Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Contemplating booking yourself an appointment for a semi permanent makeup treatment? Well, one of the first things you need to remember is that just like its name implies, the treatment is ‘semi-permanent’. In other words, if you are under the impression that it will last you for all of eternity, then you need to get that notion out of your mind. Whilst semi-permanent treatments typically last 4-5 years depending on your lifestyle, they are certainly not a lifetime solution.

Having said that, semi permanent makeup in dubai has become increasingly widespread, and women all around the world are catching on. Though it was initially met with some trepidation, today’s modern influences such as better technology and practices has instilled greater confidence in the whole concept. Better yet, there are treatments on offer for every feature of the face, and whether one needs to effectively disguise a skin condition such as vitiligo for instance or simply wants more shapely lips, it can be done.

At Eyebrows Dubai, we have a range of treatments on offer for you to choose from. Before you head in for your appointment though, we would like you to read through this guide. We think you will find it immensely useful.

You must take some time to research as many different looks as possible. The last thing you want is to regret the look you end up with. Often we have many clients that come in without any idea of what they really want. Whilst we can help you decide, the end result is entirely based on your choice. Certainly, we can offer options for you to flick through, and have an initial consultation before we even think of sitting you down for the treatment, but you need to be on your game. A quick online search should help you get a basic idea of what lines you want to go along before solidifying your semi permanent makeup in dubai. Show them to us, and we can have an in-depth discussion on which looks work for you and which do not.


Whilst nothing really gives us greater joy than seeing happy clients walk out the door, we are also just as focused on your safety. So if you are currently plagued with some sort of medical condition, then you will first need to see a doctor and ensure that all is clear for you to go ahead. We do not want to give way to any complications whatsoever, and we trust that you will take responsibility for yourself in this regard. After all, your primary concern should be your safety and we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that this is maintained.


You are certainly not going to be able to head out and about in public, let alone work. Your face will be irritable, puffy and vulnerable to infections if you are not careful, so you will need to organise leave before considering a semi permanent makeup treatment. We do not recommend you get back into the swing of things immediately after, as you must heal first. You need to stay away from the sun, dust, dirt and pollution, and steer well clear of activities that will make you sweat. Ensure you apply for leave from work well in advance for safe, hassle-free recovery.


Eyebrows Dubai has undoubtedly risen to the top when it comes to semi permanent makeup in dubai, thanks to the watchful guidance of our founder, Michelle Soudi. With her extensive and impressive portfolio of experience which has accumulated into years within the industry, it is easy to see how she has made it what it is today. Today, she not only handles local clients, but also has many international clients who specifically seek her by name for her impeccable services.

Semi permanent makeup is certainly a newfound concept, however is also becoming something more engrained in society. We have assisted numerous people from all walks of life, whether they were looking for relief from certain skin conditions or simply wanted to enhance their looks. Some of these treatments were simpler than others, but if there is one thing we know, it is that every single person at Eyebrows Dubai is intensely committed to their job, regardless of how big or small it is.

On that note, we thought it necessary to break down some of our primary services, so it would be easier for you to get an understanding of what we do. If you are looking for something more specific of course, just contact us and we will be happy to walk you through.

Those who often seek our eye treatments, are those who suffer from poor eyesight, shaky hands, or are in general not very adept at using eyeliner on a regular basis. There is no denying that a beautifully lined eye definitely stands out from the crowd and offers a certain allure about it too. Some of our clients are busy businesswomen who also have families to take care of, and simply have no time to invest in carefully applying eyeliner every time they have an appointment. We use the safest equipment and techniques to ensure we deliver the look you want, so as far as that is concerned, you certainly have nothing to worry about.


Often, people assume that semi permanent makeup treatments are solely for improving one’s features, in that it is only required to shape brows, create attractive lips and so on. However, that is not all it is good for. We also use it to tackle alopecia, which is a rare condition that results in hair fall. This often means that sufferers experience balding patches on their head and eyebrows, in turn causing a drastic loss in self-esteem and confidence. If you are someone who is battling alopecia, call us to find out how we can help. We make use of the gentlest options to deliver the best possible results.


