Friday, November 11, 2016


If there is one thing that has become quite apparent in this progressive world of ours, it is the fact that people are far more ambitious and driven than they have ever been before. That is of course taking into account the sheer number of small businesses that have been cropping up in the recent past. Part of the reason for this is due to the Internet. With social media now dominating our lives and online shopping becoming the new in thing, a collaboration of the two could only mean one thing after all. Hence, everyone is now encouraged in a sense to do something other than their regimented office jobs. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless although for the purpose of this article, we will be looking at what you would have to do to set up a semi permanent makeup clinic. Assuming you have all the required qualifications and training, here are some tips to give you a push.


This might seem like a rather broad tip, but in essence it means where would you practice? Are you looking at using an existing space that you might have as your clinic or would you be renting one out? Do you want to be permanently based or would you prefer to be on the move as a mobile artist? First and foremost you need to work that out. Only then can you decide on where you want to setup camp. Depending on which of these options you go for, your requirements and needs will change accordingly. From lighting to equipment, every little detail matters. Whether people come to you for a simple eyebrow tattoo Dubai or a more complex procedure, you want to be able to deliver your best.


The importance of securing insurance for yourself especially in this field cannot be stressed enough. This part will be quite boring and tedious to say the least but you will have to pay attention. If you leave out one tiny details, you could find yourself in the midst of a lawsuit that will see you lose both your reputation and your business. Perhaps get a trusted lawyer on board to walk you through all the legalities. Make sure your insurance policy covers everything it should. That is not to say anything bad will happen, it is just saying anything can happen and when it does, you need to be prepared for it. Semi permanent makeup is a fairly new, still delicate industry so take no chances.


You have to understand that before you invest all your savings and embark down this road, the cost of running a business of this nature is costly. You see, you cannot get away with it by compromising on the quality of your products. Using cheap pigments and needles could lead to hideous health complications which in turn will haunt you and your company for a long time to come. Hence, you will need to always replace items and ensure your pigments and other necessities are always in great shape. Needless to say, this is quite an expensive trend to maintain so if you do make money remember a bulk of it needs to go to stock the shop. As a whole, make sure semi permanent makeup is what you want to do.
Any business for that matter is no piece of cake. There are plenty of obstacles, hardships and pitfalls some which seem like they are unsolvable. With enough determination and commitment though, you can make anything happen so stick it out and live your dream.

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