Sunday, May 29, 2016

Getting the Best Shaped Eyebrows for Your Face

The point of shaping your eyebrows is to add the most attraction to your face while maintaining their natural appearance. Brows which are pencil thin or overly bushy are neither fashionable nor attractive and they should be nicely shaped and maintained well.

Facial hair plays a leading role in how a person looks. We don't need to tell you just how different the same man would look with his moustache shaped into different styles. The same goes for eyebrow hair as well. The appearance of a man or woman could change completely and drastically depending on their eyebrow shape. A person could look very ordinary or very attractive and beautiful depending on their eyebrows.

When talking about eyebrows, their overall appearance is determined by their length, arch and thickness. People generally use two different methods to create the perfect brow - removing unwanted stray hair according to the desired shape and filling in sparse brows using makeup products such as eyebrow pencils.

Now, of course, there is a third method, which is more long lasting, more professional and more effective than the first two methods, and that is semi permanent makeup. This method would last for longer, even three years depending on the type of skin and the level of care.

In this article, however, we will discuss the first two methods which are the more conventional ways of shaping the brows; semi permanent makeup being a more modern method.

If you decide to pluck your brows to get the desired shape, decide on the ideal shape for your face before you go ahead. You can use an eyebrow pencil to draw different shapes over the brow area to decide which one suits you best. Then you can use tweezers to get rid of unwanted hair, but deciding on the shape is most important.

Removal of the hair should be carried out extremely carefully as this could make all the difference between beautiful or botched eyebrows. A magnifying mirror may come in handy to get a better and closer look. Move from one hair to the next without being too fast. A steady hand is vital for this step. Too much tweezing above the brow could make the look completely unnatural.

You should aim for the following look: The beginning of the brow which aligns with the centre of the nose, the arch of the brow falling along two thirds of the length of the eye, the eyebrow should follow the length of the eye without running into the temple. Minimum work on the browline would be best to give a natural appearance without too much plucking or too thin brows. Over-plucking is very difficult to correct, so it's best to be careful.

Then we come to makeup products such as eyebrow pencils, brow powders or powder eyeshadows and coloured eyebrow gels and brow tints. However, you must make sure that the tone you are using is not too dark than your natural brows.

All these steps can be eliminated, however, if you decide to go for semi permanent makeup. But you should be careful in selecting an experienced and qualified technician as this could mean all the difference between getting lovely brows or ending up with a botched job. In the UAE, one of the best semi permanent makeup salons is Eyebrows Dubai and one would do well to seek any services there.

Eyebrow Tattooing - the Pros and Cons

By now, you may know at least a little bit about eyebrow tattoos Dubai. It has been around for a while and has become popular among people who aren't blessed with thick and lush brows and those who don't want to bother with putting on makeup every morning.

First of all, before you make your decision, you have to be fully aware of this form of permanent and semi-permanent makeup. Here we give you a breakdown on some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting eyebrow tattoos in Dubai.

  • Time saving - Those who struggle with their eye makeup on a daily basis would know just how difficult a task applying makeup is. Some people don't have a steady hand and may be slipping on and off, leaving marks all over their face, which have to be gotten rid of, at the cost of precious minutes again. But getting eyebrow tattoos from a semi permanent makeup salon such as Eyebrows Dubai would save all this time which they waste every day putting on makeup and then again in touching it up throughout the day. Unlike ordinary makeup, this won't smudge, smear, make streaks on the skin and fade away soon so replenishment is not at short intervals. Imagine all the time you are going to save, which you can spend on more important activities.
  • People with sparse, thin and light coloured eyebrows may benefit from eyebrow tattoos Dubai as the treatment will make them appear fuller and thicker. Some people may naturally have thin and light eyebrows, but some people may lose eyebrow hair later in life due to various medical conditions and medications. Even those who have been too liberal with their eyebrow shaping, carrying out too much waxing and tweezing, will, over the long term, find that they have lost some of their eyebrow hair which are not coming back.
  • Cost effective - Getting eyebrow tattoos in Dubai may initially be expensive and involves the occasional touch-up too. But if you compare this with the amount you would be spending on makeup over the same period, you will realise that you are saving a substantial amount in the end.
  • The change in appearance - Eyebrow tattooing in Dubai will give a more striking, well-defined and alluring appearance to your eyes and face, making you look younger and prettier. An experienced technician such as Michele Soudi at Eyebrows Dubai will create brows which are the perfect shape, exact colour, density and symmetry for you that your face will be perfectly balanced. This will provide a boost to your confidence and self-esteem as well. You can kiss goodbye to all your eyebrow woes.