Our eyebrow treatments are possibly some of the most highly sought after and in-demand options out there. We have different options, which includes microblading and HD Brows, both very different to each other, although the end goal is the same. Your eyebrows are important when it comes to framing your face and giving it shape, so taking care of them goes a long way. In fact, semi permanent makeup for eyebrows is one of the most effective ways to give yourself a facelift so to speak. The shape, colour and thickness of your brows are all traits that you need to let us know, so we can give you the eyebrows of a lifetime.


If you are tired of working your way through eyebrow pencils, tweezers and all sorts of other tools all in a bid to achieve the perfect brows, you are certainly not alone. In fact, countless women all over the world are at this very moment fighting a losing battle with their eyebrows. Whilst it might not seem like the end of the world to some, those who have agonised over sparse, thinning brows are all too familiar with this syndrome. And they are exhausted with the process. Which is why, we at Eyebrows Dubai are here to help you understand how we can help through semi permanent makeup in dubai.

Whilst initially there was just the one option when it came to semi-permanent brows, today, there are other techniques that have broken out. We incorporate these techniques, so our clients not only have a choice, but also the freedom to do so based on what they think will suit them best.

We completely understand if you are feeling rather overwhelmed by the whole concept; first-timers in particular will find it daunting. However, with the right tips and details, you will be able to get your facts straight and make a more informed decision as you go along. Here, we have put together a few things we think you should know about our brow services at Eyebrows Dubai.

This is one of the brow techniques we talked about before. Just as you would imagine, your eyebrows take on a High Definition appearance, making them seem bolder. If you have noticed, such brows immediately command attention effortlessly. In fact, if you have wondered how celebrities seem to always have their eyebrows on point, know that it is owing to a lot more than their makeup artist. Most of these celebrities opt for HD brows, which is what gives them that powerful resonance, reflecting across the entire face. The 7-step process ensures your brows are shaped, coloured, and contoured just the way you like it.


Whilst microblading is also an eyebrow treatment, how it works is different to HD brows. It is an incredibly meticulous process that involves carefully drawing on individual strands of hair with a specially designed pen. Also known as microstroking, the aim is to not only fill out sparse, bare brows, but to also do so in a way that results in a look that is as natural as possible. Hence, this semi permanent makeup treatment does take a while, but it is certainly worth it. We do also use a numbing cream as we want to minimise discomfort as much as possible. At the most, it will take around 2 hours.


This is so incredibly important, not just after an eyebrows treatment, but after any type of semi permanent makeup treatment. Interestingly enough, opting for microblading means that you will have next-to-no effects unlike other brow treatments. However, though you will not experience any typical swelling or specific aftercare instructions, you still need to come in at least after the first four weeks, to find out whether you need any touch-ups or whether everything is fine as it is. If you do need any touch-ups, we can of course do them for you.

Friday, November 11, 2016


When you are sick you seek a doctor, when you have a toothache you look for a dentist. In the same way, when you have a problem with how you look, you seek a cosmetic surgeon or more recently, a semi permanent makeup artist. If you are not all too familiar with the treatment, it is exactly how it sounds; semi permanent. Basically, through the help of extremely fine needles, specially formulated pigment will be inserted into the skin. If you are thinking how similar that is to tattooing right now, well you are right. However, with some differences. In much the same way as you would place your trust in a doctor to help with your illness, one places complete trust and faith in their artist. If you are not sure what you are looking for, perhaps this will help.


Where such delicate fields are concerned, one must be extremely attentive to what is going on at all times. The slightest mistake can be costly and startup businesses in particular are in no position to suffer client wrath by way of legal battles. Hence, it is important that they hire artists who display attentive traits. A distracted person will not really be able to concentrate hard enough to give you the perfect eyebrow tattoo Dubai no matter how hard they tried. Everybody feels comfortable with somebody who knows what they are doing and is most importantly committed to the task at hand. So if you are looking out for a good salon, watch for attentiveness their staff.


