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Have you ever wondered why you have eyebrows? Well, if you have wondered but never really bothered to find out, you will here! Eyebrows serve a twofold functionality. They are responsible for trapping dust and dirt within them so that your eyes are unaffected and they are also responsible for giving your face a shape. Although they may seem rather insignificant, you will find just how much of a difference they make when they are not there. Which is why, those who suffer from alopecia (condition of hair loss) for instance, opt for semi permanent makeup that can mimic the real thing quite well. However, nothing can help you (real or otherwise) if you do not know what works for you. So consider this your all-time eyebrow guide.


If you have ever come across someone who looks as though their eyebrows do not fit their face, it is because they are doing it wrong and it is glaringly obvious. Shape is the most basic mistake that many make. It is not a matter of what shape you like as much as it is about what shape suits you the most. You see, people fall under five main face-categories and the trick is to find out which of these you belong to. From round, oval, square, heart and diamond, you can compare your face to a few charts and decide which is yours. Whether you need to figure out your brow shape for an eyebrow tattoo Dubai or just as a makeup tool, it can be useful.


Believe it or not, this too plays an important role in the final result. Although yes this depends in part on what your personal preferences are, (Cara Delevigne anyone?) it also depends on what suits you. Just like the shape of the brow, thickness is something you should play around with. Obviously do not use semi permanent makeup to play around, use an eyebrow pencil instead! This way, you will be able to tell which areas should be thicker and which should be elongated. If you have at least a basic idea, you can let the linergist know what you have in mind and go from there.


This might be beginning to sound like an arts-‘n-crafts project, however colour too is an important feature of stunning brows. Genetics have a role to play with the eyebrows you are born with so they might be jet black, more brown or very light and wispy. With the first you need not really worry so much seeing as how many are concerned with darkening their brows to make them look thicker. If however you want them another colour, you can do so with tinting. You can darken and thicken thin brows with semi permanent makeup however you need to look at different options first.

With colour, be especially careful and ask for some before and after pictures. Generally, immediately after the treatment the colour can really darken which will look unnatural at first however as the scabs begin to fall away and the area heals, the colour begins to lighten up with time. Request to see a picture of someone who has passed this phase so you get a better idea of what to expect.


No doubt, over the past decade we have been privileged enough to witness several technological breakthroughs which have left us in awe of how far our human capabilities can stretch. From testing driverless cars to ridiculously clear cameras fitted into razor thin tabs, the list is seemingly endless. Adding to this, is the equally baffling notion of semi permanent makeup. Even if you might not know all that much about the subject, you would have heard the term being used even loosely. If you are curious to know more, then you have come to the right place. Here are some instances when the treatment might be right for you.


There are girls who absolutely detest even the idea of makeup, and then you have the girls who need every new shade of lipstick that comes through. Conventional makeup comes with hundreds of different options seeing as how there are more brands than you can count, however this is not necessarily a good thing. Not only are you piling on too many chemicals onto your skin, you are also unwittingly spending all your hard-earned cash on this tub and that tube. Semi permanent makeup can be as intense or as subtle as you like and may be a smarter option in this sense since you never have to buy makeup again!

Another instance in which this concept can be useful is for those who are suffering from debilitating health conditions. Two of the most common and unfortunately incurable, are cancer and alopecia areata. Even though the latter is not life-threatening, it can still have a deep impact on the person’s mental health as alopecia is linked to the loss of hair, in some cases extreme. Semi permanent makeup has been able to assist victims with eyebrow treatments and even covering up hair loss on the head in mild cases. Aside from the beauty aspect, there is some solace to be found in it as well.


Another notable fact of the 21st century is that women have become more career-oriented than they were a decade ago, whilst juggling families at the same time. This leaves them with barely any time for themselves. Sometimes, there could be several meetings in one day that need to be attended so looking impeccable is a part of it. Women tend to wake up earlier than men especially when they have a family to look after and when their morning routine includes time for makeup, they have to be up even earlier. Semi permanent makeup tends to eliminate this problem since you need not really wake up to do your makeup, you will wake up with your makeup done for you!