  • Since this is a form of semi permanent makeup, it will be difficult and costly, not to say painful, to get rid of, if you come to not like your eyebrows at some point. Whether you like them or not, you will have to live with them for a long time. This is why it's important to go to an experienced semi permanent makeup technician who won't botch the job.
  • Eyebrow tattoos Dubai also tend to be expensive. Although they would prove to be cheaper than using ordinary makeup over the long term, the initial high cost will make it unaffordable to some people.
  • All tattoos, including those on brows, will sag as the skin ages and starts wrinkling. This may ruin the effect you wanted. However, this will take a long time to happen and is inevitable with age.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lipstick Mistakes All Women Should Avoid

You may be a fan of semi permanent makeup. Of course, they are available for both eyes and lips and give a person a very fresh and glamorous look without looking necessarily made up. You may have gone to a place reputed for its semi permanent makeup techniques such as Eyebrows Dubai and got your lips and eyes done. But that doesn't mean you can't or wouldn't want to wear makeup, do you?

Most women like to wear some makeup, especially on the lips. However, depending on how lipstick is worn, a woman can be made to look beautiful or ugly. The colours that you choose  and how you wear them will make the difference between beauty and ugliness.

Here we detail some common lipstick mistakes that women make and what can be done to avoid them.

The most common mistake is wearing colours which don't suit one's skin tone. If you have fair skin, brighter shades such as pinks and corals would suit you nicely. However, if your skin is dusky to dark, it would look beautiful with brown, plum and soft muted pink shades of lipstick. Red lipstick would suit almost anyone as long as you select the right shade of red which suits your skin undertone. If not, it can make you look aged and your teeth yellow. If you are not sure about the right shade for you, start applying with a lip brush till you get the colour right. One thing you should keep in mind if you are wearing red or any dark shade of lipstick is to keep your eye makeup toned down. Too much eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. coupled with a dark mouth can make you look too 'made up' and unnatural.

Wearing dark lipstick on thin lips and light colours on thick lips is also not recommended. If not applied correctly, dark shades can make thin lips look even thinner. Thin lips can be made to appear fuller and more alluring by using a lip plumper along with the lipstick. The opposite to this is also true and thick lips may look even bigger with the application of lighter shades of lipstick, so very pale colours are best avoided by women with full lips. Fuller lips will look gorgeous with red, pink, peachy pink and purple shades.

Glitter and shimmer may be fun on the lips, however, they are for teens and twenty-somethings and any woman over 35 would do well to avoid them. They may look alright if worn in a very subtle manner without overdoing the application, but they are a strong 'no-no' when it comes to work and office.

The same goes for applying too much gloss on your lips. If you have plump lips, too much gloss will make it look too shiny and unnatural as well as overdone. If you have thin lips, too much gloss will still look unnatural. A lip gloss would look cool worn over a matte lipstick, but a heavy gloss should never be paired with a creamy lipstick.

If you have thin lips, maybe you apply lipstick outside your lip line to make them look bigger. However, this is not a good idea as it gives an unnatural and unattractive look to the whole face. A better idea is to use a glossy lip line on the centre of the lips or a good lip plumper.

Another strict 'no no', which brings a very harsh and unattractive look to the face, is the use of dark lip liner with the lighter lipstick. If you are not sure about the matching of your lip liner and lipstick, the best way is to use the lip liner inside the lip line and dab the lip liner inside the lips and then apply the lipstick over it. This will give a nice and finished look to your face.

When applying lipstick, one should be careful not to apply any on the teeth as it will look quite unsightly. Applying too much lipstick can leave stains on the teeth, so one should be careful when in the application.

If you want to avoid all these common mistakes, it's still a good idea to go for semi permanent makeup. However, make sure that you go to a reputed and qualified technician to get the job done without ending up a disaster. Eyebrows Dubai headed by Michele Soudi is one of the best places in the country, whether you want your eyes done or your lips were done.

Eyebrow Embroidery, the Latest Craze

If you haven't been living under a rock, by now you are sure to have heard about the new trends in semi-permanent makeup which are sweeping across the world and making waves on the catwalks, beauty magazines and celebrity circles. The trend for eyebrow embroidery has arrived and it has arrived big and there are no signs of the trend disappearing in the near future. If anything, it has only been growing in popularity.

