Wednesday, December 25, 2013

HD Brow System Dubai

The HD Brow system is a unique seven-step eyebrow defining system that gives women the chance to enjoy celebrity brows at a nominal cost. The HD Brow system developed in the UK by renowned beauticians, Nilam Patel and Karen Betts, who struggled for years to perfect their own brows. Thanks to Nilam and Karen, women all over the world are enjoying perfectly groomed eyebrows that celebrities all over the world enjoy.

Michele Soudi brings HD brows to Dubai, and is available on appointment at the Nail Spa, Dubai Marina. This unique seven-step eyebrow defining system gives you the perfect eyebrows in Dubai every time. Additionally, your brows gain improved shape and arch over a few treatments that has left clients who have tried it, refusing to go back to traditional eyebrow sculpting.

Having the rightly shaped eyebrow with the arch in the right place, ensuring the growth is thick and uniform throughout, transforms your look and gives you a pleasing and stunning appearance. HD Brows gives just about anybody a celebrity make-over within reach at an affordable rate.

The HD Brow system shapes, waxes, tints, threads, nourishes, and thickens your eyebrows with just a single treatment. To maintain the eyebrows you will need a few regular treatments throughout the year. The regular maintenance routines would mean you may be able to skip a few of the steps. Grow Baby Grow is an ointment that you can take home with you, which with continued use will add volume to brows.

The HD Brows is available by Michele Soudi, gives you instant results that does not require pencil fill-ins later. However, for over plucked and badly abused eyebrows, you will need to have a few appointments to encourage the brows to meet your desired results.

Many clients who see Michele Soudi have over plucked brows that are less than perfect. This may mean you will need to go on an eyebrow re-growth routine using the Grow Baby Grow ointment, which encourages the hairs in the area to improve in quality and thickness. Regular usage of tweezers and waxing sheets by non-professionals can cause your eyebrows to look less dramatic.

Although we expect eyebrows to be identical, they are not. Eyebrows are more like sisters and not twins. Therefore attempting to create uniformity between them might leave you plucking one to nothing.

As easy as plucking eyebrows may seem, it is only a professional beautician with special skill and eye, that is able to shape eyebrows to what they need to be. Every client is different and so are each of the brows. Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t gotten the perfect arch as yet. It may take some time, but avoid using tweezers in the meantime. Eyebrows take a long time to regrow, and it may be six months to a year before you have the eyebrows you desire.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

HD Brows in Dubai

The eyebrows are probably the most intriguing features we have next to of course the eyes. Having them shaped perfectly according to the contours of your face is as important as wearing the right clothes. So many people however, do not have perfectly shaped cosmetically pleasing eyebrows, and usually need to fill it in with an eyeliner pencil or eye shadow. These don’t keep the shape for long, and generally fade off at the first sign of sweat.

Many women struggle with one eyebrow being slightly different from the other, or having too thin or too thick growths. The latter is easily managed, but when the growth is thin or one is different from the other, most of us are left frustrated. One other common problem is the hair follicles can be too light in the front and dark towards the end.

The arch adds definition to your face, and there are quite a few mistakes that beauticians make when outlining the arch, which is to use the natural contour as guidance. The arch is a modern alteration to the eyebrows that came into style in recent times. Most of us generally have a round brow or a curve but never an arch. To ensure the arch starts where it should, one would first need to have full brows, from which the arch is defined.

When one has thick and full eyebrows, shaping it to suit your look is pretty simple. The brow should ideally begin at the corresponding point parallel to the nostril’s ending. The arch should be just above the end of the iris. If you drew an imaginary diagonal line from the end of your nostril past the outer corners of the eye, the brow should thin out and end on the line. Sounds complex?

This is where Michele Soudi’s skills and talent is a welcome sigh of relief. HD Brows in Dubai is an eyebrow treatment that evens out, shapes, add volume, and darkens the eyebrows to give you perfectly arched brows.  Your eyebrows define your appearance and badly shaped eyebrows is an aesthetic nightmare that can take months to fix. HD Brows Dubai done by Michelle Soudi will allow you the freedom to not only have perfect shaped brows that do not require regular touch-ups and daily use of stencils, but allows women the freedom to go without another treatment for about three months. HD Brows is a UK system, developed by beauty expert, Nilam Patel, and has caused some serious commotion in Hollywood and Europe. The HD Brows system is a five-step process that shapes, grow, nourishes, and darkens the perfect eyebrows that frame your face, complimenting your eyes beautifully.

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