Monday, June 10, 2013

Semi Permanent Makeup Techniques Dubai

Keep your eyebrows tidy and pristine so that you can look your best no matter the occasion at Eyebrows Dubai; home to expert eyebrow techniques in the city. Get arches, neat edges or change the shape of your eyebrows to suit your face better with very little time spent on your part in an absolutely hassle free process. Take years off of your face and choose the shape and color of your heart’s desire with the semi permanent makeup techniques available at Eyebrows Dubai so that you can be more than just unique but shine like the star that you are in no time. Some eyebrow treatments available at the clinic are; eyebrow enhancement, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow coloring that are performed with expert techniques for optimal results.

If you are looking for the perfect eyebrows in Dubai, then make sure you know whether your eyebrows need to be tended to. The creation of hair stroke effect eyebrows are a semi-permanent makeup technique that ensures natural and lasting effects, depending on the proficiency of the artist. This is a fashionable procedure that is performed through the utilization of fine needles that are the width of an individual hair to construct layers that look completely natural and are ideal for keeping your eyebrows in shape. 

Eyebrow enhancements are ideal for those who have naturally thin hair growth or are recovering from alopecia or chemotherapy. If you have ever marveled at the picturesque perfection of celebrity eyebrows, this too can be achieved with the right treatment for eyebrows in Dubai. This process requires the taking of measurements, stenciling your desired eyebrow shape, tinting it with a desired color, neatening the eyebrows by waxing, threading or tweezing and then finished off by the trimming of excess hairs. So make sure to visit a reputed salon like Eyebrows Dubai so you can get exactly what you want exactly what you want by  requesting your artist to give you suggestions and then pick the procedure and appearance of your choice. If you are in the search for perfect eyebrows in Dubai then make sure that you know exactly what your face requires and your heart desires.

Another procedure that is a popular look for ladies is; the ‘Block’ technique; which is the process of tattooing the outline of your eyebrows to suit your requirements and then shading in the entire area. When opting for this it is crucial that you are happy with the shape that suits your face before trying out this technique because it cannot be undone easily. Another is; hair strokes on top of the block technique to give your eyebrows a more stunning effect. Have flawless and celebrity-like eyebrows in Dubai with 3D effect eyebrows that are designed to get you noticed and admired even if you are in a crowd.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hair Stroke Eyebrows in Dubai

Eyebrows Dubai is a company dedicated in transforming the lives of individuals as well as their appearance. Your eyebrows are a feature that is not only situated on your face to protect your eyes but to also help give your features beauty and definition. The medical micro pigmentation procedures that we offer are in the semi permanent makeup category which ensures that the procedures achieve water proof, smear proof and long lasting results at your absolute convenience.

Hair stroke eyebrows is a procedure that gives the client the impression of having 100% real eyebrows once the procedure is in completion through the combination of intrinsic artistic technique that design fine strokes to give the impression of real hair as a substitute for non-existent or light brows.

There are many reasons for you to opt for hair stroke eyebrows in Dubai. We have not all been naturally blessed with naturally even eyebrows that suit are features perfectly. Hair stroke eyebrows in Dubai will help to fill in the gaps of your eyebrows and enable you to shape them as you please so that you can look good anytime and anywhere.

Another major benefit of getting yourself a semi permanent makeup procedure for your eyebrows is that you don’t have to bother with going to the salon to do your eyebrows anymore. Gone are the days when you had to worry about waxing, threading or shaving your eyebrows just before a party or taking the time to pencil-in sparse eyebrows because this semi permanent makeup procedure is designed to minimize the amount of time that you waste trying to obtain those perfect eyebrows by using easily smudged make up products that can even lead to skin ailments depending on how compatible your skin type is to the product.

Hair loss can occur not only on the head but all over the body when it comes to certain radioactive procedures such as Chemotherapy or blood diseases such as Alopecia Ariata. Our especially customized hair stroke eyebrow technique helps all individuals to obtain their hearts desire when it comes to having perfect eyebrows because we know and understand the importance of looking and feeling good and are more than happy to help you on your journey towards optimal health in any way we can.

All our semi permanent makeup procedures at Eyebrows Dubai are performed under the supervision of Michelle Soudi; an expert in the field. Our staff always take the time to answer any questions and resolve any queries so that you can receive only beneficial results from our procedures. We at Eyebrows Dubai make sure that you know what the end result is going to look like before you have the procedure so that you are 100% satisfied with the results as well so that you can celebrate your new and improved look without the smudges for a long long time!