Friday, June 19, 2015

Michele Soudi is the best semi-permanent artist in Dubai

Semi Permanent makeup in Dubai has now become a fashion statement for many women. They have found it works time after time to keep them looking their best at any time of the day. For women who have busy home and work schedules permanent makeup in Dubai has become a great time saving method. Not having to apply make up again and again, daily can save up a considerable amount of time each month.

Any woman can benefit from the many permanent makeups made available. From lips to HD brows. While eyebrows are one important feature which highlights the beauty of an individual, the lips are as important if not more. The treatment can be done to restore a youthful look to fading lips and to provide a fuller lip and Michele Soudi is known as the best semi-permanent make up artist in Dubai.
With permanent makeup techniques anyone can transform their lips to have the perfect shape and volume. No matter if the lips are uneven, thin or even if they have lost the fullness and shape with age it can be restored with permanent makeup techniques. A range of shades are made available for the selection of the customer. The shade can be selected to match the shade of the lip colour or to match the colour of the lipstick one would usually wear.

Many clients prefer to go with a natural shade while young clients choose more bold and bright shades. The clients who select a natural shade can always apply any shade of lipstick over it as and when needed to add a bit of colour.

The trend in lip make up has changed throughout the years. Now many people do not prefer to have a lip liner. Instead they prefer to have a symmetrical and smoother lips with the colours blushed in to show no separate harsh lines along the corners.

Consult your beautician today to understand what look will suit you best and what needs to be done to achieve the look you desire.  Whether you simply need to restore the natural colour, shape and fullness of the lips or if you are looking for a dramatic look: it can all be done with permanent makeup techniques.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Eyebrow fashion and its history

Eyebrow fashion is getting more popular by the day. There are many new techniques for women to have that perfect eyebrows for a longer period of time, many which eliminates the need for weekly visits to the beautician to pluck the eyebrows back the shape.

Even before HD brows was introduced, women around the world over many centuries have been working their arches to create beauty. Eye brow shapes depicts many of the fashion statements introduced many years ago.

If we look at eyebrow history, shaping eyebrows was in place from the 17th century where we see many Egypt pharaohs who have blackened their arches. Women were seen wearing wigs for the brows made from mouse hides. It was considered in Egypt that by wearing eye make they were actually respecting and worshipping God Horus and that it also helps to ward off diseases and evil spirits. It was also common that if a cat, the common pet in Egyptian houses, dies that all the people in the house would need to shave their eyebrows. 

Greek customs were different from the Egyptians. They would use soot or minerals to paint the brows black and they loved the look of a unibrow. Even the Romans preferred the unibrow look. Eyebrow wigs was also popular. The wigs were commonly made of goat’s hair dyed to a colour they prefer and they used to attach the eyebrow wigs with tree resin.

During 794 – 1185 in Japan, known as the imperial heiad period, the beauty standard for the eyebrows was that it be cleaned shaved and then it had to be drawn high as possible on the forehead to have a cloud-like hazy style.

Medieval times in Europe brought along the style of skinny eyebrows. The women were common to be seen with a pale look with eyebrows plucked to be a thin line. This look did not last long. By the 17th and 18th century, the bold eyebrows look was back in style. So much so that they would even go to the extent of wearing eyebrow wigs made on mouse skin high up in the forehead.

Fashion never goes old is true even when it comes to eyebrows. The history continues where fashion and style kept changing and women kept adapting new looks to always look their best. Any look that was followed required much care and attention to maintain the style day after day. This is something women currently need not worry about with the art of semi-permanent make up which makes life much easier. Talk to your beautician today to learn more about eye brows and fashion statements.