Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Contemplating booking yourself an appointment for a semi permanent makeup treatment? Well, one of the first things you need to remember is that just like its name implies, the treatment is ‘semi-permanent’. In other words, if you are under the impression that it will last you for all of eternity, then you need to get that notion out of your mind. Whilst semi-permanent treatments typically last 4-5 years depending on your lifestyle, they are certainly not a lifetime solution.

Having said that, semi permanent makeup in dubai has become increasingly widespread, and women all around the world are catching on. Though it was initially met with some trepidation, today’s modern influences such as better technology and practices has instilled greater confidence in the whole concept. Better yet, there are treatments on offer for every feature of the face, and whether one needs to effectively disguise a skin condition such as vitiligo for instance or simply wants more shapely lips, it can be done.

At Eyebrows Dubai, we have a range of treatments on offer for you to choose from. Before you head in for your appointment though, we would like you to read through this guide. We think you will find it immensely useful.

You must take some time to research as many different looks as possible. The last thing you want is to regret the look you end up with. Often we have many clients that come in without any idea of what they really want. Whilst we can help you decide, the end result is entirely based on your choice. Certainly, we can offer options for you to flick through, and have an initial consultation before we even think of sitting you down for the treatment, but you need to be on your game. A quick online search should help you get a basic idea of what lines you want to go along before solidifying your semi permanent makeup in dubai. Show them to us, and we can have an in-depth discussion on which looks work for you and which do not.


Whilst nothing really gives us greater joy than seeing happy clients walk out the door, we are also just as focused on your safety. So if you are currently plagued with some sort of medical condition, then you will first need to see a doctor and ensure that all is clear for you to go ahead. We do not want to give way to any complications whatsoever, and we trust that you will take responsibility for yourself in this regard. After all, your primary concern should be your safety and we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that this is maintained.


You are certainly not going to be able to head out and about in public, let alone work. Your face will be irritable, puffy and vulnerable to infections if you are not careful, so you will need to organise leave before considering a semi permanent makeup treatment. We do not recommend you get back into the swing of things immediately after, as you must heal first. You need to stay away from the sun, dust, dirt and pollution, and steer well clear of activities that will make you sweat. Ensure you apply for leave from work well in advance for safe, hassle-free recovery.

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