Whilst it can be beneficial in all of the circumstances mentioned above, you should know that opting for the treatment requires a fair bit of research on your part. After all, you not want to risk your looks at the hands of a cheap clinic and inexperienced staff do you? Make sure you scour the Internet for recommended options and speak to friends and family who may have had it done before for their opinions.


The concept of semi permanent makeup though fairly new is growing in popularity and it is therefore important to understand how every stage works, in particular before the treatment. Remember it is not like running to the salon on the way back from grocery shopping to get your eyebrows threaded, treatment involves a 2-3 year commitment. Although you might be itching to get a headstart, it is in your best interests to take your time with this before settling on a decision. Here are a few tips to help guide your way.


The benefits of semi permanent makeup can be truly seen when you leave enough time before and after for it to settle down. Just because you discover it two weeks before your wedding or a party, you cannot simply waltz into the salon and demand that you get it done. There is a strict procedure to follow which is only protecting you unless you want to look like a new-age Frankenstein. So you need to compromise. Maybe you let it go for your wedding, but once you are settled into your new home take some time to get it done leaving plenty of time to heal afterwards of course. The key is not to rush through it.


It is very much similar to when you consult a doctor or dentist for a bigger procedure to follow. You would go in for a consultation beforehand so you get a comprehensive overview on what to expect. This first consultation is crucial for semi permanent makeup since you can also get an insight into your eligibility especially if you have any allergies or are currently under medication. This can help avoid a heap of potential problems all around. Make sure you ask all the questions you need to. If it helps, research before your consultation and jot down points you need to clarify.


In particular, sun-protection. You will anyway be advised to steer clear of strenuous activities since sweat and dust are the worst things for you post-treatment, however you will also need to get your hats and sunscreen out and have them ready since you should not be running about looking for them after your appointment. Semi permanent makeup needs time to heal and sun exposure is the worst. Furthermore, you also need your painkillers and ointments to help assist faster healing. Stock up on the protection well in advance.

Remember that just because it may have worked out fine for someone, it does not mean that you will emerge unscathed. After all every person is different and the outcome can be subjective as a result. Which is why, consultation is again stressed upon. If you have any prescriptions for medications, bring them along with you. If you are still unsure, you can also speak with your doctor to be on the safe side. After all, yes beauty is great but your health comes first and it cannot be compromised. You can also do some extra research on the side.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


So you decided that conventional makeup was not for you and that lugging about several different tubs of multi-coloured creams and powders just lost their allure. This led you to do some background checks on a little something known as semi permanent makeup, which has been growing in popularity around the world. As you read more and more about it, it seemed to be the perfect solution to all your problems. From looking photo-ready straight out of bed every morning to appearing at every meeting looking like your makeup team followed you around, the list was complete. You booked in an appointment, got yourself semi permanently made up… and now what? Well, recovery of course. Which you need to pay special attention to.


The situation is similar to surgery really. It will look worse off than it actually is, until before the body begins to work its magic and heal. The pigment that has been freshly etched into your skin will be settling in so chances are it will look several shades darker than you would have intended although you should not worry. Over the next few days, it will automatically start to lighten although the process is gradual so you do need to be patient. Whether you have had an eyebrow tattoo Dubai or eyeliner treatment, this remains the same. You might also experience puffiness and redness, but this too should die down.


This is the time it is going to get quite tough because scabs begin to form (after all, there are multiple little holes that are healing) which means that just as with any other wounds, there will be considerable itching. However, we have all learnt from our mothers never to itch wounds or the area around them as we could interfere with the healing process not to mention transfer bacteria from our nails leading to infections. On your knee, this is one thing but on your face it is a whole other story altogether. If you choose semi permanent makeup, you will have to prepare yourself for this period which can be a bit difficult to bear. However, you do get to test your self-control so that is something!


