Sunday, May 24, 2015

Arched or Straight? Thick or Thin?

Finding the best eyebrow shape to flatter your face may be a challenge to many women. What looks good on another – may not be the look that suits you. Eyebrow trends in Dubai has changed tremendously. Like haircuts, maintaining eyebrows regularly is necessary.

Whatever the eyebrow fashion is in Dubai, one shape doesn’t fit all. The perfect brow shape greatly depends on the shape of the face. With the right eyebrow shape it will emphasize your eyes and give you a youthful look and even let you wear less makeup and still look great.  
If you have a square jaw face, your stylist would recommend you to go with a rounded brow and not too angular. But it should be a soft round shape and not be too round and look like a rainbow which will not look good at all.

For round face you can make your brows very angular and even go for a very high arch which will be very flattering for your face shape.

Long faces usually have facial features which are stretched out vertically. The eyebrows for this face type look best if extended as far as possible beyond the corner of the eye. But make sure the end of the eyebrows are not overly extended as it can give the appearance of dropped eyes and make it look droopy.

Heart shaped faces cannot even think about having bold eye brows. These eyebrows need to be well groomed and manicured at all times to look good.
Thin eyebrows are best avoided whatever the shape of the face. It is best to keep it controlled but not too bushy.  

If you have an oval face shape : you are blessed. You can carefully carry out any style : as long as it is balanced.  

Whether you finalize on an arched or straight brow or a thin or thick brow : make sure you follow the basics for any eyebrow.  Make sure the head of the brow begins with the nose bridge.  Let the arch begin not from the center but from about two-thirds of the way out. And make sure that you don’t cut your brows too short : that end tail of the brow at the very least should extend to the point of an imaginary line from the nose corner to the eye corner. It can even be extended further as long as it doesn’t go below the head point of the eye brow.

Talk to your stylist today if you would like to change your look and look good.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Semi-permanent make-up for busy mommies

Permanent makeup in Dubai has now become a fashion statement for many women. They have found it works time after time to keep them looking their best at any time of the day. For women who have busy home and work schedules semi permanent makeup Dubai has become a great time saving method. Not having to apply make up again and again, daily can save up a considerable amount of time each month.

Any woman can benefit from the many permanent makeups made available. From lips to HD brows. While eyebrows are one important feature which highlights the beauty of an individual, the lips are as important if not more. The treatment can be done to restore a youthful look to fading lips and to provide a fuller lip.

With permanent makeup techniques anyone can transform their lips to have the perfect shape and volume. No matter if the lips are uneven, thin or even if they have lost the fullness and shape with age it can be restored with permanent makeup techniques. A range of shades are made available for the selection of the customer. The shade can be selected to match the shade of the lip colour or to match the colour of the lipstick one would usually wear.

Many clients prefer to go with a natural shade while young clients choose more bold and bright shades. The clients who select a natural shade can always apply any shade of lipstick over it as and when needed to add a bit of colour.

The trend in lip make up has changed throughout the years. Now many people do not prefer to have a lip liner. Instead they prefer to have a symmetrical and smoother lips with the colours blushed in to show no separate harsh lines along the corners.

Consult your beautician today to understand what look will suit you best and what needs to be done to achieve the look you desire.  Whether you simply need to restore the natural colour, shape and fullness of the lips or if you are looking for a dramatic look: it can all be done with permanent makeup techniques.