This is not like wandering into a salon for a haircut only to decide you also want your eyebrows done where you will walk out after 15-30 minutes. Semi permanent makeup treatments takes ages and can last for a couple of hours at least. So it only makes sense that the artist you have is friendly. Can you imagine being stuck for all that time with someone who is brooding, snappy and not at all warm? It would be a complete nightmare. When you speak to them, see if they are open for conversation and whether they are approachable which is good to know in case you have an issue of some sort.


With any job, you can easily pick out the bunch who are in it because they have no other choice and those who are truly dedicated to their work. Career choices can change of course, that is normal. However, when those who are forced to stay in something their heart does not believe in, it becomes hard to do a good job at it. Those who are adamant about pursuing their career path are those who fight for it tooth and nail and put in 100% dedication. You can easily pick out dedication from a crowd, it is that visible. After speaking with your makeup artist for a while, you should be able to pick it up. You can look forward to your treatment for semi permanent makeup in Dubai.

Aside from these, keep your eyes peeled for hygiene and general behaviour. Sometimes you can pick out the most obvious signs when they think they are not under watch. Drop in casually before you book an appointment just to see them at work when they will not be expecting you. After that, take it from there.


If you are somewhat familiar with the concept of tattooing, then it is not too hard to grasp semi permanent makeup. However, there is a thin line between the two which made up of a few differences. Although both of these essentially use the same sort of procedure, i.e. the use of a needle to deposit ink under the skin, the pigments and needles utilised are for one different for tattoos. It is important to remember that neither tattoos nor semi permanent makeup is actually ‘permanent’ in the sense of the word. Whilst they will last quite a while, with time and external factors they begin to fade and deplete looking nothing like they did at the start. This does not mean that one can get away with a mediocre job. After all, at least where semi permanent makeup’s concerned the results are always on display for the world to see. So if at all you might be considering becoming an artist down this field, you should know you need the following.


This one might seem rather obvious, but there are actually some clinics around that think it is completely fine to unleash untrained personnel onto the world with such a delicate responsibility in their hands. Although those that get caught can be prevented from causing any further damage, the victims who have already fallen prey are already in trouble. Hence, you have a moral responsibility to ensure you only deliver the very best and for this you need proper training procedures. Depending on where you live or where you plan on getting your training from, the training you require will change. Make sure you opt for something that is valid in the top regions you see yourself working in in the future such as semi permanent makeup in Dubai for instance.


Not that this is some sort of surgery, but every client will be different and some can stomach things better than others. Some people for example are not very tolerant about sighting blood so they could faint. In such instances you need to be able to at the least administer CPR. Anything could happen, and frankly knowing first aid is useful for you in general. Learning it for a job only strengthens your appeal and many relevant establishments will be looking to hire you which is great especially right after training. When you one day decide to open your own salon, you will find that this skill comes in handy. Some people might have extreme needle phobia which is another situation you would have to deal with so the practice stretches beyond semi permanent makeup alone.


Anybody can attend a course and claim they have learnt all there is to know and assume they are proficient enough to go try out their newfound skills on the world. That is not how things work however. If you want to be taken seriously and build up a reputation for yourself, then you have to get your license. Obtaining your license differs based on where you are. Having said that, for the most part you would need to qualify for the initial set of requirements after which you would need to make an application for your license. Then, a practical exam will be held so you demonstrate the skills you have learnt. Only and only if you pass this examination will you be conferred a license. So you need a solid grounding in all aspects to become a professional artist for semi permanent makeup in Dubai or anywhere else.

Aside from the above, you also should have certain personality traits since they will help you in your job. Patience, willingness to learn and social skills are just some of these. Make sure your qualifications and personality are on par for success.


If there is one thing that has become quite apparent in this progressive world of ours, it is the fact that people are far more ambitious and driven than they have ever been before. That is of course taking into account the sheer number of small businesses that have been cropping up in the recent past. Part of the reason for this is due to the Internet. With social media now dominating our lives and online shopping becoming the new in thing, a collaboration of the two could only mean one thing after all. Hence, everyone is now encouraged in a sense to do something other than their regimented office jobs. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless although for the purpose of this article, we will be looking at what you would have to do to set up a semi permanent makeup clinic. Assuming you have all the required qualifications and training, here are some tips to give you a push.