Once the scabs have formed, when they are ready they will naturally fall off. Again, you are going to be tempted to pick at them, but you should not. Let your body heal on its own else you are only going to aggravate the situation. Frankly, whether you have had an eyebrow tattoo Dubai or any other type of treatment, you should steer clear of any chemical-laden products such as face washes, face scrubs and makeup (funnily enough). Do not irritate the area in any way if you can help it; if you have any issues make sure you call up the clinic and let them know about your problem. Never try to solve it yourself.

After the colour has settled in and the skin has finished peeling, you would need to go in just one more time for a touch-up. This will polish your look, giving you a well-rounded appearance. This follow-up visit is generally included in the cost so do not worry about having to pay extra!


Interestingly, we live in a world today where we need to dash from one appointment to another, making sure we look our best throughout the day. This is interesting because, the two contradict each other; it is quite a challenge to look pulled-together and fresh when you have to deal with sweat and humidity not to mention flyaway hair. Of course carrying a makeup pouch everywhere you go is an option, but what happens when you spill foundation on your crisp white shirt or have to carry a clutch and not the bag that contains your whole life within its space? Enter the technological marvel that is semi permanent makeup. A concept shrouded in mystery and doubt yet firmly embedded in the beauty industry for its benefits and revolutionary new approach to makeup.


The first step to understanding something fully is to learn about it from scratch. You can of course just hear about it from someone else, but you may not have the same exposure. Which is why, you should first ask ‘What is semi permanent makeup?’

Your skin is made up of many different layers and is the largest organ in the human body. The top layer of skin is commonly known as the ‘dermis’ or dermal layer. This is the layer that need to be penetrated when tattooing so that ink may be deposited under the skin. It is the same when it comes to getting this more permanent form of makeup. It is also important to note that ‘permanent’ is not to say it will last forever as fading, discolouration and spreading of ink can occur; it means that the results will be around for some time. It is also important to note that the pigments and needles used are quite different to traditional tattoos so do not worry!


A question you need to ask yourself more than once before you finally decide that yes this is indeed for you. You see, semi permanent makeup comes in handy in two instances; one is to be able to wake up and go about your day without really having to worry about how you look, and two if you or someone you know is suffering from an illness that involves hair loss like alopecia for example. Some also choose to opt for it so they can cover up scars or other marks on their skin. It all really depends on what your need is.


Once you have an idea of these two important points related to semi permanent makeup, it is time for you to look at what you should do if you do choose to go ahead with it. First and foremost, research. Find out which clinics are around your location and which are offering reliable services, not just any service. Once you have a list, take a day of the weekend and personally visit each place. This gives you the opportunity to gauge them for yourself as opposed to information that is fed to you from a website. Staff compatibility, expertise and hygiene are just some of the key factors that matter. Once you find a place that suits you, book in a consultation and go from there.

Make sure the clinics you browse through are not only clean and well-staffed, but also registered, licensed, and have been in business for some time or at least run by owners who have a considerable amount of experience behind them. The last thing you want is to leave your face in the hands of people who have no idea what they are doing. The more effort you put in, the better the outcome.


A part of being human is to be vulnerable to illnesses and diseases that are sometimes beyond our control. Although of course every attempt at a cure should be made, it is not always possible. In which case you would need to come to terms with the situation as it is, and then take the necessary steps to help yourself live with it. The worst thing you can do if you do have a health problem, is to corner yourself into a circle of depression and self-pity. This article will be looking at the condition known as Alopecia Areata which involves hair loss, and also look at treatment and other related options, including semi permanent makeup to disguise its effects.


Quite simply put, alopecia refers to balding. It can often be diagnosed when bald spots begin to appear on the head which are considerably large in diametre. An overall thinning of the hair is also a clear symptom. This also affects the eyebrows which is mainly one of reasons why people choose to opt for semi permanent makeup as the treatment offers some form of respite from the situation. Biologically, it is a malfunction of the body’s immune system which is what protects you from viruses and illnesses generally. Labelled an autoimmune disorder, alopecia is what happens when the immune system attacks the hair follicles which in turn affects the growth of hair.