The trend has been catching like wildfire across the world, from the fashion capitals of Paris, London, and New York to Asian fashion capitals such as Singapore, Bombay and Tokyo. Dubai, not to be outdone when it comes to anything trendy and cosmopolitan, has also latched on to eyebrow embroidery and semi permanent makeup in a big way.

One of the leading semi permanent makeup artists who operate in Dubai is Michele Soudi of  Eyebrows Dubai. Having been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, with experience in both England and Dubai and having catered to many leading celebrity clients, Soudi knows what she is doing. She is definitely a name which should be considered if one is contemplating getting semi permanent makeup in Dubai.

If you are interested in getting eyebrow embroidery or any other form of semi permanent makeup for that matter, you have to have a clear idea of the procedure involved so that you know what you are in for, and don't have unrealistic expectations. Although there may be slight changes in the procedure and steps required from place to place, it generally is a variation of the following. So, here goes.

The first thing that is done, after the initial discussion about what you want, of course, is the application of numbing cream on the brows. This is done first so that the cream has time to take effect. After about 30 minutes, when the cream has taken effect, it's wiped off so that the eyebrow technician can start work, drawing the brows.

This is one of the most important steps in semi permanent makeup. First, any stray hair is removed and then the drawing of the new brow starts. The shape of the face, the complexion, the shape of the eyes and how close or far apart they are set in the face, the state of the current brows - whether they are already thick and luscious or with scanty hair with patches in between, how defined or subtle the client wants her brows done, how dark and in what colour - black, dark brown, brown etc., they would want the brows are some of the important points to consider.

Most important is the shape of the brows. Some clients may prefer a perfect arch while some may prefer a more subtle straight brow. However, it goes without saying that the final result should look natural and complement the face without standing out from the rest of the features and looking artificial.

Then starts the actual embroidery process after the client has had a look at the drawn brows, any alterations done and after they have given the final approval for the design. New blades are used for every client by Eyebrows Dubai which follows the most stringent standards when it comes to hygiene in the application of semi-permanent makeup. The colours are also blended to get the exact shade which suits the client so that the new brows are not too dark or too light. Final checks are done to see if the colour is uniform, whether both brows are balanced, etc. The procedure could take about one and a half hours.

The skin would be reddish for a few days, but this is quite natural and a soothing cream several times a day should minimise the discomfort. The brows should be allowed to heal and care should be taken to clean the face without water touching the brows for at least a week, to keep the colour intact .

A touch-up is on the cards about a month later to correct any mistakes which may have occurred in the initial treatment, add colour to places which may have been missed and to make slight changes to the shape of the brows if a client wishes so.

What is important is to go to a qualified and experienced semi permanent makeup artiste to get your eyebrow embroidery done so that there is no room for regrets. In the UAE, who better than Michele Soudi and Eyebrows Dubai?

Things to Think About When Going for Semi Permanent Makeup

Most of your friends in Dubai have embraced the latest beauty trend that is doing the rounds, and that is semi-permanent makeup. Some have got their eyebrows done, some their eyelashes while some have gone the whole hog and had a combination of everything done.

Their glamorous looks are making you feel envious and the way they go on and on about how semi permanent makeup has changed their lives, leaving them so much time to devote to other more important activities in their lives. They are raving about the standard of services offered at Eyebrows Dubai, where most of them have had the treatments done and about Michele Soudi, the top semi permanent makeup artiste in the United Arab Emirates who had handled the treatment for most of them.

You find yourself thinking about getting your eyebrows done as you can't help admiring the beautiful and perfect arches now being sported by the majority of your friends. You feel like picking up the phone and booking an appointment with Michele Soudi at Eyebrows Dubai, but still feel a bit apprehensive. This is because you are worried about the pain you may have to endure or being allergic to the dyes and pigments used in the semi permanent makeup.

If these are your concerns, let us put your mind at rest. The experience is not painful at all. There may be a slight discomfort, but not pain. A numbing cream is used on the area to be treated before the procedure is carried out so that clients don't encounter any pain. Worries about any allergic reactions to the chemicals are natural for anyone who is preparing for the treatment, but there is nothing to worry as tests are conducted pre-treatment to ensure that they are safe.  