This might seem like a rather broad tip, but in essence it means where would you practice? Are you looking at using an existing space that you might have as your clinic or would you be renting one out? Do you want to be permanently based or would you prefer to be on the move as a mobile artist? First and foremost you need to work that out. Only then can you decide on where you want to setup camp. Depending on which of these options you go for, your requirements and needs will change accordingly. From lighting to equipment, every little detail matters. Whether people come to you for a simple eyebrow tattoo Dubai or a more complex procedure, you want to be able to deliver your best.


The importance of securing insurance for yourself especially in this field cannot be stressed enough. This part will be quite boring and tedious to say the least but you will have to pay attention. If you leave out one tiny details, you could find yourself in the midst of a lawsuit that will see you lose both your reputation and your business. Perhaps get a trusted lawyer on board to walk you through all the legalities. Make sure your insurance policy covers everything it should. That is not to say anything bad will happen, it is just saying anything can happen and when it does, you need to be prepared for it. Semi permanent makeup is a fairly new, still delicate industry so take no chances.


You have to understand that before you invest all your savings and embark down this road, the cost of running a business of this nature is costly. You see, you cannot get away with it by compromising on the quality of your products. Using cheap pigments and needles could lead to hideous health complications which in turn will haunt you and your company for a long time to come. Hence, you will need to always replace items and ensure your pigments and other necessities are always in great shape. Needless to say, this is quite an expensive trend to maintain so if you do make money remember a bulk of it needs to go to stock the shop. As a whole, make sure semi permanent makeup is what you want to do.
Any business for that matter is no piece of cake. There are plenty of obstacles, hardships and pitfalls some which seem like they are unsolvable. With enough determination and commitment though, you can make anything happen so stick it out and live your dream.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


If you have not already heard about this new phenomenon expanding across the world, you are definitely behind times. Semi permanent makeup is the revolutionary new addition to the beauty industry. By cutting down on time used to preen yourself before heading out and eliminating the hassle of balancing your foundation and mascara in the cab, it has gained quite the fan base. Having said that, the results are only successful if you take care of yourself the right way immediately after the treatment. If this is your first time venturing into it, then you could probably find the following useful. These are applicable regardless of the type of treatment you have done, that is to say eyebrows, eyes or lips for instance.


When the flesh opens up due to a wound, it needs to heal obviously. The healing process though can be both long and drawn out or quick as lightning depending on the depth of the wound. Either way, the itchy sensation you feel is the body’s method of coping with the situation. As platelets rush in to cover up the open spot, the skin around the area begins to contract contributing to the itch. One of the worst things you can do is to actually scratch the itch. Where semi permanent makeup is concerned, this will probably drive you up the wall. You will feel as though you want to give your entire face a great scratching session although on the contrary you should be keeping your fingers far away from it. Control the itching. If not, it could lead to scarring and infections.


Seeing as how you probably look like a freshly painted canvas, it is unlikely that you would be in any hurry to meet anybody right now, but in case you get any ideas remember to stay indoors. This is mainly because there is so much dust and dirt outside that can get into the open wounds and cause infections. Furthermore, you could also sweat which in turn can exacerbate the situation. You should be staying as cool as possible with minimal physical exertion. It might be tough to do if you have a full-time job, but this could be a good time to use your accumulated leave. Eyebrows in particular are designed to trap dirt and sweat from falling into the eye so if you have had an eyebrow tattoo Dubai done, then more’s the reason for car.


Just like an itch is a part of having a wound, so is the scabbing. By habit, we are quite used to absent-mindedly picking at it until we force it to fall off. When it comes to scabbing as a part of the healing process of the procedure, this should be avoided at all costs. Let the scabs fall off on their own. If you find it difficult to resist the urge, occupy yourself. Do something that keeps you busy. Whatever you do, keep those fingernails off your face. Our nails trap so much bacteria within them because we use them for practically everything. You would be directly transferring it all to your open wounds which is a disgusting thought. Allow the healing to take place on its own.

Remember that with such delicate procedures, it is critical that you follow instructions to a ‘t’. Do not disregard the above points as far as safety post-semi permanent makeup goes.