The first thing you should know about alopecia areata is that it is in no way life-threatening and it does not lead to other health conditions. However, it does affect sufferers considerably when you take their mental health into consideration. The condition can vary in severity from just patches to complete loss of hair which is then known as ‘alopecia areata totalis’. This affects one’s appearance which in turn affects their self-esteem and confidence. Although semi permanent makeup can do little to alleviate this situation, with mild cases of alopecia, it is possible to turn to this option.


This is perhaps the most important fact of them all. Unfortunately, alopecia areata does not have any known permanent treatment. Your doctor may prescribe other medication for you which may contribute to your hair growing back, however you should know that this does nothing to cure the actual disease, nor will it prevent more hair from falling out. There are some necessary steps that need to be taken if you or someone you know is suffering from the condition, and these include using plenty of sunscreen, wearing a hat and sunglasses at all times as well as a specific cream for the inside of the nostrils (which your doctor should be able to help you with) as the nostril hairs too which are responsible for filtering our dust and dirt are missing. Though an eyebrow tattoo Dubai could take care of missing eyebrows, unfortunately with the rest it is not that simple.
It is important to provide adequate support especially mentally to alopecia sufferers as it can be quite debilitating to come to terms with, especially as there is no certain treatment. Regular visits to the doctor can also help monitor and control the situation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


This world has so much to offer especially now, a time when technology is progressing as fast as the world is spinning and people are jumping on bandwagons equally fast. From 3D movies to 3D printing, expansive infrastructure and driverless cars, we seem to be living in some sort of Arthur C. Clarke plot although it makes you think when you realise this is actually real life. On that note, another noteworthy development is that of semi permanent makeup. Although some people are still getting to know about it, those who have already had it done should be aware of post-treatment care routines. Eyebrows are some of the most popular sought-after treatments, so if you have recently had work done or are planning to in the future, this should be a useful guide for you!


Much like getting a tattoo, this form of makeup treatment also results in a flesh wound although it is small in nature. However, any sort of flesh wound needs to be treated appropriately as it runs the risk of infections. It is also important to understand that depending on one’s individual characteristics, the healing process could differ. For instance, young skin will have the ability to heal faster than older skin and blood circulation also plays a vital role since it affects healing time. Whether you get an eyebrow tattoo Dubai or elsewhere, this remains true. You need to understand how the healing process works for your skin so you do not panic unnecessarily.


The initial days after any sort of procedure should be handled with utmost care. It is during this time that one can coax the healing process after semi permanent makeup in the right direction as skin is raw and most susceptible to damage. Be prepared to experience swelling, bruising, and even some redness which can vary from person to person depending on the sensitivity of your skin. This is quite normal, although you should keep a close watch especially if it is your first time to see if it continues for more than two days. If it does, you will need to seek professional help, and in the meanwhile some over-the-counter medication should help; do consult a doctor just to be on the safe side before you take anything though.


Once the first week or so passes, it is common to see scabbing as the body heals itself and does what comes to it naturally. Make sure you do not under any circumstance pick on these scabs though since bacteria inside your nails can infect and fester the wounds. It will be tempting yes, but you will have to resist the urge and let the scabs fall off on their own. Be careful when washing your face, do not scrub the area and also limit your time outdoors since sunlight is bad during this time. Avoid activities such as swimming as well and at all costs stay away from makeup. The ink is still settling into the skin so you should not disrupt this process.

When it comes to treatments involving semi permanent makeup, you must follow every care routine advised to you. Make sure you invest in a reliable place that is reputed and accountable. After all, this is your face and the last thing you want is to ruin it! Take some time to settle on the right option.


We humans are responsible for a lot of how the world has shaped up to be, and some of these inventions are fantastically convenient, whilst others we could do very much without. Semi permanent makeup is something that falls into the former category, and you will see why as this article goes on. Having said that, it is just good sense to always look into two sides of anything and everything so you have all the facts and are able to make an informed decision. One of the main reasons people fall into trouble is failing to do this simple thing. Here is all the research you need on the subject condensed in one place.


