is also not advised at least three days either side of the treatment due to the effect it may have on the tint colour. Always let your HD Brows Stylist know if you’re wearing fake tan on your face! 
HD Brows are a common treatment in most of the western countries however it has made its way to the Middle East as well. Eyebrow makeup Dubai is a common thing amongst ladies of various ages. And the Hd eyebrows Dubai is also a steady growing interest amongst those who enjoy looking good and maintaining perfect brows.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why is Permanent Makeup Important for Women

Makeup has been out there in the world for many centuries. History tells us that various civilizations have been using certain types of cosmetic products. The first known historical evidence of using cosmetics to enhance beauty comes from Egypt around the years 3100-2907 BC. However, today the use of cosmetic products has become so common. Even though the sayings go 'real beauty comes from within” and “never judge a book by its cover”, despite this today, women are judged by the cosmetics they use and on their final appearance. The bottom line is that a woman's beauty is judged by how she looks on the outside. A women’s appearance plays key role in finding a partner, getting a job or landing that important promotion at work. So, ladies have all the more reason to use either Semi Permanent Dubai or permanent makeup, which is a game changer for many women today.
As all women love to be appreciated, respected and admired, it is important for them to improve their looks, especially to enhance their beauty. If a woman look gorgeous and attractive, people begin to pay attention to her, listen to her, seek her company or opinion. All this makes a woman feel more confident and more efficient in her job or her role at home as a wife or a mother. This is perhaps the reason why the demand for permanent and Semi Permanent Dubai makeup solutions has increased considerably, in the last few years. Today, cosmetics have become a multimillion-dollar industry, everywhere, in Europe and the Americans.  You will find various types of cosmetic solutions including creams, foundations, eye care products, lipsticks, hair care products and many other beauty products to make a woman look youthful, attractive and beautiful. There are also many makeup artists and therapists in the beauty industry that is providing successful semi permanent and Permanent Makeup Dubai solutions at affordable prices.
Semi permanent or permanent makeup is a very good alternative to traditional makeup products. Women no longer need to apply cosmetics daily, each morning with their busy lives, instead they can opt for a permanent or semi permanent solution, which may last for several years. This is a very cost-effective method of enhancing beauty and looking younger. This is why many Hollywood actors, stage personalities, models and many other women, opt for this makeup solution. Though most women use makeup to look attractive, some of them use it to cover up scars, black spots, blemishes, and wrinkles. They are in fact used as anti-aging products by women, everywhere. Since beauty builds the self-esteem and self confidence of a woman, using cosmetics is as essential as the need for healthy and nourishing food to feed the physical body, every day.
Eyebrows Dubai explains that semi permanent or permanent makeup is required in certain jobs and professions, especially in the movie  industry. The best thing about semi permanent or permanent cosmetics is that they allow women to use other cosmetics such as creams, foundations, lipsticks and many other makeup.