Wednesday, November 2, 2016


If you have not already heard about this new phenomenon expanding across the world, you are definitely behind times. Semi permanent makeup is the revolutionary new addition to the beauty industry. By cutting down on time used to preen yourself before heading out and eliminating the hassle of balancing your foundation and mascara in the cab, it has gained quite the fan base. Having said that, the results are only successful if you take care of yourself the right way immediately after the treatment. If this is your first time venturing into it, then you could probably find the following useful. These are applicable regardless of the type of treatment you have done, that is to say eyebrows, eyes or lips for instance.


When the flesh opens up due to a wound, it needs to heal obviously. The healing process though can be both long and drawn out or quick as lightning depending on the depth of the wound. Either way, the itchy sensation you feel is the body’s method of coping with the situation. As platelets rush in to cover up the open spot, the skin around the area begins to contract contributing to the itch. One of the worst things you can do is to actually scratch the itch. Where semi permanent makeup is concerned, this will probably drive you up the wall. You will feel as though you want to give your entire face a great scratching session although on the contrary you should be keeping your fingers far away from it. Control the itching. If not, it could lead to scarring and infections.


Seeing as how you probably look like a freshly painted canvas, it is unlikely that you would be in any hurry to meet anybody right now, but in case you get any ideas remember to stay indoors. This is mainly because there is so much dust and dirt outside that can get into the open wounds and cause infections. Furthermore, you could also sweat which in turn can exacerbate the situation. You should be staying as cool as possible with minimal physical exertion. It might be tough to do if you have a full-time job, but this could be a good time to use your accumulated leave. Eyebrows in particular are designed to trap dirt and sweat from falling into the eye so if you have had an eyebrow tattoo Dubai done, then more’s the reason for car.


Just like an itch is a part of having a wound, so is the scabbing. By habit, we are quite used to absent-mindedly picking at it until we force it to fall off. When it comes to scabbing as a part of the healing process of the procedure, this should be avoided at all costs. Let the scabs fall off on their own. If you find it difficult to resist the urge, occupy yourself. Do something that keeps you busy. Whatever you do, keep those fingernails off your face. Our nails trap so much bacteria within them because we use them for practically everything. You would be directly transferring it all to your open wounds which is a disgusting thought. Allow the healing to take place on its own.

Remember that with such delicate procedures, it is critical that you follow instructions to a ‘t’. Do not disregard the above points as far as safety post-semi permanent makeup goes.  

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