Deciding whether this procedure is for you is an entirely subjective matter. There are many different circumstances where semi permanent makeup could be the right option for you. If for example you are the type of person who prefers to sport an impeccable look throughout the day no matter how many meetings you hop in and out of, or are the type of person who generally has a whirlwind of a morning or simply does not like to waste time on traditional makeup methods, this could be a long-term solution for you. Furthermore, those affected by disabilities of any kind preventing them from applying normal makeup can also benefit from this option.


The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. You absolutely must get a skin test done so you know whether you have any allergies to the pigment or not. This is something that is required even with over-the-counter hair colour products so why should it not apply to ink that is going underneath your skin? Under no circumstance should you blindly proceed with the treatment and if the clinic you go to does not offer you a skin test, take it as a warning sign. They are not professionals. It maybe just an eyebrow tattoo Dubai you are getting done, but get that skin testing cleared out.

You might be tempted to let your linergist (makeup artist) decide on what sort of look you should go for, but frankly this is one of the worst decisions you can make. This is an extremely sensitive treatment and only you could know what suits you best. Do not overdo it obviously, since subtlety always works best; however whatever look you do opt for, make sure it is based on your decision. Some people like to go for their initial consultation with makeup applied the way they like it so the beautician has an idea of what their preferences are. This works quite well since they can make note of it by taking a photograph and using that as a guide on the day of the semi permanent makeup treatment.

Remember that once you choose to go for this option, you will need to not only budget for this treatment, but also any touch-ups and further treatments down the line. Unlike permanent makeup, this fades over time (as its name suggests) and can look patchy and uneven which is not a very slightly look. Additionally and most importantly, if you have any prevailing medical issues, make sure you communicate them across so that you will have a danger-free experience. Good luck!


First off, what is micropigmentation? Well, think about how tattoos work; a needle inserts ink underneath the skin in varying levels of shades depending on the requirement. Micropigmentation is somewhat similar, although the pigments used are different and of course the equipment in question as well. With a very fine needle designed specifically for the purpose, micropigmentation is the insertion of these pigments into the dermis which is the top, thin layer of skin. This procedure is what is synonymous with semi permanent makeup, an option which more and more women are opting for as opposed to traditional forms of makeup. One of the most popular treatments are eyebrows, so have a look at the topic if it is something you have been considering.


Just as your doctor would not rush with a surgery, although the circumstances are quite different, your beautician should also not rush through the process. Before you get anything inked on your skin, you need to spend enough time playing around with options in terms of colour, size and shape until you are completely satisfied. The staff should be willing to help you and invest enough time with you without making you feel as though you need to hurry through it. You should only go ahead with your eyebrow tattoo Dubai if your consultation goes well.


Many people tend to ruin their eyebrows too soon after the treatment and when you look into why, you realise that it is because they have not paid enough attention to the after-care process. You need to follow all instruction to a ‘t’ if you want to see the best possible results. You are paying hundreds of dollars after all so why ruin it?  Allow your brows to scab and flake naturally, do not rub any chemicals on them or expose them to unnecessary elements such as sunlight and chlorine. If you see anything unusual, do not do anything other than head back to the clinic and get it professionally taken care of.


People seem to underestimate the meaning of ‘semi permanent makeup’ and tend to panic when they realise it lasts for at least a good two years. You have to absolutely be prepared so you know exactly what you are in for. From knowing what type of brows you want in advance to knowing how much it costs and how you should take care of them including any touch-up visits, as someone who is considering making such a big commitment with their face, it is your duty to be well-informed. You owe it to yourself. If you are not sure about anything, well that is what the professionals are there for.

If you are still under the impression that all this cannot be all that important, remind yourself that you will have to live with the results for quite a while. Sure it is not forever, but still two years or so is a long time to be living with a look you detest. Most importantly, look for the right people for the job and do not compromise too much for a cheap rate since the end result will also most likely be cheap. Choose wisely!