However, there are some things one must think through if they are considering semi-permanent makeup for their eyebrows. The most important are the shape that you want for your brows. Some people want perfect arches which are more glamorous and attractive while some prefer more subtle straight shapes which appear youthful and carefree. Whatever it may be, you should have a clear idea as to what shape you desire before you go under the 'blade'.

However, it's quite possible that you don't have a clear about what exactly you want. If that is the case, you can discuss with your technician as to what shape would best suit you. You should go ahead with the semi-permanent makeup procedure only after you have become 100 percent satisfied with the shape of brows you will be getting.

There are many techniques used in the application of semi-permanent makeup. Some have evolved over time and the latest techniques may look more natural with the appearance of more hair. However, the more advanced techniques may be more costly, so you have to bear that in mind when you are selecting the right technique for you.

Immediately after the treatment, your eyebrows will drastically different and the skin around them may also be reddish and inflamed. You should give it about one week to heal and for the skin to still. Therefore, it's best if you can select where you don't have a lot of activities lined up. Don't go for semi-permanent makeup treatments if you have any major social events coming up immediately. It's also to better to avoid the sun, wind, dust and the elements and stay indoors if possible to let the colour take hold without coming into contact with water which might wash them off or dust which can bring infections.

Extra care has to be taken when washing the face so that the brows don't get wash and the colours are washed off. It's best to use a cotton napkin or wipes to clean the face without splashing water on the face as you would normally do.

Make it a point to get the touch-up done after a month as this would set the semi-permanent makeup nicely onto the face. It will be a follow-up of the initial procedure so you have to be ready to let another week heal the skin.

If you follow the advice of your semi-permanent makeup technician, you will find that there is nothing for you to worry about. You will only need to prepare for the compliments you will receive for your gorgeous eyebrows.

Lipstick on Semi Permanent Lip Makeup, the Ideal Effect

If you are an avid follower of beauty and fashion trends, you would know that semi permanent makeup for lips has been growing in popularity and making waves and ripples in the world. But if you are a person who loves lipstick - the whole act of choosing your ideal lip colour, trying out many colours on and the simple act of applying your lipstick before you step out the door - you may wonder as to why anybody would want to permanently wear one colour on their lips. Isn't sporting a different colour every day much more fun?

However, getting semi permanent makeup on your lips doesn't mean you have to ditch those lipstick tubes you so lovingly carry around in your handbag. According to Eyebrows Dubai, the specialist when it comes to semi permanent makeup in Dubai, the treatments would look even more striking, alluring and ideal if you wear lipstick.

Semi permanent makeup for lips has come to the rescue of hundreds of women who have lost the youthful beauty and glamour of their lips due to the ageing process, various health conditions and excessive dryness of the skin. When we are young, our lips are plump and better hydrated and therefore look well-defined. They have better colour and shape. But as we age and our skin become drier and saggy, our lips also get affected and lose their colour and shape.

Lips contribute in a major way to the attraction of a person's face and with dry, chapped and pale lips most people lose the confidence they had as young men and women. This is where semi permanent makeup steps in to make things right and bring back the youthful look to a person's face and thereby their waning confidence. These techniques can also be used to correct uneven lips and make small and thin lips look fuller and therefore more beautiful.

Semi permanent makeup also allows a person the freedom to select the effect they want to project on their lips. One person may want just a soft and natural lip line while the other person may want a more defined lip line. Another person may want a hint of colour on their lips with a lip brush while the next person may prefer a full lip colour which looks beautiful and alluring while also eliminating the need to apply lipstick.

However, if you do want to wear your lipstick after you have had the semi permanent makeup treatment, there is no reason on earth why you cannot do so. Putting on lipstick would only make your lips look even more beautiful and well-hydrated than they already are. You would just need to be a little mindful about the colours which would complement your already beautiful lips.

Some of the lipstick colours which have been cited as being the hottest trends for the year 2016 are fuchsia which makes any skin tone look bright and radiant, rich raspberry which is described by beauty experts as a more cheerful version of the previous trend for moody berry and wine hues, ruby red which should be allowed to do the talking while keeping the rest of the makeup understated, soft petal pink which is a fresh, pretty and subdued but almost ethereal colour and cherry red which brings a brilliant pop of colour to anyone's face.

These are just a few of the trending colours for the year, but it doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself to them. You are limited only by your imagination as the saying goes. Remember that your semi permanent makeup  will stand by you, lipstick or no